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Got Hero? with Guest Blogger: Anna Alexander

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She's here to discuss her wishful "heroic" powers and here's what she had to say...

Do You Use Your Powers for Good or Evil?

In my novella, Hero Revealed, the hero is not only an uber sexy river guide who’s a great kisser but also has super powers, including super strength and a heightened empathetic ability. This is a skill he puts to great use when he confronts the heroine, who denies her attraction and the arousal that simmers beneath her frosty smile.

Can you image what having that type of power does to a person or how it affects those around you? Do you keep the knowledge of that power a secret or go public and use it for good, or evil?

Part of the challenge of having a superpower is dealing with your new reality when one is thrust upon you. Being able to fly or see into the future may be a neat skill to have, but what if you were saddled with a somewhat lame superpower like being able to turn objects into bubbles. Sure, that sounds incredibly useful when being pelted by bullets or a semi-truck is barreling down on you, but unless you're under constant attack, what else can you really do with that ability?

If I were able to pick my superpower, I'd choose telekinesis, hands down. In my opinion, manipulating objects using only the power of the mind is the ultimate in awesomeness, and this I believed even before Michael Fassbender donned the red helmet to portray the sizzling-hot Magneto. (Have you seen X-Men: First Class? I never thought I would be so envious of a chessboard.)

But how handy would it be if say, oops, you locked your keys in the car. Ta-da! Door is now unlocked. Or you're able to make that extra-heavy grocery bag lighter than air. Even better, you're in a steamy lip-lock with your mate and damn, the condoms are across the room. No worries. With a simple thought, a packet is in your hand. Snap, crackle, pop, you're ready to go.

How fantastic is that?

It is repeated often in Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility." Every superpower has the possibility of taking you to the top of the world one minute and bringing that world crashing at your feet the next. But for a moment let's pretend that there are no consequences. What power would you have? What would you do with it? (I ask with my brows wagging suggestively and my hands rubbing together with glee.)

Of course now that I've thrown it out there, I may have to come up with a character who can turn objects into bubbles. I'm envisioning some interesting applications for that skill.

A Note from the Book Boost: I love this topic and what a funny post! Thanks for joining us today Anna. If I had the power to move things with my mind--dish washing and picking up after the kids wouldn't be so bad. But if I had to choose one power it would be the power to heal. Hands down. Please tell us more about your book!

As a female sheriff in a small town, Brett Briggs faces enough obstacles turning complacent good ol’ boys into a top-notch police force without the added insult of a vigilante apprehending her criminals. Her prime suspect? Kristos Kilsgaard, the sexy river guide who has been open in his desire to move her away from her badge and into his bed.

In his former position as royal guard, Kristos once failed a woman he cared for and as punishment was banned from his home on one of Saturn’s moons. He vows not to make the same mistake with Brett and uses his superpowers to protect her, no matter the foe. Or the cost.

But Brett didn’t become sheriff by letting a man take care of her, and although the hot-as-hell Kristos is persuasive, she’s not going to start now—even after burning it up between the sheets with him. When her town is threatened, they cry out for a hero and she sets out to prove to everyone, Kristos included, that she’s the woman for the job.

He drifted closer, swaying in that way rock stars use to seduce their fans. Heat shimmered between them in waves, like sunlight hitting molten pavement. Her eyelids grew heavy as her limbs melted, softening in preparation of molding to his muscled contours. Under her thick down jacket, her nipples tightened, ready for his touch, and her hips shifted as wetness and heat pooled between her thighs. She was lost, drowning in the sea of lust radiating from his eyes and the promising pout of his lips.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” she whispered. “What do you want from me?”

A dimple appeared near the corner of his mouth. “I thought you knew. Apparently I’ve been too subtle.” He leaned close, his chest brushing her coat. “I want you, Brett. All of you. I want your passion, your regard. I want you to loosen your tightly bound control and come apart in my arms with my name falling from your lips like a prayer.” He ran the tip of his finger over her cheek. “I do love the way you say my name.”

Cold air hit the back of her throat as she sucked in a huge breath, breaking the spell he wove with the sensuous grace that was pure Kristos. She shook her head and stepped back. “Wow. Such poetic words from a river rat. No wonder you have so many women lining up for what you dish out.”

Crap. She mentally grimaced at the ugly snap in her tone. Why couldn’t she wrestle her jealous shrew into submission? Kristos was a sexy man. His raw sexuality wasn’t something he could turn off and on like a light. It wasn’t entirely his fault that women responded to him with such shameless abandon, and she had made it perfectly clear she didn’t want him. Lie that it was.

She wanted him so badly she sometimes trembled with the need and found herself, on occasion, with her keys in hand, ready to seek out his touch.

Kristos was like a well-aged bottle of bourbon. Hot and fiery as he slid over her tongue and down her throat, his heat permeating every fiber in her body with a sensuousness that stole all rational thought until she craved nothing but pure pleasure. Then the next morning would come the killer hangover and the painful pounding headache to remind her why she didn’t drink in the first place.

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Ronlyn said...

Objects into bubbles...hmmmmm....
Kristos is hot. But you already knew that, but I wanted to toss that out there, because I think that lends to his super-power-ness. A super sense of hotness.
Cheers Anna!


Anna Alexander said...

Yes Ronlyn, sexiness is a superpower I wish I knew how to weld.

Kerri, the power to heal an incredible trait to possess. I have a character in another book who has to deal with what happens when her power isn't enough.

Debby said...

Great post and great excerpt. I like heroes.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anna Alexander said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Debby.

Kat said...

Can't wait to read this! Who doesn't love a good superhero story!

I'm fascinated by the idea of the hero who could turn objects into bubbles. Would totally be interested in reading that story if you do end up writing it.

BTW, totally agree with you about the telekinesis.

Anna Alexander said...

Thanks Kat, and believe me, I am ruminating on the bubble idea.