Monday, October 4, 2010

Take a Walk on the Write Side with Guest Blogger DCS

The Book Boost welcomes author DCS to the blog.

Here's what she had to say...

I love this thing called writing. We’re magicians in a sense, words are magic after all (why do you think they call it SPELLing). I’d do it regardless of whether or not it was my career choice. But since it is, I’ve come up with five things to pass onto others who are about to jump on this very, big, fun hectic ride.

1. Never stop learning – I can’t stress that enough. I wish I had known half of what I know now when I wrote Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening. But, the whole process has been a great great ride, regardless of my mistakes. So whether or not Random House picks up your title, or your navigating the sea of self publishing, learn everything you can about your craft, from how to improve dialogue and character development, to learning how to use social media to use your advantage.

2. Don’t be afraid to break the rules – First you do need to learn them. Then, break the ones that don’t gel with your style. I don’t always write every day. I’m usually always thinking about my works, whether I’m knee deep in marketing and administrative tasks or mentally plotting my next novel but I don’t always open up my word processor, or put pen to paper. I also don’t write either start to finish, or finish to start. Usually I write in scenes. Scenes that might get sandwiched into the front of the book, or the back, or cut out all together. Don’t adapt to the greats writing style, or methodology just because that’s what worked for them. You are a unique individual. Learn, then make your own.

3 .Promotion, Promotion, Promotion – The internet is a fabulous tool for authors. We can reach anyone, anywhere in the world without having to leave our home. Use it. Virtual Book Tours, Internet Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Livestream. You’ll never stop promoting your book, even when you’re writing your fifth. Keep on pushing it, and remember that very few of us see success over night. It can take years but persistence is key. People are always looking for content, be that content. Don’t just promote your book, promote you, promote your unique skill set, promote the message behind your works. Not really into writing blog articles? Use YouTube instead. Don’t have a facebook fan page? Get one. Link it up to your Twitter account, so every time you update one, you update another.

4 .Fake it till you make it – It’s true. You need to see yourself a bestselling author and conduct yourself accordingly (or whatever your end goal is). You’re the first one that has to believe in you, your abilities and that wonderful book you wrote.

5.Take the criticism – I learn the most from a bad review. Sometimes I can cast it aside as someone who simply didn’t like the book, and that’s it. More often than not, I learn something I can correct with my next novel. Getting a better editor. Including a cast of characters, or a family tree to help my readers keep track of whose, who. I love the great reviews too, just like everyone else but it’s easy for us to focus just on those. Someone who can constructively criticize your novel can provide you with some great areas of improvement.

A Note from the Book Boost: Great advice and thanks for joining us today!

Want More DCS?

DCS is the author of Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening and Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension. When not writing you can listen to her radio show, "In The Mind of DCS" every Saturday evening at 7pm CST on the Paranormal Soup Network. Visit

Currently sucking up the creative energy of New Orleans, she is attending the American Institute of Holistic Theology to earn a PhD in Metaphysical Spirituality while being hard at work at the next book in the Synarchy Series, and an upcoming webisode series called The Fallen.

Visit her website at to learn more.


Admin said...

Thank you for hosting DCS today!

Linda Andrews said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing them.

DCS said...

Such a great blog, thanks for having me!

@Linda - most welcome :)