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Hell to Heaven with Guest Blogger Jewel Adams

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Here's what she had to say...

Have you ever wondered how an author receives a story?

I personally, wonder how many authors never know where the story is going until the characters show it to them.

You see, I'm one of those authors that will start a book with the first word or the title. I don't know what the story is about or where it will take me. The imagery flows into my mind and with it all my senses wake up.

My characters come alive with each written word. The more I write the better I get to know them. They stay with me, live with me, go shopping or do the laundry with me. I can't do dishes without a scene playing out in my head. When they first come to me the pages I write are what I call 'my getting to know you' time. There are times that I have to tell them to slow down - I can't keep up. Or I might have to coax them out; they can be shy at times. They are my friends, my lover or my enemy, I experience everything they do.

Am I crazy? I sure hope not. I often give thanks for my extraordinary gift. I do believe that writing is an art; one you continuously learn.

Writing is such a singular achievement that once it is finished and the characters all go away; we want to share the experience.

The next time you read a story, think about how the author put it all together. It might even enhance your enjoyment of the story.

I hope you experience the adventures I've been given, enjoy the ride.

A Note from the Book Boost: It sounds like you are a bit of a pantser when it comes to story creation. I'm the exact same way. You're not alone and totally not crazy! Thanks for joining us and please tell us more about your newest book.


A new bride shouldn’t have her dreams shattered and crushed before they can take a breath. Jenna discovers the man she married is a cruel, sadistic monster. She failed to escape the horror of her marriage and paid dearly for trying.

Ray can’t ignore the beautiful woman renting from his mother. All the warnings that come with Jenna can’t silence the unspoken plea he sees in her eyes. When Jenna collapses in his arms from the beating at the hands of her husband, Ray swears she will never suffer at that man’s brutal hands—ever again!


“Stop it!”

Her cry came too late, the coffeepot hit the wall with a crash. The dark brown stain slid down the wallpaper. It looked ugly and sick, like Jenna’s life.

“Take it back, now!”

Jenna flinched back from the iron he held inches from her face. “Her family is there tonight for dinner. I promise Jimmy, I’ll take it back in the morning.”

The cruel fist wrapping in her hair jerked her head back hard against his unforgiving body.

“You’ll walk over there now or I’ll kill the bastard!”

Groaning in pain and fear she could no longer hide from him. “Alright!” He’d do it…kill them, he was capable of doing it. Jenna’s throat constricted, almost strangling her over the frightening truth.

Jamming the iron into her stomach, Jenna clutched it to fight striking back at her husband. He enjoyed hurting her. Hissing in her face before letting her go, “Stay outside where I can see you. So help me you’ll be sorry if you don’t.”

She dropped her eyes and nodded, trying to gather her composure in order to hide her tattered state from their neighbors.

Jealousy! That’s all this was, Jimmy couldn’t stand her growing friendship with her landlady.

As for his wild assumption that one of her sons had that look for Jenna…he was crazy. She never spoke to any of Ruth’s sons except for polite hello and goodbye as they floated in and out of their mother’s house.

But the truth didn’t matter much to Jimmy. He wouldn’t listen, not when he was like this.

Her eyes refused to see all the broken dishes and the mess she would have to clean up, swallowing hard she could feel him watching her slip her shoes on,

“Make it fast Jenna.”

Fast? She could barely make her legs move, wondering if she did collapse if all the horror of the last three months would end?

Deep throated laughter from many male voices drifted from the open kitchen door as she approached. She wondered what it would feel like to be a part of a family like Ruth’s. Regretfully, Jenna didn’t believe she’d find that kind of comfort and security.

She chanced a look back to her house, her high pitched gasp escaped over seeing Jimmy’s forceful stance in the doorway. With the living room lights in back of him his dark form looked like the devil she feared she married.

Swinging her gaze back to where she still needed to go, she stumbled, nearly falling on the first porch step. She took a deep steadying breath. Jenna desperately tried not to show any of the devastating emotions swirling inside her. These were kind people, she didn’t want to bring trouble to them. If they thought something was wrong they’d want to help, she must be convincing. But how did any sane person explain why they were returning a borrowed iron at 9:30 at night?

She forced her hand out, nearly losing her nerve when no one heard her timid knock. She caught Jimmy’s movement coming out of their door. She banged on the screen door, watching as all the heads at the table swung in her direction.

How many sons did Ruth have? Jenna counted five of the biggest men she’d ever seen staring at her. The thought came that they could take Jimmy…no, she couldn’t bring her misery to Ruth’s sons!

“Jenna, honey? Is that you?”

“Yes ma’am.” She could hear the fear in her voice. She wet her lips.

“Well, come in child.”

“Thank you…but no, I can’t…” Seeing Ruth’s brow rise she rushed on, “I have dinner on, it’ll burn. I just wanted to bring your iron back…”

Ray, yes that was the oldest son’s name, moved toward the door, but Ruth’s hand shot out to stop him at Jenna’s sharp intake of breath and pleading stare.

Ruth whispered to her son, “Stay back, Ray.”

“Alright honey.” Ruth rose giving all her sons her strictest ‘back off’ look. She stepped out onto the porch. Ruth wondered how the girl was even standing over the shaking in her small body.

She took the iron she held out to her.

“Thank you, Ruth.” Jenna’s nervous glance towards her sons wasn’t missed by the older woman. “I better go.”

Ruth didn’t try and detain her, nor did she miss the dark form waiting at the corner of Ruth’s house. She moved back into the shadow of the doorway and felt Ray behind her. They both saw the man grab Jenna’s hair and pull her forcefully inside before he slammed the door.

“That bastard!” Rays scathing remark only emphasized the violent tightening in his body.

She put her hand on Ray’s chest to restrain him, “Don’t honey, she’ll only suffer more.” Both their heads swung about at the crashing noise coming from Jenna’s house.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I would hate to be in Jenna's place! This sounds like it would be good. I'd like to read it.

Jewel Adams said...

Hi Patsy, it isn't a place we would want to be, but I think you will find Ray to be a true hero :)
This story grab me right from the first word and still holds a warm place in my heart.

Chris R said...

Oh, wow. That just sucked me into the story. For the time I read that I was there.

Jewel Adams said...

:) Wow, that really thrills me as an author. The courage of Jenna is something every woman should have, none of us should tolerate abuse, we can change our lives.
I'll quit my rant now lol.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful kudo :)

Skye Reeder said...

What great inspiration for the abused to read! I'll recommend this book to our local Domestic Violence center!
Way to go Jewel!!

Skye Reeder said...

What great inspiration for the abused to read! I'll recommend this book to our local Domestic Violence center!
Way to go Jewel!!

Lucy said...

What a great book this seems to be!
Please enter me.

*yadkny* said...

Hi Jewel,
I love the storyline of this book... haven't read it yet, but it's definitely on my wishlist and has been since the first time I heard about it. I'm already in love with Ray:)

Jewel Adams said...

That would be great Skye, women have to know that they don't have to tolerate verbal or physical abuse.

Jewel Adams said...

Ray is a man that would be hard not to love. He's a real hero for Jenna.

ReneeRearden said...

I'm always thrilled when I see an author tackle a serious issue that pervades our society. Though I haven't read this book, knowing a hero steps in and helps the heroine resolve her issues reminds us all there's a silver lining in every dark cloud...we just have to take the journey to find it!

I look forward to reading Hell to Heaven!


That excerpt eas excellent. It made you want more.


april3025 said...

i love it when a story grabs you right away thanks for the tease ;)

Sandra Cox said...

This looks like another winner, Jewel.