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Afternoon Delight, Anyone? Guest Appearance by Jewel Adams

The Book Boost welcomes author Jewel Adams for a special Afternoon Delight feature here at the blog.

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Come take a peek into the erotic lives of this afternoon’s lovers.

Sugar & Spice – Amy tries to face the fact her marriage is over until Jim walks in the door.

Moonlight & Madness – Susan is furious with Jake for cozying up to a woman at the party they are attending. Can Jake smooth his wife’s anger and salvage the passion in their marriage?

Here, There and… - Julie’s sexual appetite runs hot and wild, and Danny’s not complaining.

Happy Feet – Jenna sighs over the touch of Justin’s magic fingers that sends her body into overdrive too feel so much more.

Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside – Meg’s anger over being stuck in a snow storm won’t stop her shivers. But things quickly heat up when she’s rescued by one hunk of a policeman.

Happily Ever After – Mandy’s childhood crush never cooled for Frank and she decides it is time he knew just how she feels!

Wishing & Hoping – Stood up on her birthday, Sandy shares her birthday with her cat. Who says wishes don’t come true!


From Moonlight and Madness

“I’ve never been so embarrassed.” She pulled her heels off as she sunk down in the sand. The beach stretched out before her and she wished she could enjoy the beautiful moonlight on the water. “Oh, but that would be impossible!”

Why she even thought she would reach the hotel easier walking the beach, escaped her. “He is the one that should be out here, but no, he probably doesn’t even know I’m out here…alone, hurt and totally pissed off!”

“Oh, but the husband does know exactly where his ticked off wife may be.”

She refused to look at him, wishing he’d disappear as he caught up with her on the beach.

“I’m not going to do that.”

“What?” She bit her lip, regretting her curiosity.

“Leave you alone.”

She stopped dead in the sand, trying to stay upright. “Go away!”

He smiled as he looked her up and down. “No, sorry, can’t do that.”


“Ahh, you don’t have to say it. I know what a creep I was in there.”

“Creep is mild, Jake.”

She shook off his hand on her arm, not wanting to talk with him. Somehow she never won any arguments with him. He always seemed to come out the winner, why was that?

“Why the hell do you stay married to me if you want to fuck the first whore that comes on to you at that party!”

His silence seemed to vibrate off the waves crashing against the sand. She walked off in front of him to the water’s edge, letting the water rush in and over her feet.

She could feel him behind her and wrapped her arms around herself.

“Susan, I’m sorry. I never realized that is how you saw it.”

The tears rolling down her face betrayed how deeply he did hurt her.

“How else could I take it? What would you think if some man crawled into my lap and started kissing me?”

“I’d kill him.”

The dead cold delivery of his answer is what finally made her turn and face him.

“That’s right, I’d kill any man that touched you, Susan.”

Her head shook against what he said and what his actions delivered. “Then why all the antics, Jake?”

His gaze dropped to the sand, where he dug his shoe toe in. She actually bent down to see what his expression might be, glad for the moonlight.

When he finally looked up, she held her breath for his answer.

“I wanted you to notice.”


“I want you to see me again, Susan. I want you to think I’m attractive, wanted, anything to make you desire me again.”

“Wow…” Never in a hundred lives did she expect that answer. “What makes you think I don’t desire you?”

She could see him watching her, looking at her as if she’d disappear. “You don’t act like you care anymore.”

“Care! Holy shit, Jake, I nearly killed that bitch in there!”

He actually had the audacity to snicker. “Yeah, you did, felt damn good too.”

“Oh my, you really did do that on purpose.”

“Heck yes.”

“Jake, we aren’t kids any longer, we have kids and a home, a dog, two cars. Games aren’t allowed!”

He threw his arms out. “See! This is why I did it. You are so wrapped up in what we have become, you’ve lost that impulse to have fun, like making wild passionate love in the sand.
This is where we have lost the umph in our lives, Susan.”

“I have not.”

“Really? Okay, come on, show me, show me how you can still have fun.”

“Yes, right here, on this beach.” He made an act of looking all around. “There is no one here but us.”

She took her own look and knew no one was around. Dare she do it? Could she?


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