Monday, February 27, 2012

Do I Measure Up? With Guest Blogger: Olivia Starke

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She's here to chat about how to beat the drive for perfectionism and here's what she had to say...

I would say the biggest challenge for me with writing is overcoming my need for absolute perfection. Every sentence, every word, I’ll re-read it to make sure it’s just right (like I’m doing now.) This is the inner editor. She is good for fine tuning a final draft, but terrible to deal with when trying to get through the first. When she takes over you can find yourself giving up before you ever finish that first paragraph, defeated before the first page.

It’s odd that I need such control with my writing. You’d think with my complete disorganization in real life, I’d be completely comfortable with a sloppy first draft. I abhor strict control—I resent and will resist authority figures. Yet, I’ll allow this inner perfectionist to control and hamper my ability to get my imagination to the page. Maybe it’s simply one of those contradictions that make us so humanly unique.

I find her when I’m horseback riding as well. I’ll ride through patterns and get frustrated when I can’t get through it perfectly the first time. My riding coach will laugh and remind me to break it down into manageable chunks. Manageable chunks? My perfectionist questions. Get it right the first time, and you won’t look like such a noob.

Writing and riding are important to me, so it’s no surprise that’s where my inner editor takes over. I can give myself over to the flow of life in other areas, but not here. And unfortunately, I only manage to get in my own way.

I’m working on it, though. It’s okay to make little mistakes the first time around. By the time you get to the last round, all those mishaps is a learning process that’s made you fabulous.

A Note from the Book Boost: Thanks for stopping by today, Olivia. I find that perfectionism often stems from the need for control. Sometimes letting go of control is what makes us the most creative. I wish you luck in your writing endeavors and I'm sure your new book will be a success! Please tell us more.


Stranded in the middle of Iowa, Bailey has to rely on the hospitality of a hot redhead with a body to die for. After skinny dipping leads to an incredible night of Sapphic loving, Bailey is smitten by the eager and willing Melanie.

When morning comes, Bailey may find there’s more to Melanie than meets the eye.


I love a woman with stamina.

Bailey cleared her throat. “So, Melanie, you have a husband somewhere?”

She flashed that gorgeous smile. “Nope.”


She shook her head. “Nope.”


Melanie stood in waist deep water. Rivulets poured down her shoulders.

“I-I’ve never been with a woman, actually.” She swept her hands in wide arcs over the surface and small waves lapped at Bailey’s chin where she tread water further from shore. Bailey kicked toward her, then stood and the other woman sucked in a breath, eyes widening. She took a step forward watching closely for any sign that her redhead might shy away.

“Melanie, let me make love to you.”

She peered up through her lashes. “I wouldn’t know how. I mean I know how with a man, but….”

Bailey smiled, reaching a hand to the other woman’s upper arm, letting her fingertips trail to her shoulder then down to the delicate gold chain she wore around her neck. A tiny infinity pendant dangled from it.

Their breaths quickened.

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Olivia Starke calls a little town in southern Missouri home. Some of the most beautiful country in the U.S., she loves the Ozarks and hikes, runs, kayaks, or rides horses whenever possible. When not working at her laptop or in her retail management job, she’s playing mom to an ever expanding collection of dogs, cats, and horses who find their way to her little farm.

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steph beck said...

Why do I picture your 'perfection muse' having a whip and wearing dark blue leather?

Stephanie Beck

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Because you know me too well, Steph lol