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Sweet Sunsets and Sneaky Skunks with Author Kate Wyland

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Few things are more romantic to me than watching a fabulous sunset in the arms of my favorite guy. We get some astounding ones in the San Francisco Bay Area, and my hubby and I frequently call each other to come see the colors. But the ones we remember most fondly are those we’ve seen from horseback, usually in the mountains.

We have lots of wonderful trails here that wind up into the foothills and give us glorious views of Silicon Valley and the bay. We’ll ride through shaded redwoods or twisted live oaks for an hour or so before we finally reach an outlook that provides a spectacular view. Hands linked, often sharing a kiss, we watch the sky as it gradually changes from bright pink and orange to softer, grayed mauve and crimson, and finally darkens to streaks of slate and silver. By then it’s time to wend our way down the hills and back to our trailer before it gets fully dark.

Of course, those sunset trips don’t always go smoothly. One evening in the dusk, we encountered a skunk blocking our way. He was up the hill on a small bluff that edged our trail and was definitely not happy about our approach as he did his little dance and swung his tail towards us. All we could do was wait until he finally turned and then we dashed past as fast as we could. Luckily he let us go by without incident. I certainly didn’t look forward to trying to bathe two horses in tomato juice. Really would have spoiled the romance of the evening.

We also used to go horse camping every year, taking our horses up into the nearby mountains for a week. We’d open the awning, spread a tarp and put our table, stove and chairs on it. But we slept inside on a nice comfy mattress in the gooseneck of our trailer. After a day riding, ending with an ocean sunset view, a soft bed was very nice and romantic to come back to.

Mountain sunsets figure in my book Forewarning. Kasey Martin watches the sunsets with two very different men but, to her surprise, has similar reactions to both. Her ability to love and desire has sprung to life again, along with her instinct to heal and protect. Soon she finds herself pushed to face the fears she’s been hiding from for the past year. She also has to deal with skunks—of the human sort—and has to risk much more than a tomato bath to survive.

A Note from the Book Boost:  My hubby is all about sunsets as well.  I am particularly fond of them when on the beach, but he points them out all the time.  Good to know that men can appreciate the beauty of both sunsets and women.  Thanks for joining us and good luck on the release!


Healing is her life. Will it be her death?

Grieving and guilt-stricken after her husband’s suicide, Kasey Martin has closed her energetic healing practice and retreated to her Oregon horse ranch. One night, she rescues a badly injured man, and against her better judgment, uses her neglected skills to save his life. This starts her on an unexpected journey of healing and danger. 

Complicating her life is Jim Bradley, an old friend who has long been in love with her and wants her to return to her work. When criminals looking for her patient invade the serenity of her world, she must use her skills to save all three of their lives. 


Kasey Martin is an energetic healer who has refused to use her skills for the past year because she’s afraid something she did contributed to her husband’s suicide. When she finds an injured man one night, she knows she has to do what she fears most.

With a quick prayer for help, she focused on beneficial white light flowing into her heart and then reached out using the healing force she’d gathered. She moved her shaking hands over the man, close to his body but not quite touching—scanning his energy field for disruptions and trying to locate his injuries.

Several more lightning flashes speared the night before she sat back and wiped the rain off her face. If she could trust her read, she had an idea of what his problems were. The head wound, while messy, did not appear significant. Damage to his brain was another matter and something to be dealt with later. His hand seemed to be the most painful. His abdomen, the most critical—he was bleeding internally. The hospital was thirty miles and, given the state of her access road, almost an hour away.

He could die before she got him there.

Kasey rocked back on her heels and stared down at the groaning man. He needed help now—help she might be able to give him. She had worked with chronic problems, not anything this acute and serious. She knew of others with her training who dealt with emergencies. But what if she hurt rather than helped him?

Panic froze her in place. Oh God, what if I hurt him? Like I did Brian. She fought to force air into her lungs. She couldn’t go through that again. A soft nudge on her shoulder broke the spell, and Kasey jerked around to see Star standing behind. Taking a long, deep breath, Kasey reached up and stroked the horse. “You’re right girl; I have to try.”

She leaned forward and pictured in her mind the organs and bodily structures that lay between her hands, feeling for the source of the internal bleeding. His left side drew her, and she found a major energy disruption below his heart that pinpointed the problem area. The spleen. And if something weren’t done soon, he would bleed to death. She had no choice.

Kasey placed one hand on his back and the other over his abdomen and concentrated on finding a way to stop the bleeding. It wasn’t easy, but finally she found the connection she sought. She focused her thoughts and asked for healing energy to flow to the tear in the spleen. The man had been rocking back and forth, but at her touch he quieted and lay without moving. She spoke to him softly, both to help keep him conscious and to reassure herself.

The wind shifted direction and the rain began blowing in her face, threatening her concentration. She dropped her head to avoid the cold, stinging spray. She couldn’t afford the distraction. Many long minutes passed before she felt a sudden release in tension that signaled she was finished for now.

It felt like the bleeding had slowed, if not stopped. Only a doctor could say for sure. The man’s breathing seemed a little stronger and his color better. She slipped on a pair of latex gloves. Now it was time to deal with his hand.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting me Kerry.

Rayne said...

Love sunsets, too. They're great here in Florida.
Good luck with the book.

Marsha said...

Texas is known for it's amazing sunsets, and I've seen my share here. In a not romantic vein, I'm afraid ours are made more excellent because of all the gunk in the air. So as good as yours may be up in the clear mountain air, I'm sure ours our better. LOL I loved both your books, Kate. Despite your first book and mine sharing similar titles, I loved Forewarning even more. the little touch of paranormal--and I'm not sure if that's the right term--but this is a very special book. I hope lots of folks run out to buy it. Good luck with sales.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Rayne. I'm sure the sunsets of the ocean are spectacular too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Rayne. I'm sure the sunsets of the ocean are spectacular too.

Anonymous said...

Where in Texas are you? I always think of wide open spaces, not smog. It is funny how pretty the sky can look even when full of "stuff."

I'm never sure what to call my "New Age" touches either. Supernatural might be closer, but you don't see that used often. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Angela Adams said...

There's nothing like sitting on a beach with your honey and a sunset! Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Ocean sunsets are wonderful. Thanks for stopping.

Gloria Alden said...

Sunsets are beautiful. Skunks not so much. I know all about that since a skunk and I had a running battle about him/her deciding to make h/her home under my sun room, but it got me back later on Christmas Day as my company were arriving for Christmas dinner, the skunk, who had relocated to under my front porch, let loose at all the commotion and my house reeked for weeks upon weeks. Not pleasant at all. I'm only giving you the beginning and the end. Somewhere in the middle I trapped the critter in a Have a Heart trap and released it into the woods. Apparently, it returned.

Anonymous said...

Love this cover! I also love sunsets and sunrises too! :)