Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Great Book Purge 2010: Buy Books for Charity!

So folks, my bookshelves and closet shelves are begging me for help! I have to get rid of a large number of books to make room for more books! Do you have a similar problem?

Anyway, what I've decided to do is to box up books that I've already read or books that I reluctantly just won't have time to read before my children are grown and out of the house (about 18 more years--since I just had a baby).

Here's what I'm proposing...I'm going to box up these books in Priority Mail flat rate boxes and sell them for the cost of postage plus $1.00. The $1.00 extra for each box will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in honor of my daughter Brooke.

Box Size: 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Each Box Contains approximately : 15 books

If you pay via check you'll pay $12.00 per box. E-mail Kerri at to let me know to reserve a box in your name and that the check is on the way. Mail the check (made payable to Kerri Nelson) to PO Box 680871 Prattville, AL 36068.

If you pay via PayPal you'll pay $12.50 (this is due to the fees that they'll charge me for you to pay via PayPal but you can use your credit card or bank account this way if it is easier for you). You can send the payment to me at ( and let me know in the Message section that you are ordering a Book Purge Box.

Obviously, you can see that I'm trying to find a good home for my books. I'm not trying to make money and it will actually cost me more in gas to truck all these down to the post office than I would normally spend. But, if I can raise a little money for JDRF along the way and trim down my out of control collection, all the better!


Some of them are autographed, some of them are brand new, some of them are gently used, and there may even be a collector's copy of something in there. Here's a sample of authors located in just one box:

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Mary Janice Davidson
Lori Foster
Janelle Dennison
Metsy Hingle
Susan Andersen
Valerie S. Malmont
Hope Tarr
Erica Spindler
Debbie Macomber
Tori Carrington
Stephanie Bond
Karin Slaughter
Susan Wiggs
Carolyn Hart

I can tell you that they are all either romance or mystery but it would take more time that I could ever manage to list them all.

So, you'll be getting a random box. If you find that you have some of them already, maybe you can share with a friend.

For any boxes of books that are not sold, I'll be donating them to charity but alas I will not be raising money for JDRF if that happens. Please feel free to pass the word on! The more boxes that are purchased, the better! The deal will go on until I run out of books (well, mostly out of books--I have to keep SOME of my books--obviously).


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