Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Chat with Author Jay Londo

Meet featured author Jay Londo 
today at the Book Boost!

Recently, we had a chat with Jay and here's what he had to say...

TBB:  Welcome to the Boost, Jay.  Tell us a little bit about yourself and when you started writing.

JL:  I'm from Seattle Washington, but I live in Lake Stevens Washington.  I started writing in early 2004, after I had a strange dream, and trying not to forget the dream, I wrote a very basic outline, which then before I knew it, developed into a full-blown story. I had no idea at the time this was going to happen. But what I discovered was, I really enjoyed writing! I have not stopped since.

TBB:  I love it when a dream comes as inspiration.  I'm impressed that you actually were able to realize that into a full novel.  When did you consider yourself a professional writer?

JL:  After I finished my second novel, The Cave.  Now I cannot seem to turn the ideas off!

TBB:  What are you working on next?

JL:  My new writing project is my first children’s book, and I am also re-working a world war two book about my step-fathers adventures during the war.

TBB:  That sounds really interesting.  You write a diverse range of genres.  What genre do you enjoy reading?

JL:   After seeing the movie, and loving it, I started reading the Hunger Games series.

TBB:  What advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

JL:  I would have to say, go for it, write for you. Do not worry so much, what others may think. Have a thick skin; do not be so set in your ways that you cannot continue to improve your writing.  Challenge yourself, develop your own style of writing, and then own it!  Always be yourself, write for yourself, and write what you’re passionate about.

TBB:  Great advice.  Have you always wanted to be a writer?  What did you dream of being when you were a child?

JL:  I wanted to be a business owner or perhaps a jet pilot.

TBB:  Well you've certainly changed course on that a bit.  Since becoming a writer, what has been your biggest reward?

JL:  Seeing the joy in other people faces, when they love my novel.

TBB:  Yes, that's always nice.  To know that your work has touched someone with emotion.  What do you like to do when you're not writing?

JL:  I love to go for walks and spend time with my autistic son who is involved in the Special Olympics. Work in my yard, and oh ya, I admit, I love watching TV.

TBB:  Oh, I agree.  I'm a television fan myself.  Your son sounds wonderful.  I know he must be very proud of you as you are of him.  And just for fun,  what's your biggest pet peeve?

JL:  People (meaning my wife) coming along and rearranging things like furniture or my office. Or anyone messing with my computer.

TBB:  Understandable.  Before you tell us more about your latest book.  Would you like to leave us with a message for your readers?

JL:  I just would like to say to my readers thank you, for allowing me to be able to bring my stories out. To me there could not possibly be anything greater. I try making each of my books a completely different storyline. I believe that's the only way to improve your writing skills to challenge oneself.

TBB:  Well said.  Please tell us more about your latest and thanks for joining us at the Boost!


Attila's Lost Gold

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Anonymous said...

Authors write what they want. Any person can take a dream and run with it. To make readable books they must meet certain criterias. I've read many books. Some I liked and some I didn't. You can usually tell within the first few pages of a good/bad book. You know it's good when you can't put it down. Good luck in your writing endeavours. Sex Kitten