Monday, June 11, 2012

Dads, Dares, & Dollars with Guest Blogger: Olivia Starke

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She's here to chat about daring dads and here's what she had to say...

I noticed an interesting phenomenon while at a theme park last Monday, grown men who’d turned into excited little children. Sure, this may not come as a surprise to most (well women anyway.) I admit it was pretty endearing watching guys with macho men exteriors run around with their toddlers and young children, behaving much the same as the kids, as the moms looked on smiling. Or exasperated, there was a pretty good mix.

These are the dads of the world, ready to jump into any adventure with their little ones. Show them the excitement of rollercoasters and the agony of one too many ice cream cones or corn dogs. These men come in all shapes and sizes. They’ll trudge along red faced and out of breath, while their sons and daughters ride on their shoulders. They’ll dig the last dollar out of their pocket to buy some shiny little trinket just to hear their child giggle with glee.

We love these dads, the ones who stay young at heart and do the very best they can for their kids. This Father’s Day let’s remember how awesome they are!

A Note from the Book Boost:  I have one of those awesome Dads myself and my kids do too.  We just returned from a long trip and I watched both these men in my life revert back to childhood as they went on adventures with my children.  I was the "safety tipper" and they just threw caution to the wind.  Gotta love 'em.  Thanks for joining us at the Boost today, Olivia.  Please tell us more about your latest.


Blind since childhood, Sierra is satisfied with her success as a relationship therapist. Contacting 1Night Stand is an outlet for her physical needs, or so she tells herself. When she meets Daniel, the chemistry sizzles, but a single parent with a child has the terrifying potential to disrupt her orderly life.

After losing his wife in a fire three years before that left him terribly scarred, Daniel has focused on raising his young daughter and little else. Meeting Sierra through 1Night Stand is a way to step back into the world. And he definitely can’t deny the instant attraction.

Mind blowing sex isn’t the only thing these two share. And when they find out what it is, it’ll change their lives forever.

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Kathleen O said...

This sounds like a wonderful book and I am putting it on my tbr list.

I think most of the dad's I know are speical. And my dad was the most speical. Even though he did not spend a lot of time with us, because of the hours he worked and then weekends were always busy, when he did it was great quality time. I remember a great picnic we all went on once when I was a child. It was just to the local pool. My dad played with us in the pool and we had a great time.
I thinkt he dads today spend much more time with thier kids, because it is that 50/50 thing that moms today demand. The dad has to do his share...
I miss mine so much, but I treasure the good times we had together.

Debby said...

My own dad is very special. He has done so much and I love to visit him. He lives on one coast and I live on the opposite.
Debby236 at gmail dot com