Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Friendly with Guest Blogger: Beth Barany

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The Importance of Friendship in this Busy World

Many people get caught up in their daily lives and their to-do lists. I know I do. I have my writing, my work, and...oh...I need sleep, too! But I’ve realized recently that if I don’t spend down time with my friends I feel like something is missing in my life. All work, no play, and all that.

Springtime is a good time to reflect on why friends are important. In this article, I share what I appreciate the most about being with my friends.

I love to laugh, but I forget that sometimes. I get so serious. Being a writer and publishing consultant can create that effect sometimes. But when I’m with my girlfriends at the cafe laughing over the silly stuff we do, really laughing at ourselves, I feel my whole self relax, and I get a fresh perspective on life. Who can you laugh with? Who makes you smile easily?

One of the things I like to do the most with my husband (one of my best friends) is to travel and go some place new, even if it’s only 60 miles east of where we live. When life feels like drudgery, he and I take off for parts unknown and explore a new area. I come home feeling refreshed. I saw the world in a whole new way, and remembered that the 1 mile radius I live and work in isn’t the only place there is. Where can you go to get a new perspective with your friends?

As a writer, I enjoy the company of my own mind, but sometimes I need to connect with others and hear what they think about the world. When I chat with my friends, I love hearing their perspectives on life and issues in the world. Who do you like to talk with that opens you up to new perspectives?

Walk and Talk
Sometimes I just want companionship, a chance to shoot the breeze, and enjoy the outdoors. I try to walk at least once a week with one of my girlfriends. We check in with each other and also go deep with what’s going on in our lives. Where can you walk and with whom do have a relaxed walk and talk?

As an independent spirit since forever, it’s been sometimes hard for me to ask for help. In the last fifteen years, I’ve gone through some rough patches and even suffered from repetitive stress injury where I couldn’t even pick up a book. I had to ask for help. It’s still a learning curve for me. But now I’m better at realizing I need help, then asking for it. I ask for hugs, a point of view, and an honest answer. Who can you ask for support in your life?

We all need to spend time with people who love us, understand us, and make us laugh, and for whom we do the same. Whether I talk with them over the phone, text them, or see them in person, I connect with at least one of my friends every day. I feel more myself and can return to my work and my writing refreshed and feeling whole. We are more than our jobs and professions, no matter how much we love them, and make our mark on the world with them.

What do you appreciate about being with your friends?

 A Note from the Book Boost:  What a great post, Beth!  I need to spend more time with my friends.  With all my work and family obligations (tons of kids), it is easy to get caught up in their lives and to not pay attention to my own friends.  You've inspired me.  Please tell us more about your book.


Henrietta, the legendary Dragon Slayer of the Kingdom of Bleuve, can't stomach the thought of one more kill. Yet, in order to save her dying mentor, she must go on one last quest. But will misfit companions, seasickness, and an ego maniacal king derail the quest for the healing stone? And will she be able to cut past her conscience and kill the dragon?


Battle-hardened and brave

Ready for the fight
Henrietta the Dragon Slayer 
Swings with all her might 

--From the chorus of the Song of the Dragon Slayer 

Henrietta strode away from the tavern, fists clenched so hard they hurt. At two paces from the forest edge, the ground crunched in the black night behind her. Even with her ale-fogged brain, she sensed the presence of a man, smelled on him soot, leather and metal, and knew he was armed, but wore no armor.

She didn't have time for this. 

"What do you want?" Henrietta whirled to face the thrill seeker, her long sword drawn, her long red hair whipping across her chilled cheeks. Above her head, the bitter wind keened through the forest trees.

The man hovered five feet-lengths away from her, out of sword reach, his face shadowed by the light of the tavern behind him. "I heard your story back there." His voice, thick with a foreign accent she couldn't place, held no compliment. "I hear you're looking for a new quest." 

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Beth Barany said...

Kerri, Thanks for having me on your blog today! Hope you get to spend more time with your friends! Best, Beth

Dan Auito said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan Auito said...

Beth your written communications are always a pleasure to read. All the best.

Kari Young said...

Great reminders, Beth.

Liz DeJesus said...

Excellent blog post! Sounds like a great book. :D

heather Waring said...

This was a lovely post to read and it was so good to be able to think yes, I do that. Great reassurance that I'm doing some of the right things so easy to think that you are off track, sometimes. Only this evening I was out walking with some friends and although it was a training walk for a Charity walk in June, we were chatting, supporting and putting the world to rights. The walk is a little adventure but I'm also preparing for another section of the Camino and that is definitely an adventure as by May 7th, we will have finished the French part and be in Spain with only 500 miles left. Love my adventures. So much to love about life, thank you.

Beth Barany said...

Thanks, Dan!

Glad you stopped by, Kari!

Liz, Thanks! :D

heather, what a beautiful reflection! Good luck with all your walking. One day I'd love to walk the pilgrimage trail in Spain.

Beth Caudill said...

I love to spend time with my friends. But lately they've either cancelled or not returned my calls. I've moved on to hanging out with other people.

Great post.

missjen said...

I've been thinking about how much harder it is to spend time with friends as adults. Schedule reservations have to made far in advanced. More often than not, someone cancels at the last minute.

I was out shopping by myself the other day and reminisced about shopping with friends. I seem to only do that when visiting friends long distance. Back in young adulthood, I would call a friend to say, "I'm going out, wanna come?'

I miss that spontaneity.

Margaret Taylor said...

Beth, I so feel your pain. Between work, school and my own writing career it's hard to find time for my cats and new puppy, much less my friends. But, every once and awhile I go across the street to my neighbors, share of glass of wine and just relax.

It really does help. But, I think I'm going to try your idea and just take off one Saturday or Sunday and go somewhere - close - and new...:D Thanks for the idea.

All the best,


Rebecca Villarreal said...

What a nice way to celebrate the importance of slowing down, laughing and enjoying life in the midst of all of the goal-getting! Thanks for the reminder!

Beth Barany said...

Beth, Sounds like you're making NEW friends. Yeah! And thanks for stopping by!

Missjen, I hear you about missing the spontaneity. I especially experienced that when I lived in Paris in my early twenties. I wonder what friends would welcome your spontaneous invitations.

CMalone said...

Hi Beth. I agree with the others who have posted comments, your post was inspirational. Yes, we all need someone to talk to, to listen to and to confide in. At present, I don't have any close friends that I can share my work with. I have my best friend, my husband Tim, but he only understands me and my work to a certain point. I've always been shy, introverted, so making friends is hard for me. Thank you for listening.

Una Tiers said...

Great post. I like the companionship of my mind too. Maybe we can get them together one day.
Una Tiers