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Have Books Will Travel with Guest Blogger: Carole Ann Moleti

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She's here to discuss her author driven travels and here's what she had to say...

Thanks so much for having me at The Book Boost, Kerri. I'm really excited about the projects I've been involved in this winter, and about upcoming events and appearances I've set up for the spring and summer.

First and foremost, it's been a distinct pleasure to work with editor, author, teacher, and now publisher Rayne Hall on her Ten Tales series of fantasy titles. She has sought out stories from established authors in the fantasy genres. But she has been committed to giving less well-published authors like myself a chance.

The result is line up of anthologies that will be rolled out over the next year, some of which might include more of my work. Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts was published in December 2011 and features short stories in a myriad of styles by, well, ten authors.

My contribution, "Breakwater Beach," focuses on the hero and heroine of my Cape Cod Paranormal Romance novel series. The first two books, Unfinished Business and The Widow's Walk are complete and in the hands of agents right now.

"Breakwater Beach" is a pastiche introducing Liz Levine and Mike Keeny, who share a past they can't recall--because it was in another life. Liz discovers that the ghost haunting Breakwater Beach is her own, the widow of a sea captain who has returned to draw her backward so they can complete some unfinished business.

I'm thrilled to be able to engage readers who love paranormal romance in a contemporary setting with a sharp edge but a gentle hopefully ever after ending. And I'd love to connect with them so I can let them know when the full-length series is available.

Why am I releasing snippets of novels to be? Because after six years of writing, I'm proud of my babies and want to share snapshots of them with readers. So far, the response has been most gratifying. I'm sure all the authors who have contributed to Haunted have their own reasons: connecting with new readers, giving new life to previously published stories, or the thrill of finding a home for something they've worked on for a long time. Some of them might be checking in here today.

And speaking of connections, in addition to my blog and other social media outlets, readers can meet me in person (and take away a small token of my affection) at the following locations:

  • Fantastic Fiction readings, sponsored by Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel, which are held in New York City every third Wednesday of the month at the KGB Bar. No, I'm not reading but try and claim a seat by the bar to watch the stars come out.
  • LunaCon, Westchester County, New York from March 16-18 2012 (Programing schedule TBA)
  • Fiction Fest, sponsored by the Connecticut Romance Writers Chapter of RWA, in Southbury on May 12, 2012. Signings begin at 4pm and are open to all at no charge. I'll be selling all my books (and giving away book cards for my e-reader fans), no matter where and when they were purchased. I assure you it will be worth the trip. Romance writers give out the most incredible swag!
  • ChiCon, the World Science Fiction Convention, in Chicago, Illinois from August 30-September 3, 2012 (Programming schedule TBA)

Rumor has it that some of the authors who have also contributed to Haunted and Bites might join me at some of those venues. If you can't make it to any of the above, ping me and I'd be happy to send you a signed book card or chat about writing online.

Rayne has put together another incredible volume for those who like to stick their necks out and tiptoe onto the darker side. My story, "The Dhampir's Kiss" introduces the characters in my current writing project. A gritty urban fantasy, Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams (also in the hands of an agent), is set in The Bronx, notorious for its gang violence, arson, drugs, prostitution. A beta reader compared it to Sin City, and I describe it as and mix-up of the film Fort Apache, The Bronx and Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities with an updated paranormal twist.

I'll be hanging out here all day to answer questions about my stories, my characters, writing in general, and how I get ideas. Jump into the discussion and ask away.

A Note from the Book Boost: I love to make appearances and travel as well. In fact, I'm heading down to the utterly haunted New Orleans next week. Hope to catch up with you sometime this year. Congrats on the new project and I've worked with Rayne via online classes before--she's a champ! Please tell us more about your story.


Liz Levine is convinced her recently deceased husband is engineering the sequence of events that propels her into a new life. But it's sea captain Edward Barrett, the husband that died over a century ago, who has returned to complete their unfinished business.


A sea breeze blew through wide-open windows, routing the musty, dank smell. The spiders had run for cover. Sunbeams caught the colors liberated from the stained glass and projected rainbows onto the dark wood floors, in a mirror image of its grid and ring pattern.

“Have you linens and towels fer yer room, Miss Lizzy?” Mae helped haul grocery bags out of the trunk.

“Yes, in the car.”

“Bring ‘em up. There’s somethin’ interestin’ to see.” Mae left the kitchen and tromped up the central staircase, dusting the balusters as she went.

Liz put the groceries into the butler's pantry and refrigerator, both of which were spotless. She grabbed three huge bags from the car and dragged them upstairs.

