Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome Guest Blogger Solstice Publishing!

Today the Book Boost welcomes Solstice Publishing to the blog. Here's a little more about this up and coming publisher...

Solstice Publishing is considered a successful web based publisher that has produced the works of many new and moderately established authors. It has learned its business in the true entrepreneurial model of an ‘iterative’ process’ built by well intentioned people only carefully capitalized.

Solstice is now in a transformational phase. Why is this?

First, it recognized that in spite of the best intentions of will and skill, that if it truly intended to become what it had always hoped: a well established publisher of a wide range of genres, catering not only to new authors but established ones too, it must grow by bringing in talent, capital, and even greater passion and relentless effort.

Solstice recognizes that although web publishing is a certainty of the future in writing, reading and buying that printed literature is still a remarkably important facet of the business.

As well, even if Solstice Publishing has great authors, strong internal processes, exacting executives; that unless the public knew it existed each minute, day, hour, month and always then the writing would not be read. Thus it required high visibility; the type of an Amazon or any large web store. Also, relationships with print distributors the world over. Thus, Solstice Publishing has made a decision to move into a new era of its life cycle. It is one that will benefit everyone from new authors, to established authors, to new web readers, and experienced book buyers; whether through the web or storefront.

To do this, Solstice has brought in a highly skilled staff of executives to build the internal infrastructure, grow outside distributor relationships, and use aggressive marketing approaches both to writers and readers.

Simply, Solstice intends to become the leading company of its kind in the middle market of the writing, reading, and sales of the entire world.

As the company has progressed over the last months on its path, it has already brought in some hundred authors and a similar number of books in just months time. As importantly, Solstice has now brought in two additional critical pieces: capital and a publicity department.

We could go on and on about changes and innuendo as Solstice begins to build towards its desired leadership position. Suffice to say that we mean to do it well, carefully, and with consideration for the passion of writing and reading so important to so many.

Solstice is always open for submissions in all genres and look forward to reading your manuscripts.

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Anna said...

Solstice is becoming a force to be reckoned with, I think. In it's short history I've seen it grow and start to get some really great submissions form all over the world. The book I'm editing now is going to be a hit I know! The author is polished, established, and it's probably the hottest thing I've seen in years.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud to be a Solstice author.

kellyabell said...

Solstice is a strong publisher and I'm proud to be an author there. They are organized and really going places. I'm especially proud of the staff of editors who are professional and very skilled at what they do. Any author can feel their book is in good hands with Solstice.
Kelly Abell

Grace Elliot said...

So excited to be part of such a go ahead and ambitious publisher. Go Solstice!
Grace Elliot, author of 'A Dead Man's Debt.'