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Port of Call for Love with Guest Blogger: Christi Barth

Meet author Christi Barth and win a copy of Cruising Toward Love today at the Book Boost!

Recently, I chatted with Christi and here's what she had to say...

TBB: Where are you from?

CB: The tiny town of La Canada, CA, best known for being the #3 nuclear strike target during the Cold War, because we were right next to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I, however, like to remember it being all about the Rose Parade, and I decorated our city's float for five years.

TBB: Yes, I like your memory of choice better as well. Tell us about when and why you began writing?

CB: Back in junior high, honestly just as something to do to break up the monotony of summer vacation (yes, this was pre-internet). Spurred on by winning a few school literary contests, I kept at it throughout the years, and finally realized I needed to either seriously commit or quit altogether. I gave myself until my next birthday to finish a complete book, and I typed "The End" 24 hours before that self-imposed deadline.

TBB: Nothing like a deadline to get those fingers moving, is it? So, when did you first consider yourself a professional writer?

CB: The first day my book went on sale. Signing the contract didn't do it, seeing the cover didn't do it, but knowing that people were plunking down their hard-earned cash to read what I wrote felt very, very official.

TBB: I know. Isn't is strange that people will pay money to hear the thoughts in your head? Scary. Most writers are also avid readers, what book are you reading now?

CB: I don't know whether to thank or curse my RWA chaptermate that turned me on to JR Ward, because I am now working my way through the Black Dagger Brotherhood series at the total exclusion to everything else in my life. Picked up #5 yesterday, and will probably get started on it tonight, even though I have to finish something else for my book club by Monday.

TBB: I'm fairly certain you are not alone in your addiction. When you're not feeding that JR Ward addiction, what are your current writing projects?

CB: I recently finished Book 1 in a wedding planning trilogy set in Chicago. Ready to dive into Book 2, centering around a chocolatier (I'm going to find an excuse to do lots of hands-on research for this one).

TBB: Now, that sounds like an addiction I could join in on. Chocolate is the bomb (no pun intended re: the nuclear thingie). Do you have any advice for other writers out there hoping to get published soon?

CB: Yes! Two big pieces of advice would be to join a critique group and to keep writing. Don't let excuses pile up as to why you don't have time to write - treat it like a job and hit your weekly word count no matter what.

TBB: Great words of advice and thanks so much for joining us and letting our readers meet you today at the Boost. Please tell us more about your book before you go.


Can an unexplained breakup and ten years of heartache be cured by the romance – and endless buffets – of a tropical cruise? When her sister is left at the altar, small town librarian Zoe Balis jumps at the chance to take the bride’s unused ticket for the honeymoon cruise. But she didn't count on sharing a cabin with the man who broke her heart ten years ago!

Army medic Nate Hyatt never told Zoe goodbye when he enlisted - or the real reason why he dumped her on prom night after a year as high school sweethearts. And he never stopped dreaming about the girl he left behind. Could this voyage be his chance to fix the worst mistake he ever made? After all, a Caribbean cruise should be romantic… if he can convince her to move past ten years of bitterness and hurt.

Once aboard the luxury liner, Zoe befriends a bored Internet mogul with more heart than tact. Nate vents his problems to a ship’s photographer battling PTSD. The four team up on an island hopping treasure hunt. The stakes grow higher with each of Zoe’s mysterious brushes with death. They race to discover why she's a target and who's behind it, while still competing in the treasure hunt. Zoe’s never gotten over her first love, and is tempted to let Nate back into her life. But she already lost him once. She’s not willing to risk loving a man whose career keeps him in a combat zone. Can Nate breach her defenses and suture her broken heart? Grab a deck chair and see if they survive the stormy relationship seas as they cruise toward love!


"Did you stop kissing me because you weren’t enjoying it? You see, I’ve dealt with the first time you rejected me, when you left all those years ago. There’s no need to rehash the past. But I don’t think I could bear you rejecting me a second time. So I have to know—did you not take me to bed the other night because I didn’t turn you on, or was it because I somehow wasn’t good enough at it?"

The world stood still while she waited for his answer. Zoe focused on the squawk of sea gulls and the muted slap of the surf at the base of the wall. The lyrical lilt of Spanish from the group of teenagers passing by. A low buzz which must be some exotic insect in the shrubbery along the path. Every sound in her immediate vicinity rang with absurd clarity—except the sound she waited on with bated breath—Nate’s reply.

"If you still don’t want me, just say so, damn it!" she burst out.

Was it anger that hardened the lines of his body? Disinterest? Annoyance? Zoe couldn’t get a read on him. Nate advanced slowly. She backed into the turret, the space tight and cramped even for her stature. Built for the far shorter men of an earlier century, Nate had to duck his head as he edged ever closer. His sheer presence commanded as much area as his physical body. Something, some emotion rolled off him in waves, shimmering like heat above asphalt on a summer day. Why couldn’t she tell what was going on in his head?

"The sky is blue," said Nate, his face separated from hers by only a breath.

Huh? "Is that a military thing? Are you talking in code?"

"The sun rises in the east. Play with fire and you’ll get burned. These are all absolute truths. Indisputable facts. Well, there’s one more absolute you need to file away in your mental card catalog."

Nate brought the lower half of his body so close Zoe felt the heat radiating from his legs.

Despite the heat, her goose bumps had goose bumps. The anticipation of his touch brought her every sense to high alert. He raised his arms up, planted his hands on either side of her head to cage her in place. Then he tilted so his forehead bumped hers. Her field of vision narrowed to the indigo sea of his eyes, pupils flooding black in the shaded darkness of the narrow turret they shared.

"I want you, Zoe." He forced the words out in a heavy rasp. "I wanted you the day we met. You wore a red ribbon in your hair, dropped a stack of books on my foot, and apologized adorably for ten minutes. All I could think of was wrapping the ribbon around my hand to pull you in for a kiss. I wanted you the first time we kissed, on the bridge in a storm. One by one, I licked off every raindrop that clung to your skin. I wanted you when I saw you covered in mud last Friday. Wanted you badly enough to crawl right into the mud to be with you. I want you now, and I will always want you."

Zoe let her eyes flutter shut in preparation for a kiss. Such a heartfelt, utterly romantic speech could only end one way. Just as whipped cream hungered for a cherry, his words demanded to be topped off by a kiss. She didn’t care about the past. With a handful of sentences he’d put her insecurities to rest. Nate dazzled her, and she was ready for more.

What was taking him so long? From beneath her lashes she snuck a peek. No Nate. Hoping the knees he’d melted to jelly would hold her, Zoe scrambled out onto the dirt path. Twenty strides ahead, Nate bellowed at her over his shoulder. "Hurry up. We don’t want to miss the reading of the clue."

From confusion to relief with paper hearts dancing overhead...right back to confusion, all in less than five minutes. Zoe trudged after him with one thought uppermost in her mind—now what?

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Rebecca said...

Great words of advice, Christi. Thanks! Love the blurb too!

The craziest thing I've ever done on a vacation? Hubby and I went on a honeymoon cruise to the Bahamas. We were told NOT to rent the scooter and tour the island on our own. Hubby, ever the adventurous one when told NOT to do something, rented a scooter. Everything was fine until we decided to check out some local neighborhoods. Two exquisite houses across from each other had Rottweilers and Dobermans in their front yards. The short street ended in a cul-de-sac. As we retraced our trail, we saw those same dogs and their buddies waiting for us in the middle of the street. Hubby said, “Pick up your legs (aka get ready to kick), we’re going through!” He gunned the scooter and we plowed through the pack. Unscathed and very thankful, we returned to the ship. And we haven’t rented any scooters since!