Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Lost in Manhattan by Emma Carlyle

About the Book: 

One by one members of the Montgomery family have died in tragic accidents. Sarah Montgomery, the last surviving member of the aeronautics dynasty, suffers amnesia and extensive injuries that leave her unrecognizable when she’s hit by a cab. Industrialist Trent Caldwell already harbors guilt over the death of his wife and now feels responsible for Sarah’s injuries. After her surgery, he brings her to his home to recuperate. Mrs. Kearn, his housekeeper and surrogate mother, sees in Sarah someone capable of bringing Trent back to life. She begins playing matchmaker.

But the Montgomery family deaths weren’t accidents. Someone harbors a deadly secret and using skills perfected as a youthful IRA operative, has systematically eliminated the family out of a need for revenge. Realizing Sarah’s true identity, the assassin now has one more kill to make in order to fulfill a promise made long ago. 

Fun Fact About the Book:
I don't know if this is fun so much as it's interesting. This book was once rejected by an editor because she didn't believe that amnesia was a real condition. This is kind of ironic, given I wrote the book in part to come to terms with my own experience with amnesia.

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Lyndi Lamont said...

Oh, that is interesting about the amnesia. I once had a book rejected because of something an editor said could never have happened. Problem was it was an idea we got from a local news story. Never been known to fail!

Lois Winston said...

Lyndi, this seems to happen all the time. Authors get ideas from real life events, then have editors tell them the plot is totally unbelievable. It can be very frustrating when editors don't read newspapers or watch the evening news!

Rayne said...

The blurb speaks of an interesting book.

The ignorance of some agents. My book soon to be out was once rejected by an agent because she didn't believe it gets dark in Finland in winter around 3 pm. The heartbreak some of them cause.

Marsha said...

I love the cover of this book, Lois. Because you write three different genres, I wondered, do you have a preference? Is one easier to write than either of the others? ("Easier" being a relative term since, writing is always hard work.) LOL

Lois Winston said...

Rayne, I think that agent was just looking for an excuse. All minor problems with books (whether they're really problems or only problems in the mind of the editor or agent,) can be fixed with revisions.

Marsha, I find it easier to write my humorous books. I have a very snarky sense of humor and have been compared to both Janet Evanovich and Tina Fey by many reviewers. If you're looking for humor, try HOOKING MR. RIGHT or FOUR UNCLES AND A WEDDING. (Also, TALK GERTIE TO ME or my Anastasia Pollack Mystery series, written as Lois Winston.)

Deep emotional angst is always harder for me. So LOST IN MANHATTAN, FINDING HOPE, and SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME were all much more difficult to write.

Maria G. Swan said...

I think we glorify agents and editors to a certain degree. And perhaps their age has a lot to do with what they like. No?

Lois Winston said...

Maria, agents and editors are no different than the rest of us in that we all have our likes and dislikes. This is a very subjective business. They come in all ages, too. ;-)

Megan Kelly said...

Interesting abt the rejection. A few authors I know have mentioned sending a photocopy of the article that inspired the story along with the query or proposal.

Lois Winston said...

That's a great idea, Megan. I'm not sure it would have persuaded this particular editor, though. There's been plenty of documentation to support amnesia. She just didn't choose to believe any of it.