Mae took the bags and tossed them to the girls. “Wash your hands, make up the bed, and fix the bathroom. Lizzy, look at this trunk of things Adele found in the closet.”

Liz opened the lid of a large trunk affixed with shipping labels dated from 1865 to 1875. Inside, neatly folded, were women’s clothes, hats, and shoes. She examined a night chemise that resembled a long slip with lace trim. “This is English linen, Irish lace though."

Mae didn’t answer. Liz peeled away layers of yellowed paper. Silk and velvet dresses with coordinating hats and high button shoes were stored in their original boxes. Undergarments, corsets, garters, and hosiery were wrapped in linen bags. The aroma of lavender lingered in a sachet tucked in the corner.

Mae hung the dresses in the closet and they arranged the intimate garments in the antique dresser. Liz left the shoes and hats in the trunk and pushed it against the wall.

“You won’t be findin’ this clothin’ in the Sea Captain’s Thrift Shop,” said Mae.

“These are valuable,” said Liz. “It’s too damp up here to leave them out. I'll donate them to the Brewster Historical Society and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.”

“Keep this nightgown, Miss Lizzy.” Mae hung it on a hanger over the closet door. “The sachet kept it fresh and the wrinkles will come out in time. A real lady lived here. The best of everything.”

Liz turned to watch the girls fluffing pillows and turning down the covers on the four-poster bed and felt another moment of déjà vu.

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Carole Ann Moleti said...

I'm happy to be here today and just love the way Kerri put together this post. By strange coincidence (or subconscious influence), I chose the photo of me at Rio Grande Gorge last summer, while I was attending Taos Toolbox. While there, I was hard at work on both Unfinished Business and Boulevard of Bad Spells and Broken Dreams, from which both stores in the Ten Tales series were birthed. I guess this book tour started a long time ago.

Rayne Hall said...

A tip for authors wanting to write stories for anthologies:

Most anthologies have themes. Your story needs to be about the theme, and it needs to interpret the theme in a different way from all the submissions.

Anthology editors want lots of different stories, not ten times the same story. A quirky interpretation of the theme will increase your acceptance by 1,000%.

If you have questions about writing for anthologies, please ask. I'll answer from an editor's perspective, while Carole will answer from a writer's.

(Just don't send me slush, LOL)


Carole Ann Moleti said...

Piggy backing on Rayen's post: A lot of comments I get from editors and agents about Unfinished Business is that it doesn't really "fit" into the paranormal romance category since there are no alpha males or females, no vampires, and I've filed down the edgy paranormal elements. It's more romance with fantasy elements.

I think that makes both books in my Cape Cod series different. My beta readers do NOT have the same reaction as the editors and agents. One said if there was more romance that affected me like this I'd read more romance.

That's why I'm getting in to anthologies while still looking for the agent/editor who agrees with my readers (many of whom are men, BTW).

Liv said...

Carole - The Dhampir's Kiss was a fun read, and it's nice to know that there's more where that came from. I don't really have a question - just wanted to say Hi to both you and Rayne. Nice post!

Rayne Hall said...

Following on Carole's comment: As an anthology editor, I'm looking for diversity, and I welcome stories like Carole's, which are a bit outside the norm.

As long as it's about the theme, unusual interpretations and genre-bending plots are a plus.

For the readers, this means ten very different reading experiences. With ten different interpretations of the theme, in ten different writing styles, there's bound to be something for everyone.

Readers may be reluctant to spend money on a book by a single unfamiliar author, but with a multi-author anthology, they can be confident they'll enjoy at least some of the stories.

While reading an anthology, readers inevitably pick a favourite story or two. Most then want to read more by these authors, and buy their books.

So on reading "Haunted - Ten Tales of Ghosts", readers get a sample of ten paranormal authors.

If "Breakwater Beach" is their kind of story, they'll become Carole Ann Moleti fans. If not, they'll read on and get hooked on one of the other authors.

The diversity of stories in an anthology is good for everyone: authors, readers, editors. :-)


April Grey said...

Waves "Hi" to Carole and Rayne.

My work is also featured in Rayne's anthologies and ditto on what they said. I'll look at Duotrope every Sat. and see what various anthology editors are looking for. Once or twice I have written to the theme, but very often I'm able to match up stories I've already written with just a minor alteration or two.

I also love reading anthologies. It's always interesting to see the various interpretations of a theme.

Rayne Hall said...

Hi April,

Placing your previously published stories in as many anthologies as possible is a clever strategy. It gives you exposure to a highly targeted audience, and gets your name recognised in the genre.

The only drawback is that many anthologies require First Serial Rights, and won't consider previously published stories.

