Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Down Under Romance with Guest Blogger Rachel Clark

Win a copy of Sarah's Pirate by Evernight author Rachel Clark!

This Australian author from our Christmas anthology entitled 'Twas a Dark & Delicious Christmas is Rachel Clark and she's here to tell us why she chose romance. Here's what she had to say...

Hi I’m Rachel Clark and I write romance novels. A friend asked recently why I don’t write murder mysteries or thriller conspiracies or scary horror stories instead of erotic romance? My answer—I’d rather think about love and sex than try to think up gory ways to murder somebody.

I write romance for the same reason I read it—for the happily ever after, for the good defeats evil, for the hero or heroes or heroines who save the day, for the warm fuzzy feeling true love brings and because I’d rather dream up inventive sex than disturbing crime scene details. Of course, my books have a few elements from other genres but in the end they are all romance. I write about love and that is just about the best feeling in the world.

My short story in the ‘Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas anthology is about a recently married couple who suddenly realize life can be a lot more fun with the right inspiration.

Actually, I had a little giggle when I was writing Once Upon a Christmas Spanking. I checked on the internet to make sure that Christmas themed butt-plugs actually existed but instead found a massive statue of Santa holding a butt plug is his hand. Hmm… well I suppose it does look sort of like a Christmas tree (If you’ve never seen a butt plug, that is. *wink*).

A Note From the Book Boost: That is too funny, Rachel. This one sounds like spicy goodness and oh what fun to be included in the collection with you! Hope your weather is lovely on the other side of the globe right now.

From a review of Rachel Clark's story by Happily Ever After Reviews (a five tea cup review*):

What is a wife to do when sex at home isn’t what all her friends are talking about. She confronts her husband not knowing that he gave up dominated sex life when he met her. Discovering that his wife needs to be spanked and that she orgasms harder with them brings their relationship into a new dimension just in time for Christmas.

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A.D Blackburn said...

Such a tantalizing little Christmas tale. I may read it out loud tonight and see what happens! Great post Rachel and loved the story!

Rachel Clark said...

*grins* Thanks AD. I really enjoyed writing this one.

Andrea I said...

My daughter makes all the unusual discoveries through Stumble Upon and shares them with me. I think the last ones were strange animals.