Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome & One of My Fave Industry Sites!

Welcome to the New Book Boost Blog!

This blog was created for several purposes. First and foremost it will serve as a sister site to my author promotion site located at We will feature author interviews and guest bloggers from our site. Including a Book of the Week feature (see the sidebar for this week's book) and a Book Trailer of the Week (see yesterday's post featuring one of my trailers)!

We will also hold a monthly contest here on the blog and the prize will be a free month of Budget Boost promotion on my website! Typically, the contest will be announced on our Contest Friday but today I'll kick off the first one.

The contest will vary from month to month and this month's contest will be book trailers (something that I hold near and dear to my I design custom book trailers). Here are the rules:

1. Entries accepted between 2/22/10 and 2/28/10. Just e-mail us the link to your YouTube hosted book trailer. The embed code must be enabled so that we can embed your trailer here at the blog for viewing and voting. Or, just e-mail me the embed code directly. Send your entry to The Book Boost via our Contact page.

2. Voting will run from 3/01/10 until 3/07/10. You can vote here at the blog via a sidebar poll that will be created for voting.

3. The winning trailer will be featured as Book Trailer of the Week here on the blog and the winning author will receive 1 free month of promotion at the Book Boost!

Lots of other great contests and events will be hosted here in the months to come so be sure to check back often and follow our blog for updates!

On Mondays, we'll have either some writing industry news or writing advice. I'll also be inviting some "industry professionals" to the site for their input and tips.

Today, I just want to give huge props to an industry site that I love and routinely follow. For those of you who are not familiar with I highly recommend that you get over there and check it out immediately!

They often host contests that allow you to get your work in front of those hard to reach agents and editors. They have fun contests and prizes and most importantly...they offer superb advice on writing queries, pitches, and other such writing tips on a daily basis.

Not to mention their database which is phenomenal and their host of brilliant bloggers that are both witty and wise!

Interestingly, as I post this message to help promote my own promotional at Query Tracker they are blogging about publicity for your work! Coincidence? :-)

Check it out here:

Get those trailer entries in and be sure to spread the word about my new blog! Thanks for stopping by and leave me a shout out in Comments to let me know you stopped by. Cheers!

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Elana Johnson said...

Thanks for the shout out for QT! Congrats on your success. :)