Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guest Blogger: Chastity Bush

Please welcome Hearts on Fire
author Chastity Bush!

She's a newbie blogger so let's show her some love today, folks! Before I post her lovely debut blog post, let's meet this talented author and hear more about her book The Guarding of Eden.

Chastity Bush is the married mother of two and the author of three published romance novels. She's currently working on the follow up to her paranormal romance Guarding Temptation. She loves anything romance but her fave television shows lean towards the darker side (Dexter and True Blood)!

Here's a quick blurb for her book The Guarding of Eden:

Eden Campbell is a woman who has it all. A good job, handsome fiance, even the same cat she had as a teenager. However, when her world is turned upside down by the sight of her fiance in her favorite high heels and lingerie, Eden finds herself single again for the first time in years.

Only days after Eden discovers her fiance's hidden little secret, she loses her job and finds herself accused of her boss' estranged wife's murder!

The only up side to her situation is the sexy man her best friends and lawyers, Tilley and Joe Madison, entrusted her life to.

Not only is Jasper Carrington doing his best to hide her from the life sentence hanging over her head, he is stirring her desires like no man ever has.
From her black as night her deep blue eyes...Eden Campbell sets Jasper's blood on fire.

She is his to protect from the danger to her wanes but every look sent his way has him wondering, who will protect her from him?

The Guarding of Eden
NOW AVAILABLE from Hearts on Fire Books.
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Now, let's hear from Chastity...take it away...

First of all I would like to say hello and welcome everyone. As this is my first real time blogging I am a bit nervous to say the least and so I am just going to talk about what has been on my mind lately.
I am still very new to the writing game but have come to realize that no matter how fantastic your manuscript is, you are still going to get rejections.

Learning that someone does not think that your manuscript is good enough to publish can sting quite a bit. However, that is not grounds for you to quit. There is someone out there who will take a chance on you. Don’t give up!

I have also come to learn that well established authors are not the only ones who deserve to have their books read.
I, like so many others, read only well known authors for a very long time until I started writing.

After that, a whole new world of authors opened up before me and I found so many authors who are not well know who, in my opinion, are better than some of those who are.
I think that everyone should take a chance and read a book by someone that they have never heard of.

So, the next time you are cruising around the bookstore, instead of grabbing only reads by authors who you have read before, grab one by someone you have not. I promise you, it will not be a mistake.
I have made so many wonderful friends since beginning my career and for that I am truly grateful.

I have met new people, been given chances and became the published author that I have dreamed of being for so long. If you are someone looking to start a writing career, don’t hesitate. The choice to become a writer has been one of the best choices I have ever made.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this and thank you tremendously to Author Kerri Nelson for giving me the opportunity to appear on her blog! Don’t walk, RUN out and grab a copy of one of her books today!

Awe, thanks Chastity! Glad you could join us at the Book Boost Blog today!

If you'd like to check out more about Chastity, be sure to check out her website here:


Unknown said...

Hi Chastity,

Great first blog! Can't wait to read your story.

Jae Lynne

Anonymous said...

Hi Chas, great message! I've just finished reading "The Guarding of Eden", and would recommend it to anyone wanting a good steamy romance/crime novel.

kellyabell said...

Hey Chastity,
Well played! I cant think of a nicer thing to talk about for your first blog. Your point is so true. There is a great deal of talent out there. Best of Luck with your book and your writing career. Hearts On Fire is lucky to have you!
Kelly Abell

LynnRush said...

HI, Chastity! Great post.

Your book cover is WICKED-AWESOME.

Write on.