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Rule Breaker with Guest Blogger: Tawny Weber

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Relationship Rules

Did you ever break a rule without realizing it?  Not those unspoken, social rules that I sometimes think are just there to trip us up.  And not the ‘ooops, I was just keeping up with traffic, I didn’t realize I was speeding’ type of rule.  No, I mean the personal, set by us because we think it’s vital to how we want to live our life, kind of rule.

Now, most of my personal rules are pretty simple.
* Everything looks better with cute shoes. 
* If you’re going to do it, enjoy it.
* Empowering others is good.  Disempowering yourself is bad.

The heroine in my new release, A SEAL’s Seduction, has a few rules of her own.  She’s determined to live life on her own terms.  To control her wilder impulses.  And to make sure whatever she does, she’s able to face herself in the mirror the next day.  But her most important one is "No Military Guys".  None, never, no way, no how.   But when she sees the hottie she met on the beach again, she’s hesitant, but since she’s pretty sure he’s not military, she figures it’s safe to give her wild attraction toward him a chance.

A Note from the Book Boost:  Thanks for joining us today, Tawny.  The book sounds great!


Alexia paid the cab and stepped onto the shell-encrusted sidewalk in front of JR’s.  The club-slash-bar fronted a long stretch of beach, both lit up like carnival attractions.  

She wasn’t sure why she was here.  She definitely didn’t need another drink.  But she didn’t want to go home, either.  And the idea of spending any more time with Edward, pretending that everything was peachy keen, was enough to make her scream.

She wanted to dance.  To relax in a crowd of strangers.  And JR’s was the only bar she knew enough to feel safe.  A regular hangout of the Navy locals, it wasn’t that it didn’t get rowdy or wild.  But it had three major advantages.  One, it was a familiar place so she knew what she’d get when she walked through the door.  Two, she was there to dance, and if anyone tried to push for more, her get-out-of-trouble-free card, aka the mention of her father’s name, would cut them off at the knees.  And three, she’d never get involved with a military man.  Ever.  She’d had enough of the military growing up to know that a sailor’s first priority was to his very dangerous, often secretive career.

And while she respected that, she had no interest in being background noise in someone’s life.

Still, walking into the club was like stepping face-first into chaos.  Noise, so loud the music had to be felt instead of heard, pounded through her body.  Heat from the crowd of bodies swirled with an ambitious air conditioner.  Lights flashed, strobed and glowed, depending on which way she turned her head.

Maybe she should have just gone home.

But she’d have gone crazy there, with just her thoughts and guilt for company.  Michael was on a date, and three days back wasn’t enough time for her to have made any new friendships.  So she was on her own.

And she needed action.  Movement.  Something to shake off the sexual tension that’d been driving at her all afternoon.  Since hunting down the sexy savior from the beach wasn’t an option, she’d figured she’d do the next best thing to release body tension.  Dance.

About to head for the flashing lights of the dance floor and kick up the heels of her favorite Manolo’s, a man at the bar caught her attention.


The hot, gorgeous and sexy from the beach?

A slow, wicked smile curved her lips at the sight.

He was just as appealing dry and clothed as he’d been wet and half-naked on the beach.  In jeans and a simple t-shirt that did wonders for his broad shoulders, he looked like a guy who just wanted a drink and some alone-time.  Too bad for him, though, since a blonde barracuda was tiptoeing her red-talons up his chest.  Was that was his type?  Blatant, busty and ballsy?

He grabbed the blonde’s hand on its downward sweep, shaking his head.  She didn’t back off.  Alexia bit her lip to keep from laughing at the range of emotions chasing across his face.  Irritation, confusion and just a hint of amusement.  Poor guy, he probably hadn’t realized this was a navy bar.  Which meant pushy, desperate women all focused on one thing.  Catching themselves a sailor boy.

He looked like he needed saving.

Sliding and pressing her way through the crowd of bodies, she made her way to the bar.  The music was quieter here, but the cacophony of voices made up for it.  She was about five feet away when Blake’s gaze found her.  Delight flared in those blue depths, making her girl parts feel oh-so-happy.  Happy enough that she hesitated.  Getting all hot and wet over a stranger wasn’t a bad thing.  But it wasn’t where she was at in her life right now, either.  Despite what she’d told Michael, she had feelings for Edward.  Ones that deserved to be explored.  She couldn’t explore feelings for one guy while another was tickling her girly-parts.  It just wasn’t right.

But could she leave Blake there at the mercy of the red-taloned barracuda?

As if sensing her struggle, Blake gave her a wide-eyed look of desperation.  Hurry up, he mouthed.  Alexia’s lips twitched, but her feet started moving again.

She bypassed the blonde to move around so she was behind Blake.  Heavily made-up eyes glanced her way, dismissing her with a flick of those false lashes.

It was going to take stronger measures, Alexia realized.  Warning her girly-parts not to get too excited, she moved in close, draping her arm over the broad, muscles of Blake’s shoulders.  He was like steel.  Solid, strong, sleek.  Her mouth watered.  To give it something to do before she actually drooled, she leaned forward to brush a friendly kiss over his cheek.  He smelled like the ocean.

Clean, salty, intoxicating.

“He’s with me,” she said, giving the blonde a go-away tilt of her head.

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Lynne Silver said...

I like the idea of living with rules. My problem is trying to remember them! Except the cute shoes one. I can always remember that!

Tawny Weber said...

LOL Lynne! I'm with you. That cute shoe rule is firmly embedded in my psyche.

I do think the simpler the rules, the better. I tend to forget anything that's too complicated.

Tawny Weber said...

Kerri - Thanks so much for having me to visit today!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Great excerpt, Tawny! And congratulations on the release of A SEAL'S SEDUCTION. It's getting some great buzz out there, including that wonderful RT Top Pick review! Sometimes you hear a person's rules and you just know fate is snickering and ready to trip that person up. Perhaps not fun in real life but definitely fun in a romance novel! By the way, love your rules!

Tawny Weber said...

Anna!! Thank you :-) And thanks so much for stopping by!! And thanks times three for the kudos on the RT Top Pick -that was so awesome to see!

LOL on the rule snickering. I know a few people whose rules I do have to shake my head at. It's like a red flag to fate, as you say. And it's so hard not to say after the inevitable trip-up, 'well, how could you NOT see that coming?' *g*