Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tutor Me Write Program Launches Today!

I'm now offering low cost one on one private tutoring sessions via my website in the areas of pitch preparation, synopsis creation, and query letter review.

These are the areas that I'm going to start with and may expand from there upon request and success of these sessions. Please let me know if you're in the market for help in a different area of expertise.

The best part about these sessions is that they will not be on a strict time schedule like in a scheduled class. You can work at your own pace and I can provide feedback for you when you are able to submit your revisions (without the clock ticking towards the end of class).

In the last year, I've personally written and sold 12 novels and novellas to 5 different publishers. All of those started with a pitch! In addition, I've taught my pitch class 5 times in the past 6 months and have had well over two dozen requests for submission for my students and a dozen contracts offered to various students!

So, my method really works!

Below you will find the cost per session and details for how to register for your own Tutor Me Write personalized program. I look forward to working with you!

Pitch Preparation 1
1 Pitch Session/4 Critiques Per Pitch
Cost: $10.00
Pitch Preparation 2
2 Pitch Session/4 Critiques Per Pitch
Cost: $15.00
Pitch Preparation 3
3 Pitch Session/3 Critiques Per Pitch
Cost: $20.00
Pitch Preparation Guide
PDF download of my 4 Lesson Guide
Cost: $10.00
Synopsis Creation
1 Synopsis/2 Revision Critiques
Cost: $20.00
Query Letter Review
1 Query Letter Review/1 Critique
Cost: $10.00

**If you'd like to purchase more than one package, please Contact Me (classykerri @ for a discounted purchase price. All packages are payment via PayPal or check and payment is due PRIOR to session start date. No refunds are available and no guarantee of publication can be offered (see #4 below).**

To schedule your session follow these instructions:

1. Contact Me at classykerri @

2. Let me know which session(s) you'd like to purchase and which method of payment you'd like to use.

3. I will send you payment instructions. After payment is confirmed, we'll get started.

4. All materials are kept in the strictest of confidence. Some agent and/or editorial referrals may be made to session participants at the discretion of your instructor!

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