Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I'm a Writer with Guest Blogger Sarah Hoss

The Book Boost welcomes pre-published author Sarah Hoss to the blog.

Here's what she had to say...

An Unexpected Career Choice

Hi, my name is Sarah Hoss and I am a pre-published author. I prefer to use the term pre-published as opposed to unpublished because I have hope that I will become published one day.

Please let me take a moment and introduce myself and then I would like to talk about how I came to be a writer and the things I have learned along the way.

I am a married mother of three. My oldest just turned 14 in October. So the old adage, Time flies when you are having fun, is true. I am enjoying this ride I am on in life and it does go quickly. I am from Indiana, love to garden, camp, and play cards, besides reading and writing.

I started writing three years ago. I had always wanted to write a children’s book. Since I have been an Aunt since I was five and have six great nieces and nephews, you would think an idea would come to me. Sadly, no. So I had given up on my dream of writing.

One day at the Library I stumbled across Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn novel. After reading the Outlander series, I was hooked. I have always been a fan of Scotland and all things Scottish, but had never read a romance novel of that theme. That led me to picking up Karen Marie Moning, Jude Deveraux, Hannah Howell and many other authors who wrote with Scotland as their background. There is just something about time travel and a man in a kilt!

One day, I was driving down the road. I remember it being sunny outside, I mean really bright. The radio was on and it felt as if I was on a Sunday cruise, though I was only heading to the grocery store. An idea pop into my head. I made it the dream sequence in my first novel Highland Dreams. As soon as I got home, I jotted it down. I have been writing ever since. Now I have Highland Dreams as a completed manuscript, I have begun book two in my Macpherson saga which are historical/time travel romance and I have a contemporary romance novella, called Heaven Sent started.

The research that I have done for my books has been very exciting and I love the things I have learned. To go digging around in the past and see what I could find has always fascinated me. I have also met and made many friends along the way. My journey has been a little easier and a lot more fun with them along for the ride.

I can say that there are two things that have played a major role in my writing career. A year ago in January I joined Romance Writers of America and Celtic Hearts Romance Writers. The ladies in these groups are so helpful, friendly, and supportive that it makes this whole process a little bit easier. My critique group, Celtic Critters, has been undoubtedly the best group I have ever found. It goes to say, that if you are going to write, you need to surround yourself with people you can count on. I am glad I have!

I want to wish everyone out there much luck in your endeavor and I hope that your writing career is a successful one.

A Note from the Book Boost: Thanks for sharing your story with us, Sarah! I'm glad you came by to chat with us at the Book Boost today. Best of luck in your search for publication of your books.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Sarah! Like you, I was inspired to start writing because of a book. In my case it was LADY OF VALOR by Tina St. John.

I agree that it's important to surround yourself with other writers who are supportive, like Celtic Hearts and other RWA chapters. Thanks to you for being my cheerleader this month. I'm finally excited about meeting a word count goal every day, and it's all because of you. *hugs*

Sarah Hoss said...

You are most welcome and thank you for responding! It has been fun being your "cheerleader" and you have been a great support to me this month as well!

Keep writing!!! *hugs*

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Sarah, How's things in Indiana?