Friday, November 4, 2011

Is Eight Really Enough? With Guest Blogger: Erin Jamison

Meet erotica author Erin Jamison today at the Book Boost!

Here's what she had to say...

What If?

Have you asked yourself this question in the past? Of course you have, we all have. It is human nature to ponder the ramifications of that one question.

Do you ever think about a conversation that you had and wished you could have it over again? This time, I would do this, and I would say that and he's got another thing coming if he thinks I'm gonna .... you get the picture. We all do it.What is really great about being an author is that you actually get to plot out what would happen if the what ifs could come true.

Take for example my current book, Better Than 8 Fantasy. The themes that play out are what if there was a site where a woman could actually put in the criteria that she was looking for, hmmm...umm ... down there. What would happen if she could really actually meet a decent guy that ticks off all the proverbial boxes? Would your girlfriends support you or try to deter you? What if you were faced with a choice and a chance at happiness? Would you do it?

Better Than 8 Fantasy is the first of eight books. Each book will deal with a theme and each girlfriend featured in the book will have her own story. I hope that these stories will remind you of women you know whether they be sister, mother, aunt, or girlfriend. I hope that these women inspire the you to pursue what you want, even if its a little unorthodox. I hope that the relationship between the women and the men who love them inspire you to take a chance on love. What if was a real site? Would you log on?

A Note from the Book Boost: I think any grown woman who has experienced the trials and tribulations of single life--not to mention the overwhelming drama of online dating--would be more than willing to give a site like this a try. Thanks for joining us today. Please share more details about your book.


Amara Simmons has always fantasized about having two lovers but believes it is just that: a fantasy.

She likes her men “gifted”, if you know what I mean. At the suggestion of a friend she registers for an online dating website for well-endowed men called She believes nothing will come of her site membership but after months of flirting online via email and instant messaging, she’s shocked to discover that she’s fallen for a gorgeous Latin man that has the potential to be her everything – except he never calls and she has no idea why.

Nursing a broken heart she is totally unprepared to meet her would-be Latin lover in person much less at the negotiation table of a multi million-dollar real estate deal. In Puerto Rico, passion ignites. Promises are finally fulfilled and the lines of reality blur when her fantasy finally blooms to life.

Can Amara have it all: the deal, the man, and the fantasy?

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