Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Character with Guest Blogger Sandra Cox

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She's sharing a character interview with us and here's what they had to say...

Interview with Meghan Ryan

Interviewer: “With us today is Meghan Ryan, niece of the famous artist Sarah Miles who disappeared a week ago. So, Meghan, you were with Sarah when she disappeared?”

Meghan: “Yes. We’d gone to Nashville to paint a garden. Sarah’s quite famous for her garden paintings.”

Interviewer: “Yes, I know. And her signature cat Monet, the one that is in all her paintings, he was with her and disappeared too?”

Meghan: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “Tell us what happened.”

Meghan: “We were wandering through this garden that we were going to paint…”

Interviewer interrupts: “We? You paint too?”

Meghan: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “It must run in the family. Okay, so you were meandering through this garden. Then what happened?”

Meghan: “Sarah found an ancient sundial with the words ‘Fate cannot be altered.’ She touched it and ‘poof’ she disappeared.” Meghan’s voice becomes strained.

Interviewer, skeptically: “Poof, she disappeared?”

Meghan begins to cry hysterically. “You can believe me or not but that’s what happened.”

Interviewer: “Will you elaborate?”

Meghan is crying too hard to respond.

Interviewer steps away from the hysterical young woman. “There you have it folks,” she says with a disbelieving smile, “straight from the horse’s, err, niece’s mouth. Sarah Miles touched a sundial and ‘poof’ disappeared.

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The fortuneteller came forward to greet them. Sarah was tall, while Meghan was of average height, but even Meghan towered over the old woman.

Sarah started to speak, but the old woman interrupted. “The answers you seek are in the garden,” she said cryptically.

So much for small talk. “I hope you don’t mind, but I brought my niece.”

“I foresaw it,” Zienna said simply.

Meghan managed to turn a snort into a cough.

The woman turned to her. “You do not believe. But you will. You will.”

Sarah shivered as if a chill crawled down her spine.

Meghan was briefly reminded of Yoda. “Of course, I do,” Meghan hastened to reassure her.

“Sarah is the nonbeliever.”

Like a queen with a peasant, Zienna ignored the remark saying, “You will stay.”

They had been walking toward the back of the house where presumably the garden was.

Meghan stopped obediently.

Zienna motioned her forward impatiently. “You will stay, but your aunt will go. But not at this moment.”

Meghan gave her a confused look.

Zienna turned toward Sarah. “I would warn you if it would do any good. But fate cannot be altered. Your destiny is already written. Go to my garden. May God accompany you on your journey.”

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