Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dark Days of Demons Blog Tour Launches!


Come meet the Paul rat on tour!

Tomorrow is the BIG day for me! My long awaited release hits the shelves on Thursday, September 15th and Courting Demons brings with it fun, fiction, free stuff, and hopefully new fans!

I hope you'll come out and play along with me through the end of October. Every weekday between now and then, I'll be appearing on various blogs around the web and giving away prizes every step of the way.

For those who want a chance to win my GRAND PRIZE (a brand new Amazon Kindle), you'll need to keep up with the tour and be ready to answer each Question of the Day as presented at each appearance. Don't post the answers at the blogs. Just keep up with them and e-mail to me at the end of the contest. The more correct answers you get, the more entries you'll have toward that Kindle!

Most answers to daily questions can be found by doing a little research (reading the back cover blurb or story excerpts—available on the publisher’s website (click here) and by subscribing to the publisher’s newsletter (click here); following the author on Twitter (click here) for hints to the answers which will be posted throughout the month; and by reading the blog posts throughout the tour (click here); but a few answers will only be available by purchasing/reading the book). No purchase is necessary to win but the more answers you get correct, the more entries you get into the Kindle drawing.

For a full list of dates and links to my appearances plus the details on how to enter the Grand Prize drawing visit my author blog here:

Special Offer (while supplies last):

Pre-Order Courting Demons in print directly from the Publisher and get a free set of incense (like the wicked white witch scent)! Click here to order today!

And don't forget to participate in the daily prizes and interactive questions each day!

Let's get started...

Today's Question of the Day:

Why does Paisley turn her hubby Paul into a rat?

See you on tour,
Kerri Nelson


Rosalie Lario said...

Because he's a big, fat cheater, LOL! Love the sound of your book, Kerri; can't wait to check it out. :-)

Donna Goode said...

Yup! I agree. The man was cheating on her. I love this story, Kerri! I'm so glad to see it finally released. I can't wait to download it to my Nook.

Anne said...

Good luck on your blog tour!

Jean P said...

Your book sounds like it would be a fun read. Look forward to it.

kerribookwriter said...

@Rosalie~~Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll get a chance to read it and let me know what you think. Hugs, K.

@Donna~~You've been with me on this journey for the better part of 2 YEARS! Thanks for always being there for me, my friend.

kerribookwriter said...

@Anne~~Thanks for the well wishes. Hope to see you again along the way.

@Jean~~Thanks for stopping by this post as well. :-)

Rebecca said...

Congrat on your launch and tour! I'll be following!

kerribookwriter said...

@Rebecca~~Thanks for stopping by. I'll be looking for you on my journey. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sound of your new book, Kerri! And love that Cover too. CONGRATS!

Wishing you great Sales,
Hugs, Kari Thomas,

kerribookwriter said...

@Kari~Thanks so much, my sweet friend! I really appreciate the cover love and you taking time to drop in and cheer me on.


Brenna Ash said...

Congratulations on the release and your blog tour launch Kerri! I'm starting a little late, but I'll be following. :)

voip services said...

so cute

kerribookwriter said...

@Brenna~Better late than never (that's the story of my life). So glad to see you here and thanks for following, my friend.

@voip~Hey, thanks! :-)

Marguerite Lafayette said...

Rather consider to keep him alive and a rat is fitting since he is a cheater. Rather appropriate


kerribookwriter said...

@Margie~I know and believe it or not become a rat is only the beginning of his adventure! LOL Thanks for stopping by!


hotcha12 said...



kerribookwriter said...

@Linda~Yep, it was really a fitting punishment even though the spell went a little awry. Thanks for giving me a shout out!


Kathryn Merkel said...

Ok, I'm a little late coming to this party, but I just learned about the tour & am trying to catch-up. Courting Demons sounds like a really fun read & who doesn't want a free Kindle.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at

kerribookwriter said...


No one is ever too late to party! Glad you've joined in the mayhem and chaos that is my life & tour!