Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing is the New Uber Sport with Guest Blogger: Rebecca Zanetti

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Writing War Wounds

First I’d like to thank the Book Boost folks for having me over today. I love reading all the blogs and interviews on this site, and it’s an honor to be here.

Last week I sprained my ankle. For the first time ever, and I have to say, it really hurt. I had no clue. Once my husband picked me up and tucked me into a chair with a pillow under my foot, he said something that really gave me pause. After learning it was my first sprain, he scratched his head, and said, “That’s really surprising. I mean, since you’re such a klutz.”

And you know what? It is really surprising because I am a klutz. Nearly every pair of sweats, jeans, and nylons I own have an identical rip right above my left knee because I always get caught on this edge of a table nobody else gets caught on. I’ve fallen down (and up) our stairs more times than I can count. I trip over everything…and nothing. Honest.

My mom, who really loves me, says that I could stand in the center of a round room and hit a corner.

When our kid hits the floor during a basketball game, my husband always gives me the look that says, “That’s from you.”

When it starts to snow, my husband always gets out my strongest, best traction boots right away. And I always end up slipping on the ice. Every day.

You know that person that knocks over the pyramid of cans of corn at the grocery store? Yeah, that’s me.

My mother in law gets a panicked look on her face when I touch her dishes. And I can’t blame her. I’ve taken out an entire saucer and cup display before. Well, I did it three times.

But the other day when I missed the bottom step, I sprained my ankle. I had a Diet Coke (open) in one hand and my laptop in the other. And I protected the laptop. There’s something about being an author that instinctively had me clutching the laptop, even as my foot folded over into something unnatural. And when I hit the ground, yelping, I clutched that computer to me with both hands.

On the laptop was Consumed, which is book four of the Dark Protector series. It’s Katie and Jordan’s story, and I hadn’t sent it to my editor yet. In fact, I was on my way to do just that. After a lifetime of falling, slipping, and tripping, I finally became injured. From writing.

So when they tell you that writing is blood, sweat, and tears, there’s some truth to it. As well as a whole bunch of spraying, spilled Diet Coke. But you know what? If I took that fall again, I’d protect that laptop.

I’m wondering if I’m the only klutz out there. Has anyone else knocked something over in a grocery store?

A Note from the Book Boost: Luckily, the local folks are safe from me at the grocery store cause hubby does all that shopping! But, I have fallen down the stairs with laptop in hand as well. Must protect the work. Body be darned. :-) From one klutz to another, I've already dropped and broken a glass this week and had to clean up the major spillage from knocking a shelf completely off the fridge door. So, I hear ya! Please tell us more about your latest and thanks for joining us today, we're honored to have you...sore ankle and all.


Emma Paulsen is a geneticist driven by science. But she’s also a psychic, so when a dark, good-hearted vampire frees her from the clutches of the evil Kurjans, she realizes he must be the man who’s been haunting her dreams. But with a virus threatening vampire mates, Emma may discover a whole new meaning of “lovesick”…

As King of the Realm, Dage Kayrs has learned to practice diplomacy. Still, it’s taken three hundred years to find his mate, so he’ll stop at nothing to protect her–even if it means turning his back on his own kind…

Want More Rebecca?

Rebecca Zanetti is a college professor by day and romance author by night. Currently she’s busy writing the sexy Dark Protector Series from Kensington Brava, which has received excellent reviews. Publisher’s Weekly declared Fated a "recommended spring read," and Claimed to be a thriller with “true strengths: sizzling sex scenes and a memorable cast.”

Visit her on the web here:

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tai arce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tai arce said...

hi Rebecca Zanetti i love your dark protector series and i would just love to win an arc of Hunted... keep up ur amazing work...

Michelle Harlan said...

Hi! Love your books & I'd love to win a signed copy of Claimed, or the ARC of Hunted to add to my keeper shelf. My sister would love it too...if I win Claimed, she can have my copy. :)

I hope you don't have too many more "writing wounds". Just a word of warning from a fellow klutz...once you sprain your ankle, you're more prone to sprains in that ankle. Something I learned the hard way. So, be careful! :)


Marie Tuhart said...

