Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Love with LOVE with Guest Blogger: Sasha Summers

Meet up and coming author Sasha Summers
today at the Book Boost!

She's here to chat about the duplicity of romance and here's what she had to say...

I am an unabashed romantic. I love the warm, awkward first glances and the heart stopping dark moment, the slow sizzle from a well-written seduction and the lung swelling moment of declaration. I need my fix of romance as much as I need my morning coffee. And, if you know me, you know that’s saying a lot. This is why I read romance. This is why I write romance. I love love.

I think it’s important to find balance when you write romance. It’s wonderful to get swept away in a book when you’re a reader. But the writer has a certain responsibility to their readers = writing the best book they can.

So, to answer the question...does being a romance writer make you a romantic? I say yes and no.

Here's why:


1. You have to love falling in love, the whole process – from butterflies to the bedroom. If you’re not a fan of romance, or think it’s silly or fluff, you probably won’t be very successful writing it. (But then again, chances are you wouldn’t write it if you don’t like it?)

2. You have to tap into honest feelings and convey that honesty on the page. Sincerity sells. If you, the author, aren’t moved then your readers won’t be either.

3. You need to come up with new ways to say ‘I love you’. And not just with words or in the bedroom. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Remember the whole sincerity thing (#2)? It’s more than just finding new ways to convey these three powerful little words. Its actions and reactions, symbolism and nuance. Inspiring heartfelt sentiments that leave your reader breathless.


1. Writing is a business. Marketing is a HUGE responsibility for today’s author. (I’m not sure I stressed that enough.) Don’t forget finances, research, and the whole writing a book thing too. :)

2. Writing is work (see #1). Maybe not from 9-5, in an office, take a carpool to work kind of thing but it’s definitely hard and, sometimes, slam-your-head-against-your-desktop work.

3. Writing requires commitment (see #1). A pro basketball player wouldn’t show up on the court without practicing, drilling, learning every technique he could to bring his ‘A’ game. And the same applies for writers. Writers must write, attend conferences, online classes, study, critique groups, write, research sessions, write-ins, edits, and more edits…

It’s a process that requires tenacity and determination. And when the first rejection comes, take it in stride and head straight back to the keyboard. Rejection is a big part of the journey, use what you can and toss the rest. (Again, refer to #1.)

But writing romance is also one thing that everyone, romantic or not, can agree on. It’s fun! Romance rocks because love is always triumphant. And that constant is part of the allure of romance. It’s a little magical, really. When real life relationships break down or stall or don’t exist, a romance novel can fill the void – for a little while anyway. :)

A Note from the Book Boost: This is a great post, Sasha and very interesting when compared with yesterday's author blog here at the Boost. You are truly flip sides of the same coin. I'm like you--I love LOVE! And keep the faith that heroes do really and truly exist in the real world. Thanks for joining us and congrats on your upcoming release(s)! P.S. I write young adult and inspirational under pen name K.G. Summers so we are 'summer sisters'. ;-) Please tell us more about your new book.


It's said love can change a person. Medusa wasn't always a monster...

Medusa is ruled by duty, to her Titan father and the Goddess Athena. She's no room for the tenderness her warrior guard, Ariston, stirs. When Olympus frees her from service, her heart leads her into the arms of the guard she loves... and curses her as the creature with serpent locks.

Ariston goes to war with a full heart... and dreadful foreboding. He learns too late of the danger Medusa faces, alone, and a Persian blade sends him into the Underworld. But death, curses, nor the wrath of the Gods will keep him from returning to her.

Poseidon will use Greece's war to get what he wants: Medusa. He does not care that she belongs to another. He does not care that she will be damned. He is a God, an Olympian, and she will be his.

Want More Sasha?

Sasha is part gypsy. Her passions have always been storytelling, history, and travel. It's no surprise that her books visit times past, set in places rich with legends and myth. Her first play, 'Greek Gods and Goddesses' (original title, right?), was written for her Girl Scout troupe. She's been writing ever since. She loves getting lost in the worlds and characters she creates; even if she frequently forgets to run the dishwasher or wash socks when she's doing so. Luckily, her four brilliant children and hero-inspiring hubby are super understanding and supportive.

Visit her on the web here:

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Liz Lipperman said...

