Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Win a Copy of Family Tradition by Author Pamela Turner

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Family Tradition by Pamela Turner

About the Book:

Artist Rick Stanton needs a commission. He faces eviction from his apartment and his latest project is on hiatus. Worse, his muse refuses to cooperate. A recent letter may contain the inspiration he needs. Inside is the photograph of a mysterious woman, her face hidden by an umbrella. But there’s no identification, no way for him to contact her. A month later, another envelope arrives, this time with a phone number. Realizing this may be his last chance, Rick calls her. The woman introduces herself as Elizabeth and tells him she wants him to paint her portrait.

Rick agrees, only to learn there are conditions. Elizabeth is a recluse who lives with her two servants in a Victorian manor. She never allows her face to be seen. Not only must he stay at Elizabeth’s residence while painting her, he can’t leave, nor can he ever tell anyone about the portrait.

Sensing something isn’t right, Rick is even more disturbed by the sinister undercurrent beneath the household’s genteel façade. It’s somehow connected to the family portraits hanging in Elizabeth’s living room. Could they be haunted? And why doesn’t Elizabeth’s housekeeper want Rick to finish the painting? 

Fun Fact About the Author

I wanted to be an artist before I wanted to be a writer. When I was in kindergarten, I drew a kangaroo in red crayon on the end papers of a library book. Needless to say, my debut effort didn’t impress my parents.

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Debbie Christiana said...

I already have it! It's a great story. Good luck, Pam!