Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Crabby About Picnics with Guest Blogger: Susan Mallery

Bestselling author Susan Mallery joins us at the Book Boost today!

She's here to get nit picky...or's what she had to say on National Picnic Month...

July is National Picnic Month, otherwise known as National Sand-in-Your-Food Month or National Ants-in-Your-Pants Month. Yes, it’s true. As un-American as it may seem, I don’t enjoy eating outdoors. Unless it’s at a quaint little table outside an upscale cafĂ©. And even then, I’d rather be inside.

I’m just not the outdoorsy type. I believe that God created walls and a ceiling for a reason.

As you can see from the covers of Only Mine, Only Yours, and Only His, the Hendrix triplets of Fool’s Gold do not share my reticence toward Mother Nature. There they are, with the men who will become the loves of their lives, sitting on the ground, lying face down on the ground, dangling their feet off the end of a dock. Aren’t they afraid a rabid snapping turtle might jump up and bite off their toes?!!!

My idea of an ideal picnic is eating in the living room in front of a roaring fire… but probably not during National Picnic Month. Even in Seattle, it’s a little too warm for a roaring fire.

That said, I do have a couple of great picnic recipes on my website, and I thought it would be appropriate to share one with you today. And if you decide to eat it indoors, well, you won’t get any argument from me!

Recipe: Cauliflower-Crab Salad with Cilantro-Lime Mayonnaise

1 head of cauliflower
2-3 pounds of imitation crab
1 lb bag of frozen peas, thawed
2 stalks of celery, diced
2 carrots, diced
½ C onion, diced
2 C low fat or fat-free mayonnaise
1 ½ C fresh cilantro, minced
1 T lime juice
1 t soy sauce
1 packet Splenda (or ½ t sugar)
Lime zest to taste

Cut the cauliflower into small chunks and steam until crisp-tender, about 10-12 minutes. If you don’t have a steamer, you can put them in a microwave with a little water. Microwave a minute or two at a time until the cauliflower reaches the desired texture. Cool to room temperature.

Put the cauliflower and remaining salad ingredients in a large bowl. Stir together the dressing ingredients, then fold gently into the salad to get everything coated. I used about ½ t of lime zest to give the dressing a nice limey bite.

A Note from the Book Boost: Susan, it was an honor and a pleasure to have you with us today. You're one of my long time faves, as you may know. :-) I will stand with you today and speak out publicly...I hate outdoor eating! Yes, I said it. Of course, I live in the deep south where you can be swallowed whole by gators, snakes, or even very large mosquitoes! Thanks for joining us and sharing a delicious recipe. You've made my day.

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Jenn3128 said...

I love to have picnics! That's something I do with my girls every weekend. I load up our lunch in the basket on my bike & we ride down to the park.

Thanks for the recipe Susan!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Susan's book look like the perfect beach read. We too like to picnic on the beach and this recipe sounds wonderful-think I'll have to try it :)

Angela MacIntyre said...

LOL!! You're going to LOVE this then. My husband is a national sales manager, which means he's gone at least half of every month. My kids will always ask... can we have a picnic? But it's not your traditional picnic.... we made chicken fingers, vegetables, fruit and then eat in the den while watching a movie. Halfway through, we're making popcorn. I do love the outdoors, but I also live in the South and unless you have a pool in your back yard (we do), it's not pleasant for very long. And Susan, I just HAD to say that I LOVED Only Mine and can't wait for the Only Yours next month!!! ;)

Susan Mallery said...

Thank you for hosting me here today! Release week is always fun and frantic. ONLY MINE came out yesterday, and it's been a lot of fun hearing from all the readers who rushed out to buy it.

Susan Mallery said...

You're welcome, Jenn! I hope you love it. Be sure to pack it with lots of ice if you're actually taking it outside. ;)

Susan Mallery said...

Thank you, Jennifer! I love that ONLY MINE came out right in the middle of the summer because I think you're right... I do think beach readers will love it. It's light-hearted and touching. Nothing too heavy.

Susan Mallery said...

Angela, that is my kind of picnic! And if you make the movie a romantic comedy, even better.