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Why We Love A Hero with Guest Blogger: Sarah Hoss

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What is it about romance novels that keep us turning the pages and looking for the next great read?

I think it’s the thought that men had honor and lived by that every day. From birth, they are raised to respect authority, take pride in their work, protect those weaker then themselves, and cherish the woman they love.

We always picture the men we like as tall, dark, and handsome. Again, why? I think woman like to feel protected. When a man holds her, she feels safe in his arms. We want a man who is strong so he can take care of things and defend us if need be.

Regardless of the time period in which we read romance stories, we always have the same thought about how we want our men to be.

I spoke to my 16 year old daughter about the differences in the world she will be dating in and the men I write about. She said, “Too bad you don’t really see it anymore.” I told her that chivalry isn’t dead, it just isn’t required. I have always told my boys to open the door for a lady, to speak the truth, and help the elderly. And I have always told my daughter that if she wants a gentleman, then make sure he gets a lady.

My husband is a great example for my children to follow.  He always asks about my day, shows affection, gets the door for me, and if we are walking down the sidewalk, he never lets me be on the outside, but places himself in danger’s way. For my birthday one year, he woke and left for work before me. When I came into the kitchen, he had taken toothpicks and spelled out “Happy Birthday” and then surrounded it with butter knives. My favorite flowers are daisies, so every year on our anniversary, I get roses and in the middle, he always has three daisies added; one for each child.

Life gets crazy. We pay bills, we run our kids around to one thing or another, we cook, clean house, and juggle a job. Sometimes we wonder if we have enough hours in a day to make things work. It’s nice to have a hero of our own to come home to. Someone who will massage our shoulders as we talk about our day, smile at us across the dinner table, and someone to cuddle with for no reason at all.

But, if for some reason we don’t have a hero of our own, I can say that I am glad that there are authors out there who write such stories with such remarkable heroes that when the day is done, we can curl up in bed and let the story take us away. In a commercial we have all seen, the tag line says, “Calgon, take me away.” Well, I would rather be taken away by such authors as Diana Gabaldon, Jude Deveraux, and Nora Roberts.

Wouldn’t you agree?

A Note from the Book Boost:  I would agree that romance novels are the great escape.  I have a real life hero of my own and I know there is one out there for everyone.  Here's to every woman finding her hero.  Thanks for joining us and please tell us more about your latest.


After suffering with the loss of his wife and child, fierce Highland warrior Alexander Macpherson vows to never love again—but now his recurring dream of a beautiful woman is haunting him every night.

Marlana Crawford has sworn off men after the love of her life cheated on her but when she reveals her dreams of a sexy Scot to her friends, they encourage her to take a trip abroad in the hopes of finding out the meaning of her dreams.

Now, one careless wish lands Marlana in 18th century Scotland and into the arms of Alexander but to conquer his pain he must learn to love again, or will he allow his bitter enemy to lay claim to her for himself?


Newtonmore Scotland, 1701 

“Mairi,” he whispered.

"I love ye with all of my heart.” The evidence of that love clung to her soft voice.

Alexander swallowed the lump of fear that rose in his throat. “I love ye, too.” He lowered his gaze to their beautiful son nestled in his arms. Brown hair dusted the little head and he gently ran his hands over the silky forehead as he fought back tears. 

“I want ye to be happy, Alexander.” A blanket of confusion covered him as she turned away in sadness to stare out the window. 

“What are ye saying, Mairi? Ye’re going to be fine.” He said it with as much conviction as he could muster. His hand cupped her cheek, his thumb slowly brushing strokes back and forth. 

Alexander readjusted himself on the bed. She turned then, to stare back into his eyes, her hand grasping his. The sadness had left and in its place, determination settled in.

“No, I won’t and we both know it.” She swallowed with difficulty. “Promise me, Alexander. Promise me ye willna grieve for me forever.” He watched, stunned, as her hand dropped from his. 

Alexander heard his mother sobbing in the background as he sat there with his stillborn son held tightly in his arms and watched his wife slip peacefully from this world.       
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Sarah Hoss said...

Thank you for having me here today!

Ella Quinn - Romance Novelist said...

You do have a real hero, Sarah. Loved the excerpt. So sad. I tweeted.

Violetta Rand said...

Love the conversation you had with your daughter... Great writing.

Gerri Brousseau said...

Sounds like you married a hero. Reading what you wrote about him made me smile. Your book sounds great and I can't wait to get my copy and start reading it.

Cynthia Owens said...

Finding a real-life hero is wonderful, isn't it? Sarah, I love your excerpt, and I can't wait to read your Highland hero! Nrdy pg ;ivl eoyj oy!

Sarah Hoss said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by and showing your support! I hope you like the book!

I know we all have our own heroes, I just couldn't help sharing a little bit of mine with you.

Debby said...

I love reading books with Highlanders as heroes. I shall add your book to my list.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Very nice post, Sarah. Sounds like you're raising your kids right--by example. Good luck with the book.

Sarah Hoss said...

I love all of the support everyone has shown me so I am going to give away 2 copies today!

Ella Quinn and Debby are my winners! Thank you so much ladies!