Sunday, May 19, 2013

Win a copy of Betrayed by the Incubus by Author Nicole Graysen

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Betrayed by the Incubus by Nicole Graysen

About the Book:

Caution:  Adult Content (18 and over only)

In a move designed to consolidate its power, the Harmonian TriCouncil gave Miranda Nightengale to another and sent them away from Rhira. Enraged by the loss of his soul mate, Phillip Devlin Moreau left Harmonia and sacrificed his wings to absorb the soul of an immortal Incubus.

Intent on revenge against the TriCouncil, Phillip searched for a descendant of Miranda. After 700 years, his quest has come to an end. All he has to do is seduce Fiona Nightengale Richardson to create the instrument of his revenge - a child.

Fun Fact About the Book:
Despite a severe dislike of yellow, it was the perfect color to make the title pop on the Betrayed by the Incubus cover.

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