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Getting to Know You with Featured Authors: Beth & Letty

Welcome to our Getting To Know You
Featured Authors Month
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Today, we're learning about the quirks and words of the dynamic duo, Beth Henderson and Letty James.

TBB: How and when did you become a professional author?

Beth: The moment I got the call from an editor the beginning of September 1989. It was my first sale!

Letty: The call for my first sale came February 2008. From that, you can tell I’m a little behind Beth’s curve.

TBB:  Which of your books is your favorite and why?

Beth: Well, I don’t write just one type of story so there isn’t just one favorite but numerous favorites: Nikrova's Passion for romantic-suspense; At Twilight for historical romance; A Week 'Til The Wedding for romantic-comedy; and Loving Trixie Fine for the fun of mixing romantic-comedy with fantasy with mystery with adventure and a heroine I wanted to be – and for the chance it gave me to work with Letty!

Letty: Whatever I’m working on at the moment tends to be my favorite because I’m immersed in that world. What I love about Loving Trixie Fine is the unique heroine – how many 65-year-old romantic heroines are out there? And we need more!

TBB:  Is there a message imbedded into your stories you hope readers will get?  If so, what is it?

Beth: Gosh! I hope no one thinks there is a message imbedded in anything! I read for entertainment and “messages” ruin the whole thing for me!

Letty: Be daring!

Beth: I like Letty’s answer better than mine now. :)

TBB: What is your top writing career goal?

Beth: Er…get rich? :) Make the Amazon top 100 best seller list…maybe be in the top 10?

Letty: Hmm, maybe I’ll move in with Beth when she’s rich. No, that wouldn’t work because we’d probably talk rather than write. I would like to have the publishing houses waiting for my next book. Perhaps an editor calling me every month with words of encouragement. Sending champagne and flowers to keep me in the mood. My son tells me there is a 1 in 220 chance of being on The New York Times Bestseller List. That sounds good.

TBB:  Give me one quote (from yourself/by yourself) about being a writer.

“Being a writer is one of the most depressing (because of all the waiting to get word back on anything, and the rejections that never go away) and rewarding (because it’s what I always wanted to do) professions around.”--Beth Henderson

"Being a writer is like living a double life. Nobody really understands what’s going on between the writer and the page. And, sometimes even I don’t understand why certain things appear – but I love it when the crazy things pop up!"--Letty James

TBB:  What is your favorite breakfast food?

Beth: French toast with powdered sugar, cinnamon and lots of maple syrup…at a restaurant. I hate cooking. If that’s not available, it’s nice cold chocolate milk and donuts, the little ones with white powdered sugar on them. Hey, maybe it’s powdered sugar that’s my favorite breakfast food!

Letty: Absolutely – in a restaurant! In fact, that’s my favorite date – getting up before dawn and watching the sunrise at the diner. Start with hot tea, then corned beef hash topped with over-easy eggs and lots of buttery, salty grits. This has my southern roots all over it. So, to narrow it down to one food, it must be the hash because I could eat just that if I had to. And, my favorite hash is the kind that comes out of a can. Which is great because I can fry it up at home if I get desperate.

TBB:  If you were a t-shirt, what slogan would appear on you?

T-Shirt Quote Courtesy of Beth Henderson.

T-shirt quote courtesy of Letty James.

TBB:  Favorite time of year (or fave holiday)?

Beth: I love autumn the best – cool temperatures and gorgeous colors. Favorite holiday – Christmas, of course! I love to give and get presents…mostly to give them. Love the challenge of finding just the right thing for someone.

Letty: You’re going to think I’m such a girly girl, but I love Valentines’ Day because it’s near my birthday and I kind of roll all the happiness in one. I refuse to see it as a stressful time and instead see it as a creative time. I love to make unusual Valentines, like silver and purple. Plus, it usually snows and it gives me a great excuse to read all day. And, oh yeah, a good day to eat chocolate, or better yet, buy it half price the next day.

TBB:  If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be and why?

Beth: CATWOMAN so I could wear that slinky black outfit. Might have to give up those powdered sugar breakfasts to fit in it though.

Letty: Beth is stealing all my ideas here. Next time I get to go first. She’s not a cartoon, yet, but I would love to be Herminone Granger. She’s cute, smart, and better at magic than any boy. Although, I would have fallen for one of the twins rather than Ron.

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