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Top Ten Things I'll Do Differently in 2012 with Guest Blogger: C.R. Moss

Welcome author C.R. Moss
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She's here to discuss her plans for the new year...

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining me here today & thanks to The Book Boost for having me!

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the holidays, but about how it’s time to look back at the year that passed and make plans for the upcoming one. I’m here today to discuss the top ten things I’d like to do differently in 2012 and would love to hear from you on what you’d like to change!

10 – Decrease stress / be more forgiving of self
These should occur with ease as the rest of my list happens. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be mindful of my stress level and take measures to make myself relax and not worry so much. And if for some reason I backslide from any of my goals, I need to not freak out about it so much…just get back up on the proverbial horse and get on with things.

9 – Write down my goals
My game plan is in my head, but what I really need to do is write down my goals, post them on my desk where I can see them and keep them in the forefront of my mind.

8 – Utilize social media more
It’d be nice if I could become a bit more chatty on Twitter and other social sites. See reasoning for why I’m not/it’s difficult for me in #6.

7 – Blog a bit more
Along the lines of #8, I’d like to become more open and share my thoughts & life on my blog to help vary it from the interviews, guest posts, and line sharing I already do. But again, see number six as to why this is tough for an individual like me.

6 – More public appearances
Public appearances? Isn’t that what the social media and blogging is about? Well, yes and no. Here I’m talking about getting off-line, out of my comfort zone and being more social in the real world when it comes to my writing career and personal life. I’m an introvert though and being out in the public eye isn’t always the easiest thing. I am making strides in being more visible and getting out there. In 2011, I went to a couple of cons and in 2012 I’m attending a few more.

In March I’ll be at EPICon where there’ll be an eFiesta for booklovers and aspiring authors. Then in June I’ll be at two readers’ events: Arizona Dreamin’ and RomCon. Attending these events is a start. I just hope I don’t freeze like a deer in headlights when I’m in front of people trying to discuss my work. LOL Good thing I’m going to these places with some close friends so I’ll have support.

5 – Get some sun everyday
What can I say, I spend a lot of time inside (too much time actually) at my computer working on stories and doing promotion, which makes me miss the hours that the sun is up and shining. I’ll have to be sure to catch some rays on a regular basis for sunlight’s vitamin D and mood enhancing properties.

4 – Get some exercise everyday
Like I said in number five, I spend a lot of time at the computer which means I spend a lot of time being sedentary. Not good. I really need to be better about this and start walking and weight lifting again to combat the spread. Thing is, there are so many places here in Las Vegas I could go to walk around and people watch at, it’s a wonder I don’t take better advantage of the opportunity. Think of all the research I could do for stories!

3 – Eat better
In line with getting some sun and exercise, I need to eat better foods and not grab junk food when I’m deep into work (or even when I’m not deep into writing). What’s the point of building a prosperous writing career if I’m not feeding the machine properly and being healthy, right?

2 – Write at least five days a week
Confession time… I’m one of those writers who likes to be inspired, at least a little, before I sit down to write. Except this hasn’t been working for me very well. I’ve been writing in spurts, a whole lot at one time then nothing for a while. But to meet my goals, I have to be more consistent. I need to make sure I’m doing something at least five days a week so my series stories can get done.

There’s Wild West Haunting, the next story in the Double D Ranch Tales. The first story, offered through Evernight Publishing, is called Wild West Weekend. I’d like to write another story or so for possible EP anthology submissions following up with the characters in my story Chasing Miss Kringle that’s in EP’s holiday anthology Stockings & Suspenders.

Then there are the next couple of stories in my Sunset series. Book one, Sunset Desires, is tentatively scheduled for release at the beginning of February 2012 for Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series. Book two, Sunset Heat, is currently in the publisher’s submission queue, and I have two more Sunset stories planned.

Then there are several indie books I’d like to get done as soon as possible, but I have to plant butt in chair and write. And getting the books written will only happen if I write almost every day and keep distractions at bay.

1 - Time management
Can I say it again? Time management… Time management… Time management… Once upon a time, I used to be really good at it. Then again, I also used to be really busy and as ‘they’ say - You want something done? Give it to a busy person. Now that I’m not as busy, my procrastination trait has reared its ugly head. I used to use a palm pilot to help manage my calendar, but now I’m hoping to get my DH’s iPhone when he upgrades to another iPhone so I can use that. For now though, I think I have to go back to the old fashioned way and use lists and a paper calendar.

Yeah, I have Outlook on my computer, and I can use it in conjunction with the old fashioned way, but until I get another handheld I need something I can carry around and take with me places. Time management is in the number one slot because I know if I got a handle on how I use all the hours in the day the rest of my list would fall into place with ease, my life would run more smoothly, and I could get more stories out to my faithful readers.

So how about you? Anything different you’re hoping to do in 2012?

A Note From the Book Boost: A great list that is sure to make 2012 very happy, healthy and productive for you! Wishing you the best in the coming year! Please tell us more about your latest.


Ex-cop turned private investigator, Jack Vorst, is a cynic when it comes to love and a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal. When his PI partner requests his help on a paranormal investigation to find an elf, Jack thinks it's a joke. It isn't, and he's roped into working on the case.

In his search for the mystical creature, he meets a beautiful woman named Kristina at a local 5k race who starts to change his mind about love, magic and the holidays. Can the spirited woman melt his icy heart and change his outlook on life in time for Christmas?


A shrug was all I answered with. My sex life shouldn't be a concern of hers or anyone else's. After thirty plus years of living, over a decade of those years with Metro, I understood I had a problem with commitment. Maybe if the right woman came along though.

She'd have to be the right gal for me, the perfect feminine complement to my masculine. Someone who could bring light to the dark corners of my mind, chase away the scattered nightmarish memories and dreams I had on a regular basis. A tall order no doubt.

If she looked like the woman I saw the other day, at the gym in fact, that'd be a great bonus. Calling her a Goddess didn't do the beauty justice. Some might call her amazonish, but not me. Tall, toned, curvaceous women, and red-headed to boot, turned me on. A woman at the gym's front desk had called the auburn-haired, athletic wonder Kristina. Pretty name. That chick was someone I wouldn't mind seeing again and getting to know.

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