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Delve Into the Darkworld with Guest Blogger: Lex Valentine

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Next up, we have Blood Play by author Lex Valentine. My review will follow her guest blog. Here's what she had to say...

Demons of the Five Dark Realms

The Tales of the Darkworld series takes place mostly in the Darkworld, one of the Five Dark Realms. However, my new short story series Encounters visits all of the realms. The Netherworld is the realm of the demons and it will be introduced in 2012 in Fire Storm, Tales of the Darkworld Book 7.

One of the key characters in Fire Storm is Cadence O’Connor, who makes her debut in Encounters: Blood Play. What happens in Blood Play sets up part of Fire Storm’s plot because Cade’s encounter with Aiden sends her running for the safety of the demon realm.

In the Five Dark Realms, demons are the natural enemies of vampires. They instinctively hate each other. Vampires, more than any other immortal being in the Five Dark Realms, can sense when a demon is nearby. And the vampires, more often than not, can vanquish a demon when other immortals cannot.

Cadence O’Connor is half demon and half vampire (vampires are a race called Acerbian in the Five Dark Realms.) She’s an abomination to vampires and to demons she’s a freak. Oddly, members of both races seem to have a grudging respect for her power, or the power they sense she has. For the most part, Cade doesn’t realize how much power she actually wields. She’s too busy being a martyr over the fact that neither the vampires nor the demons wish to claim her.

How she comes to be both demon and vampire is told in Fire Storm, but in Blood Play the reader sees that Aiden, the most royal of Acerbians, is completely taken with her. He knows how powerful she really is and he accepts her demon blood without batting an eyelash. He also knows, although it’s only inferred in Blood Play, that she is integral to his future.

The intermingling of immortal races is one of the most unique features of my stories set in the Five Dark Realms. I don’t hesitate to mix vampires with demons or the dead or the fae or dragons and werewolves. Fate gives each character in my books and stories a mate. Most of the mates are not of the same race. I like to up the ante on angst by making it tougher than usual for mates to understand one another. I think it makes the inevitable HEA stronger and more believable. And while Blood Play doesn’t have a HEA, there is a hint in there that it’s coming. Just not in this short story.

The demons of the Netherworld all carry the scent of brimstone. For some it’s stronger than others and some races are more sensitive to the scent than others. The Netherworld is home to all demons and is run by The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is a demon who controls dark magic.

Non-demons trade their souls for the use of dark magic. The Dark Lord’s minions feed the souls he acquires to a pyre in the Netherworld called the Vortex. The Vortex is not a true fire, but it acts like one, consuming souls like dry timber, the energy spinning out through the Vortex to feed the power of those who serve the Darkness. Power mongers of the Netherworld channel the energy of the Vortex and therefore always smell more strongly of brimstone than a natural born demon. The natural demons are born with souls that belong to the Dark Lord and the scent of brimstone that clings to them lightly gives away their race.

Mostly demons in my world look human, but occasionally one shifts to a demon form of black skin, red eyes, white hair, pointed knobs on their spine and a long barbed tail. They are not affected by the use of dark magic. They have mates and breed much the same as the other races. They are not inherently evil either. The Dark Lord certainly isn’t. If he chooses to use people’s greed and lust against them when they offer their souls to him, that isn’t evil. It’s just good business! Their souls are the main source of power for the entire Netherworld, something the Dark Lord can’t afford to look askance at.

Now, that you’ve had a taste of how this world works, you’re prepared for reading Blood Play and eventually Fire Storm. Cadence O’Connor is torn between her demon power and her vampire blood. She’s never fit in anywhere, but the demons of the Netherworld tolerate her better than the Acerbians ever have. Her one night with Acerbian prince Aiden convinces her more than ever that she doesn’t belong in the Darkworld.

Cade’s personal journey begins with Blood Play, picks up steam in Fire Storm and finishes in Quintessence, Tales of the Darkworld Book 7.5. 2012 will be the year my demons come out to play. Will you be ready for them?


The Book Boost's Five Point Review

1. What is it about?

Here's a blurb:

Vampire Aiden Swann has a tough job, infiltrate Paris’s most notorious BDSM club Perdition.

While he’s all Alpha, Aiden’s no Dom, yet he finds his time in Perdition no hardship due to a mysterious female vampire. Cadence O’Connor intrigues him and makes him hard as stone. He knows there’s no reason that a pure blood vampire like him couldn’t play with a mixed blood vampire like her, but Cade disagrees.

She’s got a chip on her shoulder about her heritage and refuses to see Aiden as a sexual partner. All Aiden needs to do is convince Cade that she’s no abomination and that everything she is, is everything he wants.

2. What did I think of it (using only 5 words)?

Sexy, wicked fang-a-licious hot romp!

3. Would I recommend it?

Are you kidding me? What's not to love about this one? I particularly enjoyed the way Cade is an outcast and as a half-breed (vampire/demon mix), she's learned to be shunned by the other pure breeds. But then she meets Aiden and he wants her just the way she is even if she doesn't feel lovable or desirable. What woman wouldn't want a man like that? Grrr...

The only question that remains is...will these two have a meeting of the minds about the future of their relationship or just a meeting of the bodies (that will melt the virtual pages right off your screen)? I can't tell you the answer to that but I can heartily and happily recommend that you pick up a copy and delve into the world Ms. Valentine has brilliantly crafted.

4. Who should buy it?

Any fan of erotic paranormal will eat this one up and come back for seconds. If you enjoy darkly sensual tales of forbidden desires and a sexual journey that leaves you begging for mercy, this is the story for you.

5. Would I read more from this author?

Yes, in fact, I have several already purchased from Ms. Valentine and next up on my list to read is Unbreak Me but I need to cool down from this one first!

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