Saturday, December 11, 2010

WINNERS! WINNERS! Get your fresh, hot WINNERS!

We've randomly selected all the winners from this week's 'Twas A Dark & Delicious Anthology launch party. Here they are...

Please note: If you listed your contact e-mail address, I will try to send you a message on Monday but it will move things along more quickly (ie: you'll get your prize sooner) if you contact me at to claim your prize!

Here are the winners:

  • A.D. Blackburn's prize of a leg lamp nightlight goes to...JC!
  • The Book Boost's prize (from Seleste deLaney's post) of snowflake bath fizzies goes to...Jo Anne!
  • The Book Boost's prize (from Gigi Brevard's post) of a handmade eye pillow goes to...Andrea!
  • Stacey Espino's prize (from Shannan Albright's post) of the Fearless book bundle goes to...CJ!
  • Rachel Clark's prize of Sarah's Pirate goes to...Andrea!
  • Kerri Nelson's prize of the Harley boxer shorts goes to...Nesha!
Bonus prizes (drawn from all participants throughout the day):
  • Stacey Espino's prize of Beyond the Wall goes to...Julia!
  • Stacey Espino's backlist book choice (3 WINNERS) are...firetulip, Vivi, and Camryn!
  • Kerri Nelson's backlist choice winner is...Teri Anne!
  • Kerri's Nelson's prize of a copy of 'Twas a Dark & Delicious Christmas by the Evernight 13 winner is...Carrie!

CONGRATS to all the winners and thanks to all who came out to support us.

Happy Holidays from the Book Boost and the Evernight 13!

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