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Romancing the Memories with Author Linda Hays-Gibbs

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My Special Day with Doni!

I think the most romantic moments are spontaneous. My sweet love passed in 2005 but there are so many special moments when he surprised me.

July the Fourth one year, he took me off road in the car and I thought he'd lost his mind. We went forever into wilderness and straight up a hill that I was sure would kill us, but when we stopped we were in paradise. The trees sort of bowed over a pool of water so clear you could see the bottom. The bank and bottom of the water were smooth with beautiful different colored clays and the birds sang a chorus. It was heavenly. We were completely alone and protected. It looked enchanted.

He picked me a huge bouquet of wild flowers of every color and I saw a huge white flower on a tree I wanted, so he retrieved a blossom for me of that too.

He'd brought a blanket and lunch so we lay on the blanket making love then ate our meal. We swam in the water naked and lay in the sun. He massaged my back with scented oils and we talked about his life and mine. We kissed often and watched clouds float overhead, spotting bunnies and angels among them. We walked around the pool and gathered odd looking rocks while holding hands. It was glorious and it was mine, my lovely day with the love of my life. I shall never forget it.

Whenever I see wild flowers I think of it and the ones he picked just for me.

After that day we could be going somewhere and he'd stop the car and go pick me some flowers and say, "Remember these?" With that special smile and I'd laugh with glee and nod my head remembering so much more than just flowers. Our kids asked questions, but he would just grin and restart the car.

God I miss that man!

A Note from the Book Boost:  What a wonderful fantasy moment and how heartbreaking at the same time.  Thanks for sharing that memory with us, Linda.  My hubby is very romantic.  Hard to pick just one time.  Let's see...probably Valentine's Day in Ireland or breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, or having the chef write a special note to me in chocolate...sigh.


Pru is an orphan whose only close family member is her twin brother, Michael, the Earl of White. When Michael joins the army to fight Napoleon's troops, Pru's Scottish admirer promises to watch out for him, but nothing goes as planned. From a sparkling ballroom to the agony of a battlefield, an across the sea to a curiously lively deserted house, Pru despairs, gains independence, is hassled by an amorous ghost, reassured by an angel, guarded by a bereft dog and finally... well, if you're like me, you'll be smiling all over your face by the end.


"I am so sorry my love but I must make a confession!"

"Do not tell me that you love another and I can never have you." "No, my love it is worse than that!"

"Oh my God, Pru what is It?What is wrong?" Tears streamed down her too innocent cheeks.

"I'm so...sorry but I have a man in my closet at home!"

Stunned he sat down, "So you love this man in your closet?"

"I can't say,  I just met him."

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