Friday, July 8, 2011

Meet Editor and Publicist Mirta Espinola

Today the Book Boost welcomes Editor and Publicist, Mirta Espinola. She's here to tell you a bit about the services she offers. Here are the details...

Editing Services:

Services Include: Children’s Literature/Young Adult Literature

Basic copy editing involves reviewing text and correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I will read the entire manuscript, checking for consistency, redundancy, flow, transition, and the proper use of words. I will provide suggestions to eliminate confusion by providing feedback on clarity to make sure the author does not lose the reader’s interest.

For an additional fee: I can offer feedback on author's use or lack of use of literary elements and reading concepts that would allow author's work to be used in a K-12 academic capacity. As an experienced Language Arts, Reading Specialist teacher and doctoral student, I can offer specific feedback regarding whether or not the work can be used in an academic capacity.

Book Review Package Includes:

Along with my editing services, I will provide a book review for a small fee. My services will include reviewing children's books and young adult literature. I will provide feedback on appropriate grade level by subject matter, appropriate reading level and feedback on at least 5 areas where the book can be utilized in a classroom or academic setting. I can post the review on my BLOG and set up other networking links as well. That will offer exposure for your work. In addition, I will offer legitimate tips where your publisher or publicist can send your book to generate more interest and reviews.

You can choose the book reviewing package without the editing services. Depending on the length of book and/or illustrations we can discuss fees upon contact.

Affiliations and Work Experience (Non-educational):

Las Comadres Member
National Association of Hispanic Journalist Member
American Copy Editors Society Member
Journalism And Women Symposium Member
1 year experience Editor YA Literature/Study Guide Writing
3 years experience PR/publicity for local author
3 year Magazine/Online (YA Literature) Book Reviewer
ALAN review & Latina Blogger

Want More Mirta?

Visit her website/blog here:

Or e-mail her directly here:
mirta_espinola20 (at) hotmail (dot) com

**Disclaimer Notice: The Book Boost in no way endorses the quality or validity of the services offered. The information provided herein is for advertisement purposes only.**


Mirta E said...

Thank you!

Mirta E said...

Thank you! And I welcome any guest women authors/bloggers on my BLOG as well.
Just e-mail me at mirta_espinola20(at)hotmail (dot) com

I have a set interview questions or you can come up with your own format...

Muchos gracias,
Mirta E.