Hi Rebecca,

Accidents happen that's what I say. I have been know to spill a mug full of coffee near my laptop - snatched up the laptop didn't care where else the coffee went, the laptop was more important. So I understand why you protected it. The Dark Protector series is great.

Mary said...

What a wonderful story line. I love vampire stories. Keep writing.

deanna said...

I just wanted to say that I love the Dark Protector series and would love to win an ARC. I have been trying to win via the blogs so my quest continues.

Anne Francis said...

Yikes and ouch, Rebecca! I sprained my ankle/foot stepping out of my car once, on uneven pavement. It was dark and I didn't notice I'd parked near a hole. Not fun.
I hope your ankle heals quickly!

Janice D said...

Thanks for writing such original stories. It's nice to have a great series that is different from everything else out there.

LynnRush said...

Write on, my friend. Love your stories. Your characters are super deep and complex and totally munchable!!!!!

lynnrush (at) lynnrush (dot) com

Jody said...

I would so love to win an ARC of Hunted. I can't wait for it to come out. I absolutely love the Kayrs brothers. :) Can't wait for Katie and Jordan's book also!


L. j. Charles said...

I'm sorry to hear about your, um, affliction. You seemed so...poised when at RWA. I'm right there with you on protecting the laptop. The heck with the body, it heals. The laptop, not so much.

I about had a heart attack the day I spilled water on my keyboard and the computer died. And I'm not even embarrassed about the scene I made at the computer store when I demanded they save my manuscripts.

They did. Sold me a new Mac in the process. But that was minor compared to losing all my work.

Rest that ankle.

Would love to win an ARC of Hunted.

L. j.

Asa Maria Bradley said...

One day I went to work early because I was unprepared for my first lesson. I hadn't even closed the car door before I was flat on my ass from slipping on the black ice in the parking lot. I limped into work, only to find out that my lecture topic for that day's first class was FRICTION.

I've always been a klutz. My mom was a competitive gymnast and dancer. She's convinced all of my coordination genes are from my dad's side of the family.

Kimberly Wise said...

I just loved Fated.. can't wait to read the other books!

Ada said...

@RZ...luv luv ur bks! They r dark, dangerous & sinfully addictive. Would luv 2 win an ARC of Hunted.

Miranda Grissom said...

Ouch!! I hope your ankle is feeling better! I did have a shelf of cucumbers collapse on me once in the grocery I grabbed one and the shelf fell they went everywhere I was so red lol! I love your Dark Protectors and would love to win an Arc of Hunted!! I really hope nothing happened to Consumed as well :) I can't wait for Katie and Jordan's story!!

Rebecca said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for dropping by today. I finally went to the doctor, and he put me in this huge boot--apparently I goofed up the tendons.

The problem is that I'm twice as clumsy with this silly boot on! I have truly become a menace to those around me. :)

Debby said...

Interesting occupations. I have not read one of your books but would love to remedy that.
debby236 at gmail dot com

VampedChik said...

Your series sounds amazing! I'd love to read them! Added to my wishlist!

JABx0x said...

So excited for Hunted! the wait is killing me!=(

Stephanie M said...

I broke my wrist after I opened a door and ended up with an air cast on my ankle at the same time.

I love this series and would love to win the ARC of Hunted. Thanks for the giveaway.

smccar1 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed the Dark Protector books and can't wait to read the next ones! I, too, have stumbled (actually tumbled) down stairs while gripping fiercely a mug of hot tea. Hey, I saved the mug and cracked my coccyx instead. So it goes. Speedy recovery and good luck with the giant booty. Keep writing about those delicious vampires.

Sam Bradley said...

Rebecca, it takes a brave woman to admit to your "not so romantic" side! As a paramedic we love people like you ...job security, LOL. Good thing you're sitting down when you're writing all those wonderful books! - Sam

Linda said...

