Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Words Or Less with Guest Blogger: Kari Thomas

Today, author Kari Thomas discusses simplifying your plot and stay tuned for details on how to win a Free Book!


You've got to be kidding!

One of the first things most Editors/Publishers will ask an author is to describe your book in Ten words or less. And if you're like me, you blink rapidly, swallow a gasp of dismay, and then try to make your fuddled, scared mind come up with just the right words at the drop of a hat. HA. Easier said than done! I can truthfully admit I've failed that test every time! So, after too many embarrassing moments like that, I finally came up with those dreaded "Ten Words or Less" for each of my books. Was I successful? You judge for me. Come on, I can take it...!

HUNTED MATE --- A Shapeshifter's debt stands in the way of true love.

HER HEART HIS SOUL --- An Angel Warrior must choose love or his soul's redemption.

SEDUCING THE HERO --- Trust and Seduction go hand in hand, turning into love.

TEMPTATION UNLEASHED --- Tempting the Beast releases a love that is beyond Magical.

PREY FOR THE WOLF --- A game of dangerous love surrounds the Wolf's Prey.

UNDER A SHIFTER'S MOON --- A Jaguar Shifter chooses life or death for his Truemate.

SPELL KISSED --- A witch and her hero fall into a parallel world. (Release forthcoming in July 2010)

After you read these, take a look at the Blurbs of each book. I'm currently holding a CONTEST where this sentence:

"Something wild this way comes..."

Appears somewhere in one of the Blurbs. Send me an Email at authorkari@yahoo.com and tell me which Book has it. I will choose a Winner at the end of May and the Prize will be a PDF copy of my latest Novella HOLD ONTO THE NIGHT (see info on my web book page at www.authorkari.com/books.html ). Thanks for stopping by!

A Note from the Book Boost: Thanks Kari for stopping by we enjoyed hosting your post! (That was 10 words!)

Before you go, tell us a little more about your newest book with that hot cover up there?


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He was fated for another, but created to love her …

Decreed by Elders, alpha Jaguar Shifters Lyon Savage and his brother must decide Pride rule in a way not seen for centuries. Under a Shifter’s Moon, a mating can take place with a chosen human to produce a child, and the father of that child will become the one Alpha. Now Lyon must choose the love of his Truemate—or accept the decree to save his Pride and secure his future.

Strong and selfless, Kitlene is a rare woman whose blood, like her niece’s, carries something of the Shifter within its DNA. Willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of family, she offers herself to the Alpha Cat whose very presence pulls at her soul—and whose love brings with it a deadly complication.


She was facing the direction of the stairs so he could see her face clearly. His breath caught. She was incredibly beautiful; an oval face, softly pink-tinged complexion, cupid-bow mouth, small nose. Her long-lashed eyes were large and round. For some reason, her eyes made him instantly think of a Persian cat’s eyes. He grinned at the contradiction; he had the odd thought that her obvious spunk would keep her from being as sweet natured as the Persian breed. Even from his distance he could see the soft, dove-grey color.

They were the most fascinating eyes he’d ever seen on a woman. A man could easily—willingly drown in their mysterious, sultry depths. He could. He frowned at the disturbing thought. He let his gaze roam over her one more time before coming back to rest on her ethereal face. She wasn’t wearing makeup—or she was an expert at making it appear that way—and the look was as much innocence as it was sensual. The odd combination was fascinating and it intrigued him like nothing else had in a long time. He watched her gaze around the room. Her expression was neutral, but even from this distance he could see her eyes mirror her nervous thoughts. What would those expressive, lovely eyes reveal when her gaze first met his? He was suddenly anxious to find out. Lyon found his feet moving before he even had the actual thought. He bounded down the stairs, sending a glance toward the corner where Mason and Beau were talking to the coyote group. His body was tight, his muscles tense and ready to allow his jaguar self to emerge. But this time it wasn’t because of the anticipation of a fight.

No, his jaguar soul had sighted prey. His prey. His. That soul-felt confirmation only proved he was right. This woman was Ariel. Somehow his jaguar self already recognized her.

Whoa. That shocked him. Realization hit him like a hard, breath- stealing punch to the gut and then arrowed straight to his soul. He came to an abrupt standstill yards away from her. He inhaled roughly, taking her sweet, oddly familiar scent deep into him. His entire body immediately went into hard sensual overload. Stark, possessive instincts rose in him for the first time in his life. He’d never felt anything like it. His jaguar self pushed forward. Primal.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kari:
I appreciate what you went through. The describe your book in ten words nearly drove me crazy! All I could think is it took me 103,000 to tell the tale; I got it down to a pitch; now you want ten words!!! Looks like you've got the art down.

Amber Polo said...

Ten words, Kari? I don't believe it. You love words too much to limit yours to a measly ten.
Keep writing!

Cate Masters said...

You did a great job, Kari! It is tough, definitely a skill writers need to master.

Unknown said...

Great post, Kari. I don't think I could limit myself to a ten-word description. If you've read my emails, you know it's virtually impossible for me...but then I have to ask...why can I be so wordy in comments and posts yet find it so hard to write to word requirements?

Mary Corrales said...

Hi Kari,

I liked your ten words, but can describe your books in two... Sexy and Satisfying. :)

I've never read better shifter novels!


Anonymous said...

BIG THANKS, all, for stopping by!

Truthfully, it took me a long time to narrow it down to 10 words ---cause Amber's right: I like words too much! LOL!

But seriously, its a great way to "center" your story and be able to tell anyone about it when asked.


Maggie Dove said...

Hi Kari,

Great job! Loved the post and excerpt!


Cierra James said...

Hi Kari,
Great job on the ten words or less. I don't know if I will ever master the art. Your books are truly sexy, especially Lyon.

Cierra James

Jan Bowles said...

Hi Kari

I loved this blog.

I have difficulty writing the blurb. But you manage to cut them down to 10 words, and still give the reader a true taste of the story.

Best wishes


Mary Preston said...

The 10 words were fabulous. Congrats!! Loved the excerpt & can't wait to read more. Cheers!!


wanda f said...

Your ten words are great.I know I couldnt do it .I cant wait to go get a copy of Under a Shifters Moon it sounds awesome .

Unknown said...

Too tough to even try. Kudos for succeeding. Now I'm off to see if I can do this. Whew! Ten words? Do they have to make a sentence? lol.
Great post.

Arianna Skye said...

Hi Kari! Sorry I'm so late to the game. Wonderful blog! Here's something I came up with for my current WIP:

"Hell's Kitchen... literally."

Something's missing, I think...


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

those all sounded good to me. that's something I am far from mastering, in blurbs and tags. good going.

hotcha12 said...



Margaret West said...

TEN WORDS!!! Oh god, I can feel a sweat braking out already lol
Great blog, Kari

SiNn said...

wow ten words and now im hooked weird eh cant wait to read ur work congrats on the new release