Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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Sage: The Fall of Onagros by Marian Allen

About the Book: 
Usurper. Lost Heir. Runaway bride. Land on the brink of civil war. All so familiar, until Tortoise -- the Divine Creature who ignores the rules of right and wrong -- challenges his fellow divinities to meddle.

Suddenly, children targeted for murder are adopted, swordsmen turn into blacksmiths, and none are reliably who or what they seem. The four Divine Animals are afoot: Tortoise, Dragon, Unicorn, and Phoenix. Hold on tight.

In the first book of the SAGE trilogy, a legacy is lost, a woman vanishes into thin air, wisdom is found in unexpected places, and a man hopes to defeat a tyrant with tall tales and gossip.
Fun Fact About the Author:
I worked on this book for nearly twenty years before I had it in a form that satisfied me, completing several other novels and any number of short stories in the meantime. Our youngest daughter grew up hearing various versions. She recently told me it was somewhat depressing to realize that the character she grew up having a crush on is too young for her now.

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Debby said...

After reading the post, I am very curious. I love dragons and I love unicorns. I would like to know more.
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