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The Test of a True Bestie with Author Monica Garry-Allen

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What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Done for Your Best Friend? 

Friends, best friends, besties, bff’s…we have many names for those women we love like sisters, bicker with like frienemies and defend with our last breath. Whenever we need them they are there for us and we are quick to return the favor because, well, that’s what friends are for. So you tell me, what’s the craziest thing you’ve done for your bestie?

Personally, I have done so many embarrassing things in the name of friendship that there is hard to pick just one to share with you. There was the time I won a trip to a movie premier in California, (honestly this really happened) and I was allowed to bring one friend, so I chose my friend…for legal purposes let’s call her Angel. Angel was under twenty-one at the time and it was against contest rules for her to travel to California for the contest. So what did my clever friend do? She got a fake ID made and what did I as her bestie do? You got it, I vouched for her.

I mean, I was twenty-one and her birthday was in a few weeks so that was fine, right…right? Well that ended well for us, we had fun in California, and we got to meet A-list celebrities and took hundreds of pictures. However that was not the craziest thing I’ve done for a friend. A couple of years later, a friend who was also my co-worker at the time,  decided that she was done paying her beautician to color her hair for her. The results never came out the way she wanted them to, so what was the point in paying big money for cheap results. My friend decided to color her own hair. That’s fine… lots of people highlight and color their own hair.

This wonderful friend of mine decided to save even more money by buying off-brand hair dye from a local thrift store we frequent. The next day when she called and said she was coming over to show me her hair I expected to see a brown haired diva with blonde highlights. That was not what I saw. What I saw was an orange haired half-crazed woman with tears in her eyes. She was so upset that her hair was orange. All she could talk about was how the other ladies at work were going to make fun of her. 

So what did I do, being the best friend that I am? I went to the same store and purchased the same dye and colored my hair also, but with less unflattering results. My black hair turned an odd light brown color, very light brown which did not look good on my skin tone. But hey, I did it in the name of friendship. When we showed up at work, everyone thought we did it on purpose. We still got laughed at, but we got laughed at together, that’s all that really matters.

In my new romantic comedy, The Makeover, three best friends – April, Robyn and Nicole understand the true meaning of friendship. When April finds out that her boss only invited her on a dinner date because he was trying to prove a point to his colleagues, she is furious and so are her besties. To top it off, the point he was trying to make was that he could bring a plain date to any event and still outshine his colleagues. 

Not only is April heartbroken over this news she is also reminded of her childhood days when she was bullied for being the "Nerd-Girl." However, her friends plan to make her over and help her prove to her boss and his associate’s that looks can be deceiving. That’s not the only adventure these three friends go on…you have to read the book to find out more.

Now that you know a couple of crazy things I’ve done for my friends share with me some things you’ve done for yours or some things your best friends may have done for you. Remember, keep it PG. One lucky commenter will receive a free copy of my new release, The Makeover. Hey, I may even feel friendly and give away two copies…because that’s what friends are for. 

A Note from the Book Boost:  Okay...craziest thing I've ever done for a friend (her name is Nicole, btw) is to attend college with her in order to room with her BUT this particular university is my family's BIGGEST rival in football.  Now, that may not seem big...but did I mention that I live in the south?  Home of the SEC?  Trust me...I've not lived it down yet.  This story sounds great, Monica!  Can't wait to check it out.


Her mission, if she chose to accept it, was simple. All April has to do is attend a last minute dinner party with her boss and in return he will allow her to have the weekend off to attend a Star Wars Costume Party. She’s excited, but her excitement turns to disappointment when she learns that her boss only invited her to the dinner because he needed an ‘average date’…someone plain, who wouldn’t steal the spotlight from him.

Hurt and upset, April, with the help of her friends, plan to show Dr. Stewart that she may be a nerd girl, but she’s far from plain.

Dr. Stewart needs a date and fast, but he doesn’t want a date that will outshine him in front of his colleagues. He thought his secretary would be the perfect date, until he arrived to find her looking like his wildest fantasy.

Can he convince her to forgive him for hurting her or will she walk out of his life…taking his heart with her?

“What are you doing,” she asked him.

Chad wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her closer to him, something he’d wanted to do for months.

“I’m trying to get you to listen to me,” he told her.

“I could hear you loud and clear from my own seat. Chad, you’re embarrassing me.”

“You called me Chad, you never do that. I like the way you say my name.”

He adored the blush that crept up her neck.  It felt good having her in his lap. He should have done this a long time ago.

“Please put me down. People are staring,” she whispered.

“If you take a walk outside with me I will put you down. I promise.”

“Just go with him,” an elderly gentleman from the table across from them yelled.

April covered her face up with her hands. “This is so embarrassing,” she mumbled.

“He seems sorry,” another lady whispered from two tables over, “I say give him a second chance.”

“You hear that,” Chad whispered in her ear. The sweet scent of her perfume turned him on. The feel of her in his lap felt right…like this was where she was meant to be…in his arms.

“No, I will not,” she whispered. “I don’t want to be alone with you. I wouldn’t even be here if I hadn’t promised you that I would come. If you keep embarrassing me I am going to call a cab and go home, where I belong.”

“You don’t belong at home April. You belong with me.”

“Oh really Dr. Stewart, aren’t I a little too plain for your taste. Put me down.”

He heard the catch in her voice. She was trying not to cry and it was his fault. This whole mess was his fault.

“Let me talk to you outside April. I can explain myself better if we are alone. I never meant to do anything to hurt you. Come talk to me, let me make this right.” For a moment he thought she was going to agree, but her words dashed his hopes.

“There is nothing you can do or say to make me change my mind Chad. I don’t want to talk to you alone.”

He’d had enough of this. Chad stood up with her still in his arms. She was going to talk to him. If she didn’t forgive him afterwards that was fine, but he would have his time alone with her.

“Put me down. Have you lost your mind?”

“No, but I have lost your respect. I want it back.” Chad strode away from the table with April in his arms. Patrons of the restaurant began to clap as they left the room. Chad didn’t look at his colleagues, but he knew they were probably shaking their heads in shock at him. He didn’t care. He’d hurt the woman he loved. Yes loved, it was about time he admitted how deep his feelings ran for his petite secretary. He’d hurt her and he needed to make things right.

“Why are these idiots clapping,” April squirmed in his arms. “Do they not realize that I am being abducted?”

He laughed. “I am not abducting you. I just need a moment alone with you.”

Chad escorted her to the small garden located at the back of the restaurant and sat her down on her feet.

“What do you want to say?” April asked him with her hands folded over her chest. 

 She looked so cute when she was mad. He wanted to kiss her, but he knew that would get him slapped.

“I just want to say I’m sorry.”

Her lips quivered and his heart broke. Damn it, he’d hurt the only girl that mattered.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. Once I got a phone call from this catering place. They congratulated me on my marriage and told me that I won a free candle lit dinner at their establishment. Bad thing was, my fiancé and I split up months ago. So I asked my buddy Rod from work to come with me to the dinner and he agreed. But he kept forgetting to answer to my ex-fiancé name. Every time they said Mr. Powell are you enjoying your dinner he would look around like he had no idea who they were talking to. It was hilarious. Now, years later, Rod and I are engaged and we still consider that our first date. Awesome. lol - Bethany

Siren Allen said...

Bethany, I love it. How romantic that the two of you are now engaged.