Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Sexy Summer with Guest Blogger: Mark Casigh

Welcome author Mark Casigh 
to the Book Boost today!

He's here to talk about July and all the heat it entails and here's what he had to say...

I decided to pick this particular talking point, because being a writer of what some might say, are rather erotic stories, HEAT, is a big deal to me.  Heat and Intensity, that raw power of passion, that tiny coal that burns to a bright white hot intensity.  An intensity that has to be released somewhere, somehow, before somebody just spontaneously combusts!

Summer always conjures up images of beautiful bikini clad, female bodies, bronzed, baking in the sun, sweating heavily while being wet & well oiled.  Why Female bodies?  Because I am an unrepentant, hardcore, fan of the female form!  All those wonderful curves plus the perfect level of softness…  all that bronzed, oiled, sweaty skin…

Yes, suffice to say, July is HOT.

What makes me, feel sexy?  I don’t know that I really think of myself that way.  Although I’ve been told that I am.  I’m certainly not a bad looking man and I’ve stayed in shape.  But what makes me feel sexy is the person I’m with.  If she is feeling happy and randy, that will instantly light my fire.  If she is enjoying herself and feeling, even just a little bit romantic, I will pick up on that instantly.

Then naturally, I am going to try to push those feeling to the next step, then the next and the next.  All at their own pace, of course.  There’s no sense in rushing things.  But if she is also feeling adventurous, like she might like to find a nice, relatively secluded piece of beach…   well, I better be game for that too.

I think that a man who is confident and sure of himself exudes a lot of sex appeal.  It’s too bad I really didn’t understand just how much when I was a younger man.  Being a former Paratrooper, I’ve always had what has been called a certain “swagger.”  It’s not a conscious attitude, it’s a frame of mind.

Besides a man with confidence, I believe that a great many women are not used to being treated with any real respect.  It would seem to me that this would make for a winning combination.  But having been married now for almost 20 years, my days of playing the field are long over.

But basically, men need a hunt, and the ‘game,’ should be crafty, smart, witty, and most of all, tough!  Hard to catch!  A real challenge!  So girls, don’t give in so easy.  Keep him on the line, string him a long.  Make him earn the privilege of your company.

Guys, be strong, be confident.  Make bold moves and gestures.  Be a gentleman!  Get her door, hold her chair out, stand when she leaves the table and returns.  Get that kiss good night.  But talk to her and treat her with respect.  Who knows, you may be the first.  Think of that potential reward.

A Note from the Book Boost:   What a fun post, Mark.  We always love to hear from the male perspective around here.  Particularly since most of us are female and romance writers.  Thanks for joining us and please tell us about your latest!


A divorcee approaching middle age undergoes an awakening, after a lifetime of sexual slumber and mediocrity.  She now realizes what she’s been missing and is now aware that she never has to settle, for anything less

Find out what she finds out!  Learn what she learns, as she undergoes her metamorphosis, into a seductress.

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Anonymous said...

Kewl post, Mark! Its always great hearing from the male POV!

Wishing you great Sales on your book!

Hugs, Kari Thomas,

Nancy M Bell said...

Great post, Mark. Yes, July certainly is hot. Yes, a confident male is certainly sexy,you are spot on.

Wishing you much success with book sales and writing.


Mark Casigh said...

Thank you Kari & Nancy!!!
Always great to get some nice Crits & Nits!

For those of you who would like to get a taste of this book...

Daniel was in the process of thanking me for the hospitality when Denise stepped from the bathroom, completely tanned, gorgeous and naked, and announced, “Daniel, Mysti & I thought that we should help you clean yourself. You are such a dirty young man.”
I chimed in, “So dirty you are.”
He asked, “If I am so dirty as you say, what does that make you both?”
“Benevolently naughty,” I said. The word ‘benevolent’ was lost on him, but he understood ‘naughty.’ And with that, I pulled his shirt over his head, and he raised his arms in assistance and surrender. As Denise walked across the room to join my in the stripping of Daniel, I realized that the blinds for the sliding glass doors to the beach were all still open, and that it was still broad daylight out there. Who cares, leave them be. You are not a prude anymore. In fact, make sure the bathroom blinds are open, too.
Denise came from behind him and began unbuckling his shorts, and she poked her head from behind his back and we shared a soft sensuous kiss. I enjoyed the sweet taste of her delicate, tiny tongue and I reintroduced it to mine. With Daniel sandwiched in-between us both, I heard him hiss at the sight of us and then I felt his hands slide to the inside of my robe and take my breasts. I allowed him several seconds of breast play, then I slid my hands around his waist until I found Denise’s hands still holding the waistband to his shorts and underwear. We both yanked them down and his hands left my breasts. Already his fantastic...

Lorrie said...

Interesting comments and excerpt.

It sounds like a winner to me.

Hope your sales rocket.

Mark Casigh said...

Thank You Lori! And I wish you all of the best with your sales & marketing, as well!!!

Mark Casigh

Penny's Tales said...

Great post Mark...wishing you tons of success with your story. Sounds like we will be hearing alot about you

Mark Casigh said...

That is the plan, and you are too kind! Thank you though! I'll look for you again at my next Blog Posting, hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Mark, you sound like an absolute dream. Why don't more men "Get" women the way you seem too. Not only am I blown away that it is a GUY who wrote this terrific book but that you did it from a woman's view point! I don't think there are many women who could do that as well as you did. Then I just read your introduction to yourself and I'm even MORE blown away. How do you understand women SO WELL????

Mark Casigh said...

I don't know that I do! I don't know that ANYBODY DOES!!! The challenge with writing from a female's perspective is, that so often, THEY don't know what they want anymore than a guy does! This is one of the things that leads to so much confusion in relationships! Women just know that they want SOMETHING, but they aren't sure what it is, or they seem unable to verbalize it. Is it any wonder that men often get confused?

My Dearest Anonymous, I'm taken with your words. I really don't know that I have anything to say. Yeah, that's right. Now it's me who can't verbalize. Thank you so much!!! Readers like you, mean the world to me!

Mark Casigh