Monday, October 31, 2011

Edgar Allen Poe & Me: A Halloween Special Event

A Special Halloween Treat from
Book Boost Owner & Author, Kerri Nelson:

So, for those of you who haven't heard my latest good news...let me take a moment to share it with you now. What better time than Halloween Day?

I've penned two morbidly delightful poems which will appear in a soon to be released Edgar Allen Poe anthology entitled "The Spirit of Poe"! Yes, I'm honored and thrilled to be a part of this project for many reasons. You see, Poe and I have a history together.

It goes a little something like this...

It was in second grade that I penned my very first poem entitled "Black Cat: Dark As Night" and little did I know that Poe had a "Black Cat" story of his very own. It wasn't until around the fifth grade that I have a keen memory of the first time I heard the story of The Tell Tale Heart. It frightened me senseless but yet I had to know more...I was hooked.

Fast forward to junior high and we studied The Raven and then again in tenth grade Honor's English we all had to memorize The Bells! Oh, those delirious bells ("what a world of merriment their melody foretells")! The worst part of that assignment was not the memorization and recitation in front of the entire class (which I did with glee) but the listening to the other twenty-eight students following suit with their same "less enthusiastic" performances.

Now, all these years later...I'm a multi-published author of romance and suspense and I've never forgotten my love of poetry and Poe. So when this opportunity came up to submit to a collection which would provide much needed support to preserve The Poe House & Museum in Baltimore--I jumped for wicked joy and then I started typing.

Out of all the submissions, I was honored to have been chosen to include both of my macabre, morbid and darkly humorous poems to the anthology soon to be released by Literary Landmark Press.

Stay tuned to the Book Boost for details on the release date (which was previously scheduled for today but had a slight delay due to an unforeseen emergency). You can be sure I'll be promoting the collection all over the web. But if you want to reserve your copy and help the museum, you can place a pre-order at the publisher's site. Click here.

But...alas...while we eagerly or Edgarly await the release of this exciting anthology including my two never before published poems "Darkishly Yours" and "The Trials of Abby Normal"...please do share your memories of Poe from your own school days. I'm sure that most of you have some recollection to add to mine.

Anyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win one of these three prizes!

1. A signed (by me), print copy of the The Spirit of Poe Anthology (as soon as available); or

2. A copy of the book, The Complete Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe; or

3. A collectible Edgar Allen Poe shot glass keepsake!

Read more about my news here and be sure to pre-order your copy today:

Once upon a midnight dreary...forever more yours,
Kerri Nelson


Julie Lynn Hayes said...

I became a huge fan of Poe once I discovered him, and he still remains a favorite read, even after all these years! I remember reading The Tell-tale Heart in school, and also reciting The Raven. We studied other poems, such as Annabel Lee, and I learned about such things as alliteration. From The Purloined Letter, I learned that the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

Congrats and great blog!

Tami Winbush said...

I've heard a ton about Poe, and titles of his books/poetry but for the life of me can't remember ever reading anything by him.

WJ Rosser said...

Kerri's contribution to the anthology was certainly wonderful, and we're so happy to have her on board! Happy Halloween, Kerri!

Margaret Fieland said...

Kerri, congratulations on the anthology.

I wrote a Poe take off one year while contemplating writing a Christmas letter. I didn't twig to exactly what I'd channelled until I reached the final line.

Names Changed to Protect the Innocent

I am writing you this letter,
I had hoped things would be better
than they were the year before.

I am sorry I've not written
but it's really hard to fit in.
I am sure you know the score.

I am hoping you are all well.
Did you hear my husband Al fell?
It has really been a bore.

We found that his leg was broken
when he went to let his folks in
and was answering the door.

He went and slipped on the ice.
He grabbed the rail but no dice;
getting up was quite a chore.

We took him right to the doctor;
the bad break has really shocked her.
His leg's still really sore.

And my Mary's back to drinking,
you can hear the glasses clinking,
and she drinks more than before.

We were hoping she'd stay sober,
that her drinking days were over,
and her drinking was no more.

Alas it was all a vain hope.
She says that she needs it to cope,
She finds holidays a chore.

And my Al has started smoking;
even though he's always choking
he just keeps on smoking more.

James is smoking like his father,
it is really quite a bother;
I don't need to tell you more.

And our Sally's started dating
a boy Al is really hating
and the rest of us adore.

All the rest of us are betting
there will surely be a wedding,
maybe June if not before.

Little Gary's grades are falling;
it is really quite appalling.
He won't study any more.

I've tried everything they told us.
We have all made quite a big fuss,
and we've added to his chores.

Nothing that we've tried helps at all.
We have run into a wall,
I simply want to slam the door.

I hope your news is better
than the news that's in this letter.
I feel I've been in a war.

I have written you all my news.
Please write back to me when you choose.
Love to everyone, Lenore

I never did write the Christmas letter. My year, while not as bad as the one above, was quite sufficiently harrowing. I didn't care to rehash it.

The Book Boost said...

@Julie~Thanks for the comment. Ooh, I think the Purloined Letter is one I actually have not read. Shame on me. I'm on it now! Great to see you here. Best, K.

The Book Boost said...

@Tami~That's unbelievable. He's a master of suspense. You've gotta check it out. Never too late. Starting with the anthology is a good bet. I hear there will be some Poe in there too!

The Book Boost said...

