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Demons on the Teen Scene with Guest Blogger: Terry Spear

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The Demon Guardian Series

I write both teen paranormal and sexy adult paranormal romances, but the first demon I wrote about was a water demon who was a patron demon guardian to a teen witch in The Vampire...In My Dreams.

I was still fascinated with the subject of water demons, thinking about the lure of mermaids only they can’t walk on earth as we do so wrote the sexy adult novella, The Siren's Lure, about a huntress who hunts demons when she falls for a hunk of a vampire. The problem is—does he want her for who she is or is it all about her siren’s allure?

I still couldn’t put aside the interest in demons as I began writing the young adult book The Trouble with Demons about a girl who doesn’t fit in with the normal human population. That’s because she’s a witch. But not JUST a witch, she’s half demon. And not just any demon, but she has the mission of being a gate guardian to keep the demons out of Earth world and the summoners from summoning them in the first place.

Big task for a teen who has been ignoring her witch’s training and hasn’t a clue about her demon abilities. Plus the demons are stirring up the poltergeists and she’s having to help her mother with exorcising them And then there’s the problem with a certain Dark One who sees her see him murdering his summoners. Life just sucks when you’re a teen. Especially one in her shoes. And she doesn’t even know what demon type she is!

Then there’s Hunter. Now he’s one of the Dark Ones, a Matusa demon, or at least half, his father unknown. And Jared is a full Elantus demon, electronic genius who has created a device to use for tracking the demons down so that Hunter can return them to their own world.

They all end up together, trying to stop a group of Matusa from entering the Earth world with plans to divide up the States to rule. A full Samuria demon is summoned and insists he’s supposed to be Alana’s mate as a Samuria always hooks up with a Kibuteron gate guardian.
Hunter insists that Alana has the hots for him, but that’s another story.

I’m currently working on the sequel: Demon Trouble Too.

What is the fascination with demons? They’re the underdogs. Like werewolves and witches and vampires, oh my. They’re seen as the bad guys—sure some are sexy and lovable and we’ll make allowances. But still, they were the horror stories of the past.

There is no black or white, only shades of gray. Some demons are lovable, some are not. Just as it is with humans. Some are as evil as can be. Wouldn’t we say they are like the devil himself?
In the young adult book Ghostly Liaisons, some of the bully boys I refer to as demon-spawned.
But the demons in their world could just as well say that one of their kind was human-spawned, if they considered some of the evil in our own world.

Fair is fair.

Not all demons are created equally either. Some are more powerful than the others. And there’s definitely a pecking order. The Matusa are on top, so Hunter expects everyone to bow to his wishes. It’s not happening.

At least Alana doesn’t buy it. And maybe that’s what intrigues him most about her.

Each of the teens brings their own quirky personalities, baggage, and abilities into the game, which causes all kinds of havoc, and truly is The Trouble with Demons.


Alana is a half Kubiteron demon, half witch who witnesses a Matusa demon's murder of his summoners. He sees her in her astral form watching him and she's next on his list of victims.

Hunter is half human, half Matusa demon, fighting to keep the evil ones out of the human world. When he's poisoned, he sees the vision of a girl watching him, only she's not really all demon and not really all there. She offers to save his life, if he offers to protect her from one of his kind. But no lesser demon dictates terms to a Matusa.

Jared is a full Elantus demon, raised by humans, who's searching for his real parents. When Hunter saves his life, he vows his loyalty to him and designs a tracker device to locate demons entering the human world.

When Alana beats on Hunter's chest to get his heart beating again after he dies, twice, he knows the half demon is hot for him.

Often at odds, the three teens work together to stop the plans of a group of Matusa to take over the human race before it’s too late.


A strong antiseptic filled Hunter’s lungs with every ragged breath he took. Recognizing the smell, he assumed he was in the hospital as many times as he’d come here with his dad, hopeful he’d want to be a doctor, too. He wished sleep would take away the shooting pains in his arm and the ache from his head.

His mother’s voice penetrated the fog. “John, I’m taking Dara home to bed. Dad is examining a patient that just died, but once he’s through, he’ll see you.”

Opening his eyes, Hunter stared at his mother’s worried expression. She touched his cheek and flinched. “The nurse said the antibiotic should soon kick in. Animal control’s been contacted. They need to know what the wild cat looked like, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”

Wild cat?

“Get your sleep, honey. I’ll be back first thing in the morning.”

His mother left and he closed his eyes. Wild cat? He couldn’t understand what she was talking about. Then the room swirled like a whirlpool, around and around until everything turned gray. The last vestige of light disappeared and a black hole sucked him in.

Hunter found the motel without any trouble and saw a flickering light on in Room 203. The demon was watching television? Probably enjoying all of the world’s troubles, natural and manmade. But as soon as Hunter summoned the portal, the Matusa opened the door and smiled at him. A merciless smile. He tilted his head to the side when he saw the gateway. The demon couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Did he think Hunter had been summoned? A demon couldn’t open a portal. At least not a full demon. Thankfully, other demons could see only his demon half and not his human existence. It gave him the advantage when they thought he was one of them.

But the demon probably couldn’t understand where the summoner was that brought Hunter here. No dead bodies, nothing.

Then the girl appeared like a breath of fresh air, quiet, innocent, one of the weaker demons, but not by much. As far as he could recall, the Kubiteron were only one notch down in strength from the Matusa. But they did not kill like the Matusa. Thankfully, Hunter’s human side sought to control that dark part of himself.

Her eyes widened when he caught her attention, then she vanished, like a puff of mist blown away on a windy Texas day.

Somehow, he had to find her and send her back to her world. Someone had to have summoned her and was keeping her hostage.

Had she come to him, seeking his help? He chided himself. All other demons were afraid of the Matusa. She would never have approached him willingly.

His mind hazy, Hunter chanted the words: “Stirrus, Demononus, Seplichus, Protinalium, Horrita.”

The portal opened, a blue-green light filled the room, and a wind tugged at his stiff, white bed sheets.

The girl with the golden hair and jade eyes appeared again. He stared at her while she observed the portal. Turning her attention to him, her lips parted. He’d summoned her? He had to be hallucinating.

He looked back at the gateway. Was she drawn to the portal? Did she want to go home? He had to find out where she was being held prisoner, but his mouth felt like cotton, and he couldn’t form the words.

Her gaze focused on his injured arm, but shifted to his face, still beaded in sweat.

“You’re sick.” Her words sounded surreal, airy and sweet, almost as if no words had been spoken at all. “Where’s the other one?” she whispered, and he could hear the tremble in her voice.

Hoping to convince her he meant to help her return to her world, he opened his mouth to speak again, but the words failed him.

She tilted her head to the side. “Did he hurt you?”

Again, Hunter tried to speak, but he cursed his vocal chords for not working.

She stood taller and raised her chin. “You will join the other, Matusa.” Her words were posed as a threat.

He would have smiled, if he’d had the strength. Wondering why the portal was open, he quickly closed it. The girl vanished.

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