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Taking a Dip in the Genre Pool with Guest Blogger: Gianna Bruno

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Author Gianna Bruno joins us to discuss her unique genre mix and here's what she had to say...

I'm Gianna Bruno, most often known as a writer of paranormal fantasy and erotica. I have always thrived on the challenge of inventing new worlds featuring supernatural creatures to balance out my "real world" characters and plots. It always begins with reality, and as is the case with The Journey, some historical time and place. But very soon that blurs and my imagination takes flight, just like the giant Damselfly who brings Hamil and Milena to the Sea Otherworld.

Most of my stories begin with snippets of dreams or real life adventures. I live in New York City, which is a treasure trove for urban fantasy and magical realist writers. But since I’ve lived a good bit of my life in southern New England: Boston, the North Shore of Massachusetts and Vermont, moving from urban to ex-urban settings, and from fantasy to reality, is so much a part of my life, I’ve learned to see the magic, taste it, feel it.

It doesn’t matter if I’m on a subway, exploring the back roads and byways in Salem and environs, watching hurricane driven surf crash onto a beach, or battling the wind to get down a steep, icy slope. The witches, fairies, ghosts, and occasional alien invade my subconscious and implore me to chronicle their stories and adventures.

My latest Eternal Press release, The Journey, began as a dream about a woman walking through a snowy wood and meeting a fairy. Milena is a witch who lives on the outskirts of Salem just before the start of the Civil War. The fact that the Underground Railroad was active in that part of Massachusetts, best known for its prejudice against witches (though it had waned by that time), created an interesting twist and gave Milena a clear mission and sense of purpose.

The result was a traditional fantasy with splashes of fairy magic, witchcraft, voodoo, action, and adventure in a historical setting. I suppose I should mention it’s highly erotic–as a story that explores the dark depths of humanity needs to be.

So it's a bit disconcerting to be in the middle of writing a collection of contemporary erotic short stories, and no fantasy has crept in yet! Well there might be a futurisitic orgasm meter involved, but that might be science fiction except it's too totally possible and might already be in the works.

At Home With Peter and Sandra chronicles the adventures of a couple from the suburbs of anywhere seeking to re-invent their relationship. They branch out from experimenting with just themselves to a host of erotic adventures. It's humorous, five flames, and I am having a great time writing it.

I'd love to have folks weigh in on how I'm doing in this new endeavor. You can read a blurb and excerpt of At Home With Peter and Sandra (click here).

A Note from the Book Boost: I've written almost every genre with the exception of horror (and I've thought about that one, too). I think genre hopping is great fun and wish you best of luck with your new endeavor. Please tell us more about your latest release.


They don't hang witches in Salem anymore, but Milena's punishment is being shunned. When her lover Thomas' ship is lost at sea, she fears he perished with the rest of the crew leaving her alone in a town bracing for a war over slavery, but still rife with an older form of prejudice.

Milena travels into the Forest and Sea Otherworlds to search for him, paying the fairies for her passage with bodily pleasures. Circe, the evil mermaid holding Thomas hostage, demands even more. She faces off against Circe in her underwater lair, endures the wrath of a colony of escaped slaves, and learns the terrible truth of what led to the shipwreck that left Thomas as its only survivor.

On the long journey, Milena learns to use her powers in ways she never imagined and discovers surprising truths about her own past. Left questioning everything she has ever believed, she must make the choice whether to return home with Thomas or stay in the Otherworlds forever.


Milena prepared a place on the floor, but before she could lie down, Hecabe's chanting and rocking began anew. Her eyes opened and stared into Milena's.

A male voice spoke. "Meet me in the forest. I have news of Thomas. Time grows short."

Her hands shook as she pulled on her boots and drew a cloak over her nightdress. Why had she not sought Hecabe's counsel sooner? She ran into the woods, fearing it might already be too late. Dead branches snapped under her feet. Clumps of wet snow fell from the pine boughs and landed with a thud on the sodden earth. A colony of bats flew overhead, headed for the safety of the thick forest growth.

Mist rose from the snow. Fairies materialized and swarmed around her; the furious beat of their wings raised a high-pitched whine.

Half as tall as she, they seemed fashioned out of silver strands of gossamer, clothed in cloaks of snowflake lace. Females, Milena surmised, noting their firm, full breasts and silver haired pubes through the translucent garments.

The fairies surrounded and guided her along the path for a good distance, until her feet were soaked and freezing.

A male fairy appeared, clad in the same lacy garments. He stood two heads taller than the females, his organ dangled nearly to his knees. A deep growl vibrated in Milena's ears raising a spiral of fear along her spine. He smacked his lips like a pig at the slop trough.

"I am Hamil, the guardian of the Forest Otherworld. Fear not, sister. I mean you no harm.

You have prayed for news of your lost one who lives still. The creatures of the Otherworlds have conducted his pleas to you over sand, ocean and through the woods. We can take you to him."

His was the same voice channeled through Hecabe, another sign the fairy spoke the truth.

Thomas lived, and she had to find him.

"Guide me there." Milena noticed how Hamil's almond shaped eyes surveyed her.

He cocked his head to the side and a smile spread over his face. "Surely you don't expect passage without payment. And your coin means nothing to us."

"You demand my body, but I have pledged fidelity to another." Milena affirmed, both disconcerted and intrigued by the now pulsing phallus.

"He suffers far worse than shall you. The creatures of the sea are having their way with him."

Hamil stroked her arm with his webbed green fingers.

Milena shrunk from him. She needed Hecabe's guidance before agreeing. "I must prepare for the journey."

"Your word will seal the contact, dear Milena. Then you will begin the first leg of your sojourn." He took her by the hand, his touch as soft as a spring leaf.

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Tore923 said...

Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. It sounds good.

V.R. Leavitt said...

Great excerpt and post!

Gianna Bruno said...

Sorry to be checking in so late, folks, but I just got my power back after Hurricane Irene. I'll be hanging around all week to answer questions, chat, hang out.

Na said...

Hi Gianna,
I came across your books recently and I'm glad to see you featured here. The Journey sounds wonderful. I like pirate stories but a pranormal one with a witch onboard is even more so intruiging.

Gianna Bruno said...

Hello, Na! I remember you from Whipped Cream Reviews in early August. Nice to have you following me along the way.