Wednesday, August 14, 2013

As Luck Would Have It with author Gemma Halliday!

We are honored to feature author Gemma Halliday's latest release here on the Book Boost!  In fact, leave a comment and tell us about a stroke of luck you've had and be entered to win a copy of the book (sponsored by the Book Boost)!

C' know you wanna get lucky!


Luck Be a Lady
Tahoe Tessie Mysteries Book #1   

Tessie King has just inherited the biggest casino in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada: the Royal Palace. What she didn't bargain for are the problems she'd inherit with it.

Having left Tahoe years ago, the underbelly of the casino trade is a far cry from the art world Tessie is used to. High-stakes cons, inside jobs, wise guys... Tessie quickly realizes she's in way over her head. And things go from bad to worse when questions start to arise about the nature of her father's death.

Enter FBI agent Devin Ryder, member of the Nevada Organized Crime Task Force. He's had his eye on the Royal Palace for months, and with the suspicious death of its leader, Ryder now has Tessie squarely in his sights. If Tessie doesn't want to be running her casino from behind bars, she needs to find out how her father really died, who's behind it, why, and how to get them into Agent Ryder's hot little hands before he gets his hands on her. All the while catching a con-man, beating the competition, and running a multi-million dollar business.

Tough job? Fo'get about it. All in a day's work for this lady luck.

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Joanie said...

There are so many "serendipitous" things in life, aren't there, and those are always my favorites. When my daughter was 5, she wanted a dog. But not just any dog. She wanted a black dog that was medium sized. Not a little puppy. The dog also needed to be girl. And last, but not least, my daughter wanted to name her Smokey (after the fish in kindergarten). That's all she wanted for Christmas.

Easy, huh?

Yes, I went through a mommy panic attack. Talked to friends. Got lines on breeds that might make it. Talked to the local shelter. No luck. Then we went shopping at the mall for Christmas presents in a neighboring larger city.

My daughter wanted to ride the train that ran through the mall, so we got on. And believe it or not, found her dog.

Their local Humane Society had a mall location that year stocked with animals on display for adoption. Right in front of the store was a large "play pen" of four month old lab-chow mixed puppies, that were already "medium sized." My daughter screamed from the train--"there's my dog!"

When the train finally ended its loop, she was the first one off, with me trying to catch up from behind. She ran straight to the puppy play-pen and pointed to the dog she wanted. There were four that all looked alike to me, but she was determined that particular dog was hers.

When the pet tech went in and pulled out that big pup and took us to the get-acquainted area, she said to my daughter, "This is a little girl doggy, and her name is Smokey."

No, I didn't faint, but I said a quick prayer in thanks. Yes, maybe this story was a bit of luck for my daughter, but believe me, it was a lottery win for me and made for a very Merry Christmas for our family.

And no, I honestly didn't tell the pet tech to say that.

Linda said...

In Vegas recently and on our way out, we decided to each throw $20 in a slot machine. Mine immediately turned into $70, while hubby's turned into zero. Double win. lol

Anonymous said...

I've won books. Once a million years ago I won a trip. Something bad that turned out good was an accident that lead eventually to me going to college. :)

Ann Mettert

junewilliams7 said...

I needed to make a promo video for a new project, but had no idea how to do it. By "coincidence" someone in my church just started going to a school where he has free access to the school's film studio. Thank God!

~ junewilliams7 {at} yahoo {dot} com

Anonymous said...

In high school, I won a trip (top score on local test) to Washington, D.C. and spent 6 days touring the capitol. Even had President Jimmy Carter talk to our group on the White House lawn. There were 30 kids w/ chaperones and a professional photographer. We each got a set of slides afterwards for presentations.

Janet B

jkbsfsd @

Jordan Foster said...

Luckiest moment? Ah, living? My mother threatened to "knock me down and tell God I fell" since I learned to talk. Now, at seventeen it is no longer talking that upsets her, it is that I nearly trip over myself when I get grounded to start working on my latest WIP.

Something other that my fun (kicking) good time mother letting me live in peace and harmony with my computer? I would have to say being taken out of our horrid public school system after being bullied by teachers. The best times of my life happened after I began being home schooled by my mother and Nana who were both working at the time.

We were so engrossed in our schooling (like the little angels God made us to be, ah, yeah... right) that we looked up ten years later and my sister and I are graduating together, I've written seven novels, my Nana is retired, and my mom and dad spend "date nights" talking about how to better their lives after we finally get out. Who are they kidding? They can't get rid of us. We know how life good is without having to pay bills! :P


Here is my contact information because I'm All-About-The-Rules (Seriously, that's my middle name. Go look it up!)

P.s. Oh, hey Kerri. Long time no see! Don't know if you remember me or not. You could seriously be getting creeped out after reading this. :P


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