Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Grown Up with Guest Blogger Gigi Brevard

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The next author up from our naughty collection of paranormal stories entitled 'Twas a Dark & Delicious Christmas is Gigi Brevard who is here to talk about her real grown-up's Christmas. Here's what she had to say...

The Christmas season demands meditation on youth. From classic nativity images to contemporary symbols like treats and toys, many of us spend our early winters focused on the children in our lives and the children within. I wrote Kingdom of Sweets with this concept in mind.

Now you’re probably going, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought this was an erotic anthology. What could that possibly have to do with children?” Rest assured that Kingdom of Sweets includes no under aged characters. What it does include is a character I remember from countless Christmases throughout my childhood: the nutcracker prince.

I’m sure many other sexually active adult women have similar memories. Whether you danced in the ballet or watched it, you got to doll yourself up in fancy frippery, go to your local theatre, and pretend for a couple hours that a place as badass as the Kingdom of Sweets existed. What’s changed? Do we still believe that Christmas is a magical time when our wildest dreams can come true?

Times are tough for me, as they are for many Americans; and because I have no children, a ticket to see The Nutcracker would be a foolish indulgence. This is the harshest version of reality. But with Christmas approaching, is the harshest version of reality the most accurate? Is staying home and screwing the most entertainment I can afford? Or is there more to that story? Is there room for fantasy, for play, for dreaming?

Is the reality that I can’t afford a train ticket; or is it that, if I wish hard enough, I’ll find myself aboard the Polar Express?

When you read Kingdom of Sweets, I hope you will see evidence of both points of view. Christmas is a time of great worry for us adults. We worry that things may not go the way we hoped. We worry about money. We worry that we may disappoint a child. Clara’s worry is a bit more abstract than any of those, but it causes the same momentary corruption of her childlike belief in magic.

May you, dear reader, experience magic this Christmas. Even if it’s not the kind of magic that carries you off to a faraway realm with your ultimate romantic partner. Even if it’s as simple as nabbing the last copy of that video game your child wants, or baking the perfect pumpkin pie…

There are still miracles in your life. May you find and embrace them.

Many thanks to The Book Boost for allowing me this soapbox, and to Evernight Publishing for including my little slice of fantasy in ‘Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas. If you enjoy Kingdom of Sweets, please keep a lookout for my debut novel The Aquarians, which will hit the shelves in May 2011. Happy holidays, all!

A Note from the Book Boost: What a thought provoking and insightful post from Ms. Gigi! Thanks for joining us today and I'm happy to be included in this collection with you. Wish you the best of luck on your big debut this coming Spring as well.

From a review of Gigi Brevard's story by Happily Ever After Reviews (a five tea cup review*):

Sweet dreams and sweet sex was what was in store for Clara. Clara was homesick it was Christmas and she was far from home and family so in her mind she took an escape and had the best sex ever with her nutcracker. He made her believe that there was more to her life than just books and working, Clara ran to escape her life of work. Out of the mist came her nutcracker giving her the desires of her sweet heaven. This story is incredible and Kingdom of Sweets is a fairy tale of anyone who needs to escape.

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Paranormal Queen said...

I love the Nutcracker. I watch it every year. I'm hoping to get to see a bigger production of it one day. Tickets are hard to get, but hubby tries hard each year to snag them for me.

Very interested in seeing your interpretation of it.


Shannan Albright said...

I will never look at a nutcraker again without thinking about your story.It was delightfully hot!

Seleste said...

I love the Nutcracker too. If I thought my daughter would behave, I'd take her in a heartbeat. I think the best I can hope for her to sit through is the movie though LOL.

A.D Blackburn said...

LOVED this story, Gigi! I eyeballed the decorative Nutcracker on my fireplace and I swear he winked at me!

But then I realized I drank a bottle of wine.

Great post Gigi! I'm looking forward to your novel!

Andrea I said...

I remember the bikes we bought for our older two children. I don't know if they offered assembly or my husband didn't have them do it. My children still talk about how their father woke them up with his colorful language as he attemped to put those bikes together.