Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Newborn Author, Once Again with Guest Blogger Leslie Langtry

Win a new romantic comedy and 
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She's here to tell us about her recent re-birth as an author and here's what she had to say...

My book is free.  And that makes me happy.  Not something you think you'd hear an author say, right?  Well, this is the new era of epublishing and crazy things are happening. 'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy was the first book I sold to a New York publisher.  It came out in paperback in 2006.  In 2010, I requested my rights back from the publisher.  They didn't want to do any more books in the series (they pubbed four), and my fans were threatening to lynch me if I didn't write more. 

Anyhow - I put the e-book up at the end of that year and it did pretty well.  I didn't really understand how e-books worked, so I didn't really promote it the way I should've.  I promoted it the way I did a print book.  This doesn't necessarily work for an e-book.

After a year at $3.99, the book sales slowed down.  I needed new readers to find me - something called "discoverability" in e-talk.  So, last March, I lowered the price to 99 cents.  The sales perked up and did pretty well for a year.  But I was still having trouble getting "discovered" - something that sounds like I just hopped off the virtual bus in internet Hollywood with a suitcase and a dream...

A couple of author friends encouraged me to take this to the next level and make it free.  Okay, I thought, that doesn't sound great.  It's hard to get royalties out of $0.  But they persisted and told me that once a book goes free on Amazon - it reaches a level of discoverability that I couldn't get to otherwise.  So, after hemming and hawing and dragging my feet - I tried it - which felt more like getting off of a real bus in the middle of a desert wearing a sausage necklace. 

Within hours, my sales rank went from 14,000 at amazon to 244!  I hit #9 on the Humor bestseller list at! 

There might be something to this. I promise to come back and fill you in on what happens  I'm only going to keep it free for a short time - so you should download it and ask everyone you know to download it.  Pick up your free copy today!  Click here.

A Note from the Book Boost:  Leslie, I'm so happy for you and thrilled to hear of your recent successes.  Oh, and since we are going back in time to the baby-age.  I'll play in the sandbox with you anytime, my friend.>>Kerri, age 2>>

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TerriOsburn said...

I've heard that this works but is there a certain point when you stop selling it for free? I hope this means the numbers on the rest of the series go up. They should. This is an awesome series.

Now I want that new one. :)

PS: My word verification sounds like a Harry Potter spell. Wonder if something interesting will happen when I hit publish.

Debby said...

wow, I have never read your books but they look great and I am adding them to my list.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Leslie Langtry said...

It's worked for other authors to do it this way. My goal is for people who didn't know my books existed to pick one up now that it's free. I'll only leave it free for a few weeks.

Leslie Langtry said...

Debby! Well now you can pick up 'SCUSE ME for free! Let me know what you think at!

cyn. said...

I have been a fan of Leslie's since the first book was just a glint in her eye. What I enjoy most are her characters... a sorta down to earth lot and amazingly I always seem to find a part of what I am in them. Makes the stories more personal Of course i'm still waiting for the sexy service unit director to appear in one of her stories(haha, private joke). Due to a busy schedule I am behind in my reading of her stories but now that i've got a Kindle i can catch up. luvya!! cyn.