Friday, April 30, 2010

Winners, Winners, & Whiners! Oh yeah...and a Contest Too!

Happy Friday, my Book Boosters!

It has been a long week for yours truly but alas Friday is here and I'm looking forward to a weekend getting caught up on movies I've been wanting to see on DVD.

Last weekend, I watched The Blind Side and The Lovely Bones. This week we have New Moon and The Vampire's Assistant (yes, I know...I'm in a paranormal state of mind).

What do you have planned for the first weekend in May?

If you're like'll be whining (Boo Hoo! Waah!) a little about missing out on the RT Convention AGAIN this year. Here's hoping that I can make it to RWA Nationals in July, though. Any of you headed down south in July for that?

So, what can we do to have a little fun around here? How about a new contest & WINNERS from this past week here at the blog?

First up...I'm proud to announce that I've sold a 3 book (novella) series to Solstice Publishing. It is the Dessert Divas Series and they are Sexy but Sweet tales of the women of Sea Crest, Florida!

The first book in the series is entitled When Ginger Snapped and I've included the cover & blurb below for you. I should have a release date shortly! The second book is entitled When Cherry Spies and stay tuned for more details on this one very soon!


Combine a cheating husband and holiday shopping season madness and it’s enough to drive a mother straight to jail. Literally.

Meet Ginger Lockhart, a newly single mom who can’t take anymore of the emotional turmoil of her pending divorce or the holiday madness of the approaching Christmas season. In this hilarious yet heart wrenching tale of a woman on the brink of madness, Ginger finally snaps and ends up in jail.

Things soon take a turn for the sublime when she meets sexy massage therapist Caston DeLuca and he works his magical hands on her. Only then, can she begin to let the insanity and complications of life slip away but will he become more than just a one session soother?

Find out in the first of a new series by romance author Kerri Nelson. Meet the Dessert Divas, everything in life should be this sweet!


In honor of my dessert divas, share a yummy dessert recipe of your own creation that I can use in Book 2 (When Cherry Spies)! I'll give you credit for it in the book & you'll get a free copy of the book! Submit your entries via e-mail to me at: Deadline to enter: May 31, 2010.


1. Thanks to everyone who entered the Best Book Title Contest here at the blog. We had a tie for 1st place, so each winner will receive 1 free month of one cover ad promo here at the Boost. CONGRATS!

And the winners are...

  • Healer's Fate by Beth Caudill
  • Strip Poker For Two by April Ash

Winners please claim your prize within 30 days from today! E-mail me at:

**To find out about how you can get your cover up at our affordable rates contact me at:**

2. A couple of days ago, I launched my new book video ad for my book Cross Check My Heart. I appreciate all the lovely comments and I've promised a free book from my back list to one commenter.

By random draw...the winner is....Isis R. Congrats!

Please contact me to claim your prize at:

Happy Weekend to you all! See you next week.


Beth Caudill said...

Oh Yeah. I won. :)

I'll be at Nationals this year. I hope to be very productive over the next few months and have something to pitch. We'll see how it goes.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Good luck with your new stories. I love the titles and as someone who loves to cook, I love the recipes. Have sent you one that is a great tasting cake. Hope you like it.

Unknown said...

Did not know about the recent book deal - congrats! WOW! You're just a whirlwind of writing activity, aren't you?