Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Deliver Me with Kerri Nelson

Win a some Harley Davidson boxer shorts with Sexy Biker Santa on them & chat with Book Boost Owner & Evernight author Kerri Nelson.

My story Holly's Clause is one of the lucky 13 paranormal Christmas stories in the 'Twas a Dark & Delicious Christmas anthology. And I'm here to tell you all about my love of men in uniform.

Here goes...

In my story, the heroine falls in love with the UPS man. Another one of my 'men in uniform' crushes extends to the men in brown. I can't help it. Here in the south, they zip in and out of those trucks with the speed of a super hero. They wear those brown shorts and their legs are always nicely tanned. They are always courteous and have a smile for you. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the uniform no matter the color or insignia is attached.

Of course, with my background in Criminal Justice and the legal system I also had to find a way to turn this paranormal erotic short into to something law worthy. Therefore the "Clause" reference is a play on "Claus"...naturally.

Holly falls for gorgeous yet efficient UPS guy Liam and becomes quickly addicted to online shopping in order to quench her other addiction--seeing him on her front porch on a regular basis!

So, fess up, how many of you have an online shopping addiction? Do you have favorite stores that you like to shop at online? Do you prefer the convenience of clicking your mouse instead of standing in long lines at the mall?

I know I do. I rarely shop in stores anymore. With all the free shipping deals around the holidays it just makes sense to shop online. Plus, I get to see the UPS man on a regular basis, too!

From a review of Kerri Nelson's story by Happily Ever After Reviews (a five tea cup review*):

Holly life has come down to ordering on line so the gorgeous UPS man will come to her home every day. Liam is the man that Holly dreamed of everyday since she moved into her neighborhood. On Christmas Eve Holly made sure a package was being delivered so that she made sure Liam would be there for her to tell and seduce. There was a cliché in her plans when a demon calls upon her to collect her soul because of a clause she signed in her homeowner’s paper. This story is a lesson to read the small print on all contracts.

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Kerri is giving away a collectible set of Harley Davidson Sexy Biker Santa boxer shorts in a collectible tin to one lucky soul. Tell her about your fave online stores! Good Luck to all.


A.D Blackburn said...

Mmmmmm, the UPS man.
If my UPS man was as scorching as Holly's, I'd online shop more too. Oh wait, I already do! Great post, Kerri and thanks for hosting this party!

Nesha said...

I wish my UPS man looked like yours, then I might be excited to see him. I do love to shop online because it's easy and less frustrating than fighting the horde of people. My online addiction is book stores! I can't get enough ebooks!


Gail Hart said...

Hi Kerri! Maybe because I'm, ahem, just a tad older than you, I'm not totally comfortable with on line shopping. I get paranoid about the safety of my credit card and other personal info, plus I hate paying for shipping. But I'm getting less resistant, partly because a lot of my friends are now e-published. I've bought a number of e-books for the Kindle app on my iPhone.

carrie said...

I'm hooked on Amazon. Well and truly hooked. And Old Navy. Ok, and Target. But that's it. Occasionally Etsy. And Ebay. But seriously, that's all I...well technically Cabela's too, for my dad's Christmas presents, but that's all. Hardly shop online at all.


(oh and sometimes Penneys)

The Book Boost said...

A.D.~ You're sugar and spice and everything nice. How wonderful to have met you this holiday season. xo

Nesha~ Please, tell me about it. I had to donate 300 books to charity this year just to find room to walk in my closet. Yikes! Glad you could stop by & thanks for commenting.

The Book Boost said...

Gail~ What's up, chica? I'm proud of you for taking the leap of faith with the e-book purchases. I hope all your holiday wishes come true for you. Thanks for the message.

carrie~ You are too funny! You sound just like me. Oh wait, my name's Kerri. Could it be a carrie/Kerri thing? Glad to meet you and thanks for stopping by.

The Book Boost

Andrea I said...

Unfortunately our UPS man doesn't look like yours. I shop Amazon, Ebook stores, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secrets, Paulas Choice, Mark and Etsy sometimes. I'm a big fan of online shopping.

Gail Hart said...

Oh, I forgot to leave my contact info! My brother would totally love those boxer shorts.