My husband, and my co-workers agree, calls me the human pin ball. I bounce off of several objects getting in and out of a room. It seems that's the only way I can navigate. I have sprang ankles, just lightly though, and always wear a bruise where I make contact. When I was in the beginning of my pregnancy I slide all the way down the sidewalk on ice, by sliding I mean on my feet like surfer, manage to stay upright through. My husband, after much laughing managed to get out of the car and put me in it. Gotta love that man. I have however, never really seriously, thank God, never hurt myself, just minor injuries. I hope that you your ankle gets better soon. It can be difficult navigating with a injury. I love your Protector Series and hope I win the ARC. I ho we get many stories out of these Protectors. Thanks. Linda

Eli Yanti said...

hi Rebecca,

Hope can win your book ;)

I sprained my ankle/foot when i down the stair at one plaza, so hurt and i have to go to a masseur ;(

StephJ said...

I guess writing is dangerous too. My hubby was stationed in Afghanistan in 2002 and I got the dreaded phone call, "Honey, I've been hurt. I'm on my way to Germany for a MRI." My heart dropped. Then he tells me they were playing volleyball and he tore his ACL. Totally understand the klutz thing, our oldest daughter hasn't grown into her legs yet either.
Can't wait to read this one!

Jeanie Ryan said...

Rebecca is totally awesome. I'm not sure I've told her this story. We "met" in a crit group called The Muddpuddle fall of 2009. I remember reading her opening chapters and thinking "shit. This is good. What can I possibly say to this?" I really wanted to say something because I wanted to get her opinion on my story and it was so good, I knew it would be published and I wanted to help any way I could. It was really that good that early on.

When I won an ARC for Fated at a writers group we both belong to, it didn't occur to me that I'd read this until I started reading it, because it was called Urban Bite when I critted it. It was amazing seeing the before and after.

Problem with an ARC is it takes forever and a day for the sequel to come out, since you've gotten it early. I lent my ARC to a friend and got her hooked as well and she was equally pissed she had to wait so long for the next book. That ARC is one of my treasured possessions and one book I will never donate. It sits next to the ARC I got of Nalini Singh's Angel's Blood.

I got Claimed the day it came out. (gotta love eReaders) I'm not sure if she even remembers me, but when I get published (hopefully soon.The Mark of Abel is with 3 epubs now), I'll send her a copy. She really helped me.

Rebecca is one of the authors I link to on my website as one of my favorite authors. I will read anything she ever writes and happily review it. I love directing people to her. We all could use good books.


Proserpine said...

I don<t know this series yet and I want to read it! Looking for Fated!!! Thanks for this chance! My first on this blog too! Thanks for this chance :P


Barbara said...

You are NOT alone...I knock things down at stores too. To the point now that my husband will not let me 'drive' the cart when I am with him. And is constantly telling me to 'be careful' when I pick something up to look at it. Drives me crazy!! But...I do have to say that he has saved me on numerous occasions catching things I've fumbled, or almost knocked over with my purse. He's also saved me more times than I can count from going 'splat' face first on the floor by grabbing an elbow when I slipped...on who knows what. He probably deserves a medal of some sort...but don't tell him that. I prefer to let him think his life would be boring without me around to keep him on his toes! :D

bn100 said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you're feeling better. All your books sound very good.


Na said...

I can see why you'd want to protect your laptop. I get sad, mad or both if I lose any type of work. That's why I like to "save" my work every few minutes. I remember school days of sweating over papers and finals and...bam there goes my work! Rebecca, I've heard a lot of great things about your book and look forward to reading them.

ZaraAlexis said...

Hi Rebecca! I'm a klutz, too---unfortunately it's a gene I received from my Dad who's infamous for tripping over, bumping into, and dropping things.

Congratulations on your new books. I would love to win any copy. I have a book blog, too, and would love to review it.

Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez
Email: zgarcia(dot)alvarez(at)gmail(dot)com
On Twitter: @ZaraAlexis

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