Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Domino Effect with Guest Blogger: B.J. Scott

Welcome back featured author 
B.J. Scott to the Boost!

She's here to chat about to sequel or not to sequel and here's what she had to say...

Finishing your first novel and having it published is an amazing feeling. When the reviews and the accolades start coming in, you breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your labor of love has been well received. But where to you go from here? Do you continue your saga or do you leave the readers wondering what happened to the characters you have crafted.

This is often a challenge for new writers. Should you follow your muse and write a book totally unrelated to the first or should you write a sequel?  It is hard to concentrate on a book when the muse is stronger to write another one. But the author must decide what is best for their career. This is where discipline enters. Not to say an author is not usually disciplined, but if facing a book they did not plan to write, it will take a lot of will power and dedication to complete the manuscript and not be tempted to stray.

There are pros and cons for both choices, but the bottom line is that an author should strive to make each book they write better than the ones before it. If you let the quality of your work slide for the sake of a deadline or so you can move on to something else, it will show and you risk loosing your fans.

When establishing a brand, it makes sense to go with a sequel, especially if the first book did well. You have already created characters your readers can relate to and cheer on. With any luck, you have started a fan base and will please those who want the story to continue. Series tend to do well in the romance genre and an author usually can’t go wrong if they have a solid plot and ideas to continue their tale.

What are you thoughts on series?

Do you love to read more when a favourite novel is done, wonder what happened to the beloved character? Or are you ready to move on?

A Note from the Book Boost:  I like both.  As a writer, sometimes one book is enough to quell the muse.  But as a reader, boy do I love those series books.  Best of luck on the upcoming sequel release, B.J.  Wishing you many sales!


Tired of walking in the shadows of his two older brothers, and on a quest to make a name for himself, Bryce Fraser rejoins the fight for Scottish independence. But he arrives too late to warn his fellow patriots of an ambush.

Wounded in the confrontation, Bryce awakens to find Fallon MacCrery, the only woman he has ever truly loved, and never thought he would see again, tending his wounds—a twist of fate that rekindles passion, and prompts him to question his destiny.

Can their unspoken love withstand the test of time and war, or will the laird of an enemy clan–an English ally who is bent on destroying them both–tear them apart forever?

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