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Shine Brighter on World Thinking Day with Guest Blogger: Carrie Lynn Barker

Meet Paranormal Romance author 
Carrie Lynn Barker 
today at the Book Boost!

February hosts World Thinking Day on February 22nd

I was intrigued by this idea of Thinking Day.  I love the idea behind it and dedicating a whole day to thinking.  I try to dedicate at least part of each day to actual thinking, not just work thinking or writing thinking, and there is one thing that occupies my thoughts on a consistent basic. I would love for others to pause and think about him too because if he knew you, he’d be thinking about you.  His name is Juan.

Los Angeles has tons of character and characters.  I met Juan on his preferred corner, off the East 101’s exit to Alvarado Blvd.  Perhaps I’ve made you honk at me while I’ve paused to give him a bottle of water, which I do every time I see him, and make idle chitchat.  He’s homeless and lives beneath the overpass of the freeway on Alvarado.  You’d know him if you saw him.  He’s a bit short, very dark skinned and speaks with a thick accent.  He’s always nicely dressed and never once has asked me for anything.

I have made it a point to stop and give everyone I see on a corner just a bit of my time when I can, usually starting by offering bottles of water.  Sometimes it does require me holding up traffic but the conversations I’ve had are worth it.  Juan and I met about six months ago and the first thing he did was politely introduce himself to me and ask how my day was.  He always asked about me first when I stopped to chat and always wanted to hear about me.  I thought this was odd initially but then I realized this was just his personality.  He cares about others and isn’t afraid to show it.  He is also always very thankful for whatever you give him, no matter what it is, and he wants you to know that.

The few times where I have passed his corner and he hasn’t been there, I see him amongst his possession beneath the overpass.  He is always tidying up.  He may live on the street but he shakes out his clothes, makes sure things are hung up and that he is dressed as nicely as possible.  The man has pride and it certainly shows.  I know he is concerned about finding a job and such, as he asks me on occasion if I know of anything, but he is never down and always has a smile on his face.

What I want people to do on Thinking Day is start thinking like Juan.  Take pride in everything and every action.  Think about others first, even if your situation may seem pretty glum.  And think about what you can do for others.  With Juan, it’s the bright smile I’m greeted with every single time I see him.  I think about our ever-so-brief conversations all the way home and into the evenings.  If you happen to see him, just roll down your window, say hello and wish him a good day.  Then pause and think like Juan, even for just a brief moment.

A Note from the Book Boost:  Great post, Carrie!  In today's society we rarely stop and think of others.  Everything is "me me me" all the time.  Thanks for sharing your story and please tell us more about your book.


Government experiment, Christian Fletcher isn’t quite certain of her own existence.  Suffering from memory loss, she cannot decide what is real and what is only part of  her damaged brain. 

In the process of discovering the reality of herself, she will come to understand the essence of not only her husband but the child she has come to love as her own.  She will finally be able to confront the man who created her – with devastating consequences. 


“She’s awake,” Daniels said.  “I want to put her back under and take her to the hospital.”

I could see Jonas nod, looking over the doc’s shoulder.  Looking straight at me.

Daniels continued.  “But first, I want you to talk to her.  She’s a little…” He paused, thinking of the right word.  He came up with, “Freaked.”

“Is she okay?” Jonas asked.

Daniels shook his head.  “She’s sick,” he said.  “We need to do this as quickly as possible, but I need you to calm her down.  If her adrenaline is too high, she runs the risk of waking during the surgery.  You know her body doesn’t react well to anesthesia.”

Jonas nodded and gave the doc’s shoulder a squeeze, then the man known as Michael Daniels left the room, leaving the lizard man and me alone.

I hunkered in the bed.

He came to my side and sat much as Daniels had done.  “How’re you feeling?”

I shook my head.  I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m sorry about all this,” he said, his voice calm. “But it’s necessary.”  He looked away then back at me.  “I can’t let you die.”

“Haven’t I died before?” I asked.

He looked at me strangely.

“I mean, if I’m her, haven’t I died before?”

He paused then said, “Twice.”

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