Great post, Sasha. I agree you have to be somewhat of a romantic to write romance. By that I don't mean sending or getting flowers everyday. In my story I have my hero facing down the heroines; ex who has just tried to humiliate her. He's got dishwashing soapsuds up to his elbows and he has a dish towel slung over his shoulder at the time. That's my kind of romance.

I can't wait to rea Medusa.

Kit Frazier said...

Great take, Sasha!

Sasha Summers said...

Thanks Liz! I agree - give me a man willing to do laundry or change my oil over flowers anyday. And I'm lucky enough to have a fella that does both - sigh!

Thanks Kit! It was a fun post :0 Hope you're feeling better!

Cynthia D'Alba said...

Howdy Sasha. Romance is so much more than "I Love You" while handing her a bunch of roses. It's talking the dogs out for their walk while you're too sick to sit up. Or bringing you soup in bed. And I love Liz's description of the guy washing dishes. In one of Robin Kaye's book, her hero vacuums for her.

Great topic. good luck with the book

Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

Hi, Sasha! What a great post and I hope you can use some of it at the PP blog.

I love it when Handsome out of the clear blue says, "You look beautiful today." And I'm probably at my worst. LOL.

Sasha Summers said...

Thanks Cynthia! Oooh, yes, vacuuming is totally a gold star!

Hey Vicki! I've never met Handsome - but I like him already :)

jolene navarro said...

Superlative post Sasha! (hehe had to use my thesaurus) I totally agree. Writing romance is a balance of art and science.

Angelyn said...

I think it's possible to be in love with different kinds of romance. Some of it can be really silly. But if you're in love with gut-wrenching romance like I am, then Sasha's book Medusa is for you.

Sasha Summers said...

Perfect use Jolene! LOL!

Angelyn - you're the sweetest for being a fan of Medusa. I hope she gets all sorts of love when her book comes out! Fingers crosses!!!

Louann Carroll said...

Wonderful blog. I too, love romance. Especially the butterflies.

Allison said...

Sasha, great post on writing AND love. I love love also. The sappy romantic love that makes me sigh. The deep love that can wrench your gut. The true love of two people who are a unit so much so that they'll always be together. I'm truly lucky to have all that in my husband of 23 years. He takes such good care of me! Even though he doesn't believe in giving flowers because they don't last, he gave me two dozen pink tulips for valentines! So, I love love and love to write about love.
Medusa is fantastic and I can't wait until readers can experience it for themselves! You are a Master at writing love, my friend.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

Wonderful blog question Sasha!

Put me down for a Yes. For me writing romance solidifies in my mind that conflict is part of a relationship - problem and difficulties can be overcome and that makes the romance even stronger.

I love the push and pull of a well written romantic relationship. I think that resonates as true. Because in life our relationships do exactly that - they propel us forward and, at times, push us away only to come back again stronger.

Sasha Summers said...

Thanks for reading Louann!

You are a lucky woman, indeed Allison! Having real love is a gift. Thanks for sharing some love for Medusa and I, too!

You're right Kathleen. That's why romance is so fulfilling. It runs the emotional gamut!

Unknown said...

Ah, you go you! I love the elements that you picked at in Romance. I always tell my hubs, it's not the big things that you can's the little things that you do do. He's a softy and makes it so easy to write romance. Rock on, chica !

Traci Bell said...

Hi Sasha,

I'm a hopeless romantic, too! I love all of it, from the first glances to the elderly couple helping each other walk :)

Alexa said...

Wonderful post, Sasha! I'm just learning how HUGE marketing is myself. BUT I wouldn't want any other profession!

Karilyn Bentley said...

Hi Sasha,
Great post! I agree, it's harder to write romance than people tend to think. :) I love your excerpt too! Looking forward to reading Medusa!

Jean Murray said...

Hi Sasha.

I second everything you said in your post. Sometimes their is more to romance than just flowers, it could be the smallest gesture, especially for those who have trouble expressing their emotions. I love throwing in those unexpected moments.

Jean Murray

Sasha Summers said...

Thanks Rachel! :) Sounds like you've got a keeper.
Traci - right there with you. Nothing says love like a couple that survives and thrives.
I hope you love Medusa, Karilyn - fingers crossed!
I agree Jean. Incorporating the little things, those most sincere, makes all the difference in your writing too!

Deidra Alexander said...

Wow, that's a freakin' awesome description. Sounds like it should be a movie.


Sasha Summers said...

Wouldn't that be something Dee? Thanks for the love!!!!