Duotrope is a useful markets list. So is Ralan's, for sf/fantasy/paranormal/horror.

However, only "open" anthologies are listed, i.e. those open to submissions from anyone.

Many anthologies are "closed" and submission is by invitation only, i.e. the editors contact authors whose writing style and working methods they like, and ask them if they want to submit.

The "Ten Tales" series is of the "closed" type. This means I get to read only quality writing from nice authors, and don't need to read slush. :-)

Debbie Christiana said...

Hi Carole and Rayne,

Carole, I enjoyed both of your short stories and Rayne's anthologies. That's great that both stories are preludes to your novels. I know Rayne thinks that's a good promotional tool. I just have to get around to doing it :) But you're all set.

Have you been to New Orleans before? If not, enjoy, it's a wonderful place. The cemetaries are cool and haunted. Go at night for full effect.

I'll be at Fiction Fest and if you ever want someone to belly up to the bar with you at KGB, let me know.

Nice post. Good luck and have a good weekend.


Carole Ann Moleti said...

Yes, I've been to New Orleans and loved it. Unfortunately, I can't go to the convention next week for the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA's convention. I'm sure that ghost tour will have that Paranormal States I phone application humming.

If you write paranormal and have an I phone, it's a free download. When I did that reading in the Lawrence Cemetery a few months back, I got quite a response next to Hannah Townsend Lawrence's headstone. Only me, and only when I touched it. Guess she liked my portrayal. (more details on my blog).

Carole Ann Moleti said...

April, I love anthologies and review them for Tangent online and The Portal.

I also send out a lot of submissions to anthologies. But only if I have something that can be tweaked. I can not write to prompts. The Dhampir's Kiss is my first vampire story. Raul is a character in Boulevard so I had plenty of character details to work with. But creating a coherent story in his point of view was like dragging a sleeping bear out of its cave.

PamelaTurner said...

A little late to the party. :-) Carole, I enjoyed "Breakwater Beach" very much. The quality of stories in Bites and Haunted really impressed me. Great job, everyone! :-)Thanks to Rayne for inviting me to submit my story to Bites, too. Last year, when I attended the Anthology Writing panel at Fandom Fest, I never thought I'd have a story published in one. This has inspired me to write more short stories for submission not only to anthologies but also digital publishers. (I'm still writing short novels.) Ralan is another site for speculative fiction I like to check out. And since I already have a copy of Haunted, please excuse me from the drawing. :-)

Debby said...

Ghost stories are amazing. Do you have more saved for another volume?
debby236 at gmail dot com

DougK said...

Those Fantastic Fiction Readings make me glad I'm living a lot closer to NY now. Maybe it's time to visit that city again!

DougK said...

Those Fantastic Fiction Readings make me glad I'm living a lot closer to NY now. Maybe it's time to visit that city again!

Carole Ann Moleti said...

Yes, Debby. I love to read and write ghost stories. My Cape Cod paranormal romances Unfinished Business and The Widow's Walk are chock full of them.

Doug, the schedule for Fantastic Fiction readings is on their website. You might want to plan a trip to NYC after seeing when your favorite authors are reading. Be sure and let me know if you're coming. Actually, anyone who is planning to go should let me know. It's very crowded and hard to find anyone.

Rayne Hall said...

Hi Pamela,

I think submitting short stories to anthologies is the way to go if you want to promote your novels. It works best if the short stories are similar to your novels in subject, genre and style, and if the anthologies target the same kind of audience your novels do.


Rayne Hall said...

Hi Debby,
Is this question for Carole (about her stories) or for me (about the Ten Tales anthologies)?

Michal Scott said...

Carole Ann, sorry I didn't see this until today but we had the pleasure of meeting at a Mary Buckham workshop in Long Island. It was greet seeing your name and reading about your projects. Thanks so much for the events listings in the NYC area. I've got them on my calendar and hope to meet up with you again. Thanks Kerri for hosting her. - Anna T.S. aka Michal Scott

Carole Ann Moleti said...

Hi, Michal!

Of course I remember you. That was a great workshop. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Carole Ann Moleti said...

Deby was the only one who left her contact information, so I'll give her first dibs on which of the two books she'd like (though I suspect it will be Haunted). But this thread is open and I've got a similar one on my blog

So, if you'd like a copy of Bites, you know what you need to do. Thanks to all of you who participated, and I hope to see some or all of you either online or in line.

Keep in touch.

Laura Hern said...

Hello Kerri!

I sent you via your website an email with my gmail account. I am so excited about winning a book bundle!!! Hurray!!!

Please use my gmail account of Just let me know what information you need.
Blessings, Laura :-)