Friday, May 3, 2013

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My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls by Linda Hays-Gibbs

About the Book:

At the mercy of the darkness which terrifies her, Pru is alone except for 40,000 dead bodies. She starts screaming with no hope as the black starts to consume her. Suddenly warm strong arms embrace her and she is sheltered from the horror all around. She sleeps until the arms leave her once again alone in the dark and her screaming starts again.

Luckily the dawn is coming and she has not lost her mind entirely before the first burst of light softens the dark. Then the horrors must leave as the day chases them away.

Fun Fact About the Author:
Linda is a direct descendent of the legendary Daniel Boone.

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Unknown said...

What Inspired You To Be A Writer?

Debby said...

I think I would scream as well. How did you get the idea for this one?
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Another awesome interview!

Linda Hays-Gibbs said...

My imagination and my daughter. I always wrote but I just lost what I wrote and would write more. My daughter said to keep up with it and put it in a folder. Then she encouraged me to send it to a publisher. It's been fun. Thanks for the question.

Linda Hays-Gibbs said...

I was reading a book about how many young men died in that battle and one field had over 45,000 dead in it. I read how their bodies were stripped and how they just made a mass grave. It was going to be all about vampires because I thought it would be grand to have that many young kids to feed off but then it hurt me to think about it. I had to make the sorrow real for my readers somehow.
Thanks for the question!

Linda Hays-Gibbs said...
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Linda Hays-Gibbs said...

Thank you The Book Boost! It was fun and exciting. Thank you for having me!