@WJ~Yay! I'm so honored you stopped by. Thanks for this opportunity to work with you and the other talented authors on this project. Big fun for me and a true pleasure. Can't wait for the release! --K.

The Book Boost said...

@Margaret~I LOVED IT! Read it out loud to my 10 year old and she loved it. She has an eye and an ear for poetry already. :-D Thank you so much for sharing in the spirit of the day. Hugs, K.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan Of E.A.Poe for more years than I care to admit. As a teenager, I thought of him as a tragic figure with the heart of a poet with a tortured soul. I love The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart especially.

The Book Boost said...

@Patsy~I believe his life was quite tragic from what I've read about it. He seemed to lose all the women in his life that he deeply adored. Often tragic figures make the best artists! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. --K.

Maureen said...

Oh, Poe! I've loved his stuff as long as I can remember reading. The Raven first scared me, then made me laugh, then simply delighted me with it's rhyme.

I've tossed his stuff into many of the books I've written. Even have a pirate teach a parrot to recite "Quoth the parrot...nevermore!"

Congrats and I can't wait to purchased this!

Julie Robinson said...

Hey Kerri, Yes, I am a Poe lover, so much so that I considered him for my dissertation---which I never did because I got pregnant 20 years ago. Instead, I carried on my love for him by teaching him at a private school 16 years ago that let me go because I was teaching about incestuous pervert.

So I don't need to win his complete works, as I already have them. Now the shot glass would do me some good! LOL

Julie Robinson said...

Oh, and congrats on the release of your poems. You'd have done Poe proud. Looks like you and I both have a "history" with him!

Debby said...

I love Poe. I had to read to my students the other day and I chose a Poe short story to read to them. They loved it.
debby236 at gmail dot com

susan said...

Enjoyed your article..Edgar Allen Poe was one of my first authors I started to read years ago. Thanks for sharing this news to tell us more about him. I love your prizes so much and sure would love to be entered for them. Thanks for the contest. susan Leech

Lisa Kessler said...

Congratulations on the Poe poems Kerri!!!

My daughter, Panda, and I are big Poe fans and once left a rave party glow stick, risky business sunglasses, and 3 black roses on his grave...

He is buried in the coolest cemetery! Very creepy...

Anyway, I'm so happy for you!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Lisa :)

PamelaTurner said...

That's awesome! Congratulations! :-) My first Poe story was the Tell-Tale Heart. While in middle school, I became obsessed with reading mysteries and he's considered one of, if not the, inventor of detective fiction. He also writes very compelling characters. I wonder if any psychiatrist or psychologist has ever "analyzed" them.

Beth Caudill said...

Congrats Kerri.

Poe is one of the few poets I like to read. I love Annabelle Lee.

Of course I love love love his short stories but his poems are good too.

Rebecca said...

I remember reading The Tell-tale Heart and Annabel Lee in school too. Perfect reading for Halloween!

Congrats again on the anthology!

The Book Boost said...

@Maureen~Oh, I hope you do pick up a copy. It is for a great cause. I donated all my royalties to the benefit. He's such a classic. I love how you had your parrot quoting him. Brilliant!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Book Boost said...

@Julie~I owe you at least a shot glass, my friend. I'll see if I can hook you up. Cheers to you! xoxo

Thanks for the comment and that is so amazing about your dissertation idea. But I know you're proud of your "baby" too. ;-)


The Book Boost said...

@Debby~Great choice for your students! What age range are they? Never too early for Poe magic, in my opinion. LOL Thanks for stopping by for this event. Best, Kerri

The Book Boost said...

@Susan~Consider yourself entered and the drawing will occur soon. I appreciate you stopping by and I'm so glad you enjoyed the post!


The Book Boost said...

@Lisa~Thank you so much. You are such a good friend to me. xoxo I want to go see his grave--have wanted to for a while now. Must do. Must do.

Thanks for stopping by and give Panda a hug for me!


The Book Boost said...

@Pamela~I'm sure he's been totally analyzed somewhere by some scholarly types. Wouldn't you love to read that report? Tell Tale Heart is my fave too. Thank you for the comment and for taking the time to visit the blog today.


The Book Boost said...

@Beth~You know I recently read that out of all the stuff he wrote that he never really made any money off it. He was very popular and well known but ultimately poor. How sad. Poor Poe.

Thanks for your comment, hon!


The Book Boost said...

@Rebecca~Thanks for the Congrats! I'm very excited about it. Published with Poe. This may be my greatest publishing feat yet.

Hugs, K.

J.R.Poulter/J.R.McRae said...

Congrats from Oz Kerri!
I'm in there too! Yes, an honour! I've loved Poe as long as I can remember, especially "The Raven". My grandmother had an Irish housekeeper who used to sit with us on the backstairs and tell us 'Poe-ish' stories. If my grandmother caught her she scold ' Now Mary, What are you doing filling the children's heads with banshees and such! They'll have nightmares and it'll be me is kept up all night!" But we loved the stories and the way Mary told them!

Anonymous said...

When is the anthology coming out? Haven't seen an update about the publication date on their website. Do you know?

The Book Boost said...

@Anonymous~Yes, there's an update on the website now but there was a lengthy delay due to a death in the family. Will be out before Christmas, is my understanding. We are all anxiously awaiting it! I'll post a notice when it comes out.

Thanks for following up!


Julie Robinson said...

Kerri, I'm so sorry